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  1. AMD Phenom CPU Chart
  2. Vista FAQs - 32 / 64
  3. Vista Footnotes
  4. Vista
  5. Vista Minimum Hardware System Requirements
  6. Virtualization

Windows Vista Comparison Chart

Differentiated feature

Window Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Premium

Windows Vista Business

Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows Vista Ultimate

Security and performance enhancements

Search and organize

User Account Control

Peer to Peer Meeting Space

Join Only

Scheduled and networked backup





Windows Aero Glass, Live Taskbar Thumbnails, Windows Flip 3D and visuals


Windows Media Center (including Extender)




Windows Movie Maker HD and DVD authoring




Network projection


Mobility (Tablet, auxiliary display)


Shadow Copy    





Encrypted file system



Remote desktop hosting



Web server



Fax and scanning utility



Domain join



Offline folders



Group Policy



SUA (UNIX Subsystem)




Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption ***




Virtual PC Express




Multilingual User Interface—All languages




Windows Vista Ultimate extras





  1. *** Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption requires a USB Flash Drive and a system with a TPM 1.2 chip.
  2. For TPM (Trusted Platform Computing) Specs, see: Trusted Computing Group Home
  3. Windows Vista Secure Online Key Backup release information


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