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Zone Alarm Firewall Configuration: 
  1. ../images/bullet2.gifAntiVirus
  2. ../images/bullet2.gifBroadband
  3. ../images/bullet2.gifSecurity
  4. ../images/bullet2.gifZone Alarm Log Analyzers
../images/bullet2.gifZone Labs
Evaluate Your Security Needs:

Get ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and be protected!

Special Apps we've become aware of as Result of ZoneAlarm:

  1. Essential NetTools - Network Scanning, Security, and Administrator Tools
  2. Firewall: Zone Labs
  3. Visualware - Broadband Performance, Bandwidth Measurement, VoIP Quality Testing, Network Management solutions: VisualLookout replaced with CallerIP
  4. PC Tools Registry Mechanic
  5. Internet Cleanup 5
  6. Steganos Security Suite


images/bullet2.gifCA Anti-Spyware 2009 LE Formerly CA eTrust® PestPatrol Anti-Spyware

../images/bullet2.gifPestPatrol News: April/May 2002 - Alas, another fine Program gone.


Editing Ads in prefs.js, Netscape Messenger Email Client:

Under Windows 2000, the New ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 default configuration will work "as is" with Netscape Communicator 4.78. IF however you decide to customize ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 by changing Privacy Settings, Ad Blocking - Don't be surprised when your Netscape Messenger Email Client locks up. This will then proceed to cause Netscape Communicator 4.78 Browser to lockup. How can you unfreeze Netscape Communicator & Messenger?

Best way to temporarily resolve this, From the Task Bar, Shutdown ZoneAlarm Pro (temporarily). Communicator & Messenger will then load and function correctly. The Messenger window is by default reading the Netscape junk mail in your Messenger Email Client window. For now, 1st reconfigure ZoneAlarm Pro to allow this garbage from Netscape to pass through. Access from: Privacy Settings, Ad Blocking - OFF!

For this to work properly, close all Netscape Communicator 4.78 Browser windows. Search your HD for prefs.js and open this preferences file in Notepad to edit.

Add the following line to the bottom of your (prefs.js) preferences file:

user_pref("mailnews.start_page.enabled", false);

Save and Exit prefs.js. Restart your Netscape Messenger Email Client. And No More Garbage Ads! Now go back and set ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 to block garbage Ads and see if Netscape is OK with this new setting. IF you have multiple Email Accounts to access through Netscape Communicator, Utilities, User Profile Manager, expect to Edit all prefs.js files as described above for proper ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 Firewall interaction. 


Discussion During BuildOrBuy Sessions including Firewall Protection from 

  • - Zone Alarm -

    1. Rules database file (IAMDB.RDB) in "Windows Internet Logs" dir.

      C:\WINNT\Internet Logs\ZALog.txt 


Zone Alarm Log Analysis & Intrusion Detection:
  1. images/bullet2.gifDShield - Distributed Intrusion Detection System (4/19/2002).

  2. images/ - Intrusion Reporting and Response
  3. Zone Alarm Logs... Zone Alert Log analysis (highly intelligent list processing) Nothing currently here!
  4. ZoneLog Analyser - V1.15 19 October 2002 now V1.19 5 January 2004. Reads & displays ZoneAlarm Log file. ZoneLog Analyser supports mouse double click and right mouse menu for Details. Details menu close with Escape key. Log view does NOT support mouse Scroll wheel yet. Whereas Log Entry Details view - Port Details DOES supports mouse scroll. US $12.83 (6/15/2004.
  5. - ClearZone Report Utility for ZoneAlarm Watch out for POP Ups! (1/13/2003)
  6. Sawmill Zone Alarm Log Format Analysis; Zone Alarm Statistics Analyzer; Zone Alarm Logging File Reporting
  7. VisualZone Report Utility for ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro: FREE!
  8. ITZ - In The Zone: Alarm Log Interpreter for ZoneAlarm


HAL-PC / HALNet ZoneAlarm Alerts: 

According to HALNet's private newsgroups, "It's related to checking your mail.  To stop it, stop checking your mail.... ...All Zone alarm saw was one, empty, short, UDP packet sent to your system every time you download mail; this it called an attempt to access your computer." 

Other comments include: "...port 1110 appears to be a "keep-alive" port, to test that the target system is still available. My system usually gets one of these UDP packets per email.

A quick visit to looking for info on "port 1110" reveals that this may indeed be the case. IOW the sending POP server sends a UDP packet to port 1110 to test whether the receiving system is still up. AFAIK my system (like yours) discards the packet (sends no response), but I still get my email."

We hope this helps those of you who use - HALNet for email. 



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