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911 Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!

America, the Beautiful - Home of the Free, Land of The Brave.

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God Bless America!

  1. DefendAmerica News - Thanks for signing America's Thank-you note! "Dear member of the U.S. military: Thank you for defending our freedom."
  2. National Military Appreciation Month - May
  3. Stand Against Terror: Call To Action - "I SUPPORT THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF"

From Jerry Lee @ BuildOrBuy: The Peaceful Reply - "When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire-building by George Bush.

He answered by saying that ...“Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

It became very quiet in the room." Read the full story here... Quad-City Times Newspaper Online - the Quad-Cities Home Page: War’ and ‘peace’on a sunny street - "Freedom begins at home..." (3/26/2003).


Words & Thoughts Of Encouragement:
  1. images/bullet2.gifAmerican Idol - God Bless the USA (Real Media)
  2. - Toby Keith Videos: Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue (2003)
  3. - Darryl Worley Videos: Have You Forgotten (2003)
  4. Jump5 - God Bless The USA Video (300)
  5. Support the Pledge of Allegiance! - " is trying to secure ten million signatures for the Constitutional Amendment to save the Pledge of Allegiance and our National Motto. This would be the most people to sign a petition in history! Help save our Pledge of Allegiance and National Motto! Please sign the petition and forward it on to others. To sign the petition and for more information, go to" Amen to That! GB (8/28/2002)
  6. Jump5 - God Bless The USA Video (300)
  7. images/ What To Do On 9-11-02: Business As Usual? Meeting Or Travel Plans This Year? Coming To Grips With The First Anniversary... (8/1/2002).
  8. images/bullet2.gifFrom Tom Tyner: World Trade Center - A Different View of NYC on 9/11/01. There are 28 pictures in all so keep hitting next. When you get to the #20 PICTURE, Hit MORE, This gives 8 more Scenes. Then, Hit END for a bit of text. (Article by E. B. White, 1949 ) Pictures were taken by a non-professional beginning with a view from his living room window - In Brooklyn!!, which I think is truly amazing. When you get to the last one, go back to the 1st one to see how the view had changed. This guy must have a fantastic camera! Click on the following link (7/15/2002).
  9. images/bullet2.gifCourage & Valor Foundation - Commemorating Fallen Firefighters of 9-11 (5/20/2002).
  10. Pop- See the video for teen sensation Jump5's version of "God Bless The USA" | 1000k | Buy CD
  11. images/bd10265.gif The Band of the United States Air Force Reserve - MP3's
  12. images/bd10265.gif Aggie Band Audio Archive
  13. images/bd10265.gif David Cassidy Stand And Be Proud
  14. images/bullet2.gifAL Massey: MessageFromBoeing.pps

  15. From Richard Hodges: The Baseball Game - Batter Up!

  16. From Ray Morris - Hey Mr. Taliban!

  17. From Jerry Lee: interesting statistics... As the World Turns (11/20/01).

  18. From Claudia P. Ludwig: - Go to the site and click on the eagle (11/20/01).

  19. From Nick Streater: America the Beautiful

  20. God Bless America
  21. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf America's Creed Duty, Honor, Country
  22. frontline the gulf war - Norman Schwarzkopf
  23. News: U.S. Releases Videotape of Osama bin Laden (12/13/01).
  24. News: The Singing Policeman, Daniel Rodriguez "God Bless America" Angel Records (12/10/01).
  25. Musicians for Life Program to Raise Money for American Red Cross - (9-21-01) ...more.


  1. USA Constitution

  2. Declaration of Independance

  3. Presidents of the U.S.

  4. White House - America's Fund for Afghan Children

  5. US State Department's Travel Warnings

 Compassion For All!
  1. images/pointared.gif 9-11-2001.html - Attack On America: Be Safe America - LAN Security
  2. images/pointared.gif MessageFromBoeing.pps
  3. images/pointared.gif the Flag of the United States of America
  4. Betsy Ross Homepage
  5. A Guide to American Flags -  


USA Flag Desktop Wallpaper:

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 US Flag - Follow Link to Download! Click To Download Wallpaper!

Proud To Be An American! Click To Follow Download Link!

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From Racy Sanford

From Lou Warren:

  • The Meaning of The Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton © Red Skelton, 1969 (9-21-01) ...more.
  • On Monday by Linda Addington, Coaching and Sport Sciences - (9-20-01) ...more.
  • - Technology Aiding Recovery, Reunion in Wake of Sept. 11 Tragedy. President Bush announced the American Liberty Partnership, a joint Internet-support initiative of leading technology companies, while the American Red Cross has launched an online network to help unite loved ones with survivors - (9-18-01) ...more.

From Gus Hrncir:

From Sam McJunkin:

What we can do individually & collectively... Have Compassion for our fellow man. Do not act out of vengeance. Leave that to the Lord. We Shall Overcome. Business Shall Continue! We shall overcome!

  • Investigating The September 11 Incidents. Quoted: "If you have any information regarding the September 11 incidents, including information about these hijackers even though they are presumed dead, please call the toll-free telephone number 1-866-483-5137."  Contact the Internet Fraud Complaint Center to Report Terrorist Activity!



Patriotic & Inspirational Midi Files: 
America 911
The Baseball Game - Batter Up!
8 Step Grieving Process


Midi Files
From Ray Morris - Hey Mr. Taliban!
God Bless America!
David Cassidy Stand And Be Proud
Aggie Band Audio Archive
God Bless America!
Fire Engineering Magazine - Training the Fire Service




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