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BuildOrBuy -
  1. Bible Study Software Research Tools
Where To Purchase Bible Study Software Research Tools?
Either Direct or from Sources Listed Below.
  3. Nehemiah Bible Software
Bible Study Software - Open Standard Book Formats:
  1. proprietary format - Logos Library System (LLS) format. ONLY forward compatible, NOT backwards compatible! The LLS format was promoted as a "generic platform for electronic books..." Libronix DLS and now, Logos Libronix DLS (Digital Library System) Series X Bible Software engine. Windows Browser version dependant. And yes, their latest version works on Vista! Whatever Microsoft forecasts, they will follow. Logos Programmers formerly worked for Microsoft.
  2. STEP (Standard Template for Electronic Publishing) from BSIG - The Bible Software Industry Standards Group
    1. Mirror Site.
  3. CROSS Standard Format - (Christian Reference Open Software Standard) is based on XML and is the format behind the WORDsearch, Bible Explorer® and Bible Navigator® software engines. New CROSS format based on XHTML and Unicode.
    1. WORDsearch Bible Software FAQ: "STEP was based on an old technology called rich text format (RTF). The benefits of CROSS include improved presentation and searching of Greek and Hebrew and other languages. "
  4. OSIS - (Open Scriptural Information Standard) -A standard way of describing scripture and related text using Extensible Markup Language, or XML.Â

"Co-sponsored by the American Bible Society and the Society of Biblical Literature, the OSIS initiative plays a key role in meeting this goal by providing a common format to facilitate production, distribution, etc. of the Bible and related materials."

As Logos Libronix DLS so aptly states, as newer Technologies emerge, we're faced with "obsolescence". And so it goes... Ready, Set, Upgrade!

Bible Study Software Research Tools, News & Updates:

  1. BibleWorks Training Workshop - Check Schedules For Dates & Locations! (6/15/2007)
  2. PASSION OF CHRIST Mel Gibson Film THE PASSION of Jesus with Caviezel and Bellucci: "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST - A vivid depiction of the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ's life." The scheduled release date for US and Canada was February 25, 2004. (6/15/2007).
  3. THE GOSPEL OF JOHN a major motion picture...word for word. A Common interest... Though not Software this Film may be accurate enough to see for yourself and verify The Message of the Word Confirmed (6/15/2007).
  4. WORDsearch and Epiphany Software Join Forces - "WORDsearch Corp and Epiphany Software, Inc., two leading providers of Bible software, jointly announced the merger of their companies today. Their combination brings together one of the largest electronic libraries of Bibles and reference resources with what is widely regarded as the easiest CD and web based Bible software program in the industry.

    Future releases of WORDsearch and LESSONmaker will be based on the Bible Explorer model with added functions to fill the requirements of a professional tool for pastors and other power-users. Bible Explorer will remain focused on being the easiest Bible software available anywhere. Both programs will have access to a vast combined library of contemporary and classic Christian works. WORDsearch will continue to publish new electronic books in the STEP format and the CROSS™ format used by Bible Explorer, and to support the STEP versions of WORDsearch for the foreseeable future." (6/15/2007)

    2. Redirects To: - Excellent Bible Study Software!
    3. InstaVerse by WORDsearch - Register for Free Download!
  5. E4 Group News - Christian Focus and Mentor Commentaries & Greek Tools Volume 1. Order now from (6/15/2007).
  6. The Message, OT & NT Available on WORDsearch - Only $9.95 including a fresh copy of the latest version of WORDsearch on CD. To Order: (6/15/2007).
  7. images/bullet2.gifNew Thompson Chain Reference Leader's Library from (10/31/2002).
  8. ../images/bullet2.gifLogos Newest Version - Libronix DLS v3.0 Released (Logos Bible Software, Luther's Works, etc.) To update to the latest version use the [Libronix Update] menu command from the [Tools] menu inside the Libronix DLS. Logos: Upgrade from LLS to Libronix (DLS) Digital Library System Download Page (6/15/2007).
  9. images/pointared.gif - "Preaching the Word" Commentary Series NOW Available - (6/15/2007)
  10. Logos Bible Software Series X - (6/15/2007) 

    Announcing the next generation of Logos Bible Software! Call 800-875-6467 now to find out what discount you qualify for!

    2. - A subsidiary of Logos Research Systems, Inc.:
  11. South Africa: Logos Information Systems
  12. Student Life Bible Study - Youth Ministry Curriculum


Bible Study Software Research Tools: 
  1. QuickVerse: Bible Illustrator
  2. BibleOne - Bible Study Software from the Received Bible Society
  3. Bible Plus 1.0 - Free Download

  4. Premium Bible Study

  5. Bible Research Systems

  6. Bible Windows By Silver Mountain Software -

  7. BibleWorks - Bible study software with Greek, Hebrew, LXX, and more!
  8. e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge
  9. - Excellent Bible Study Software!
  10. e-Sword Home - the best free Bible study software for Windows - Free Bible study software!
  11. New!  Download Now! We Give Away Bible Software: - Free Bible Study Software Libraries!  (Cover $7.95 Shipping)
  12. GRAMCORD for Windows - Computer-Assisted Biblical Studies Tools - Greek/Hebrew/English Bible Software for the Publishing Scholar... and Everyone Else!
  13. HeavenWord, Bible Study & Christian Lifestyle Software, Bible Software, Audio Bible, Devotional, Bible Illustrations, Sermon Illustrations, Greek Tools.
  14. Hermeneutika:
  15. - Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible!
    1. - Excellent Bible Study Software!
    2. LESSONmaker Complete
  16. IVP The Essential IVP Reference Collection - The Complete Electronic Bible Reference Library

  17. Kirkbride - Thompson Electronic Library:

  18. = Logos Bible Software
  19. Online Bible
  20. PC Study Bible:
  22. SwordSearcher - Windows Bible Software - SwordSearcher 4 Deluxe CD-ROM is just $49.95.
  23. Zondervan Bible Study Software:
  24. New International Version (NIV Bible) - Version Information -
  25. OT Studies... Straight from Israel: - First in Judaic Software!
  26. StudyLamp Software - Bible study and devotional software, utilities and more.
  27. Bible Research Systems
  28. Xiphos -- Open Source Bible Study Software -- Home
  30. iLumina - Home: Animated Bible Study Software
  31. Accordance The Premier Bible Software
  32. Free Bible Software Project


PALM Bible Software: 
  1. Prayer Partners software -

    Thanks To: BuildOrBuy Members, George & Sandy Chastain for Palm Bible Additions above. 


Other Sources Of Information & Illumination:
  1. - Study the Bible Online - Search and Find Verses

  2. Christian Computing® Magazine

  3. Discounted Bible Study Software - Bibleware Distributors 

  4. PC Study Bible - Christian Computer Bible Study Software Reference Library Commentary Word Dictionary Encyclopedia Greek Hebrew Studies Lexicon Interlineary Translation Version

  5. A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions and 50 languages.

  6. BibleTime Free Bible study software for Linux, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, Windows and Mac OS X 

  7. Bible Shareware Software Collection - Religion

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