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Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!


8 Step Grieving Process - Reality Checkup
"Don't make life decisions while in the midst of emotional turmoil." Dr.  Phil

Below are my thoughts from notes after having been inspired by Dr. Phil.

  1. Give Yourself permission to grieve.

    This is normal and natural. Finish emotional business.

  2. Don't think your life is insignificant.

    God don't make no junk! Seek your compass of goodwill compassion. ...But for the grace of God go I. Keep America going!

  3. If you want to heal - Give!

    Get busy ministering to others. The gift is in the giving. Volunteer work does wonders for you and those you might help.

  4. Give your feeling a voice.

    Talk. Dialogue and communication are a wonderful thing!

  5. Force your routine, one step, one day @ a time.

    You'll get by with a little help from your friends.

  6. Don't make life decisions now.

    Give yourself time to heal.

  7. Don't be in denial.

    This is reality. We all grieve differently.

  8. Pay attention to detail.

Keep your wits about you. Life goes on. God only gives us what we can handle. Above all, be prayerful.

Our BuildOrBuy Purpose:

To discuss and share Computer Technology. Knowledge is potential power! Do something positive for you and others!

Knowledge becomes powerful when acted upon and used for the good of our fellow man. Do you know how many people cannot even read or how many people in the world have no knowledge of electricity? Our compassion is our humanity.

This is our way of helping, our way of sharing and our way of remembering.

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