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Broadband Over Power Line

A new topic, albeit an important one of new technology for discussion during BuildOrBuy each week! Now when can we get it? Yesterday maybe! And what will it cost? GB

  1. Power line broadband gets popular with tech firms CNET News.com: "The Technology allowing internal power wiring in a home to deliver broadband service is getting heavy-hitting endorsements from large technology companies including Intel, Motorola and Cisco Systems." (8/24/2005)
  2. HomePlug Powerline Alliance: Industry Vision for Connected Home
    1. HomePlug Powerline Alliance -- Press Release: HomePlug Powerline Alliance Enters a New Phase to Fulfill Industry Vision for Connected Home (8/24/2005)

    Initially, the Promoters’ Groups will address three key technology areas:

    • HomePlug 1.0 + AV (in-home connectivity, including digital home and consumer electronics applications)
    • HomePlug BPL (to-the-home, Broadband-over-Powerline applications)
    • HomePlug Home Automation (command-and-control applications)


  3. Top Tech News - Tech Trends - Broadband Rulings Draw User Concerns: (8/24/2005)
  4. UPLC - United Power Line Council: Driving the Development of Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) Solutions for Electric Utilities and Their Partners...
  5. Wave Report Broadband Power Line Tutorial: "Broadband [over] power line (BPL) is the term coined by the FCC for new modems (BPL modems) used to deliver IP-based broadband services on electric power lines. The FCC NOI (Notice of Inquiry) discusses two types of BPL, In-house BPL and Access BPL
  6. CURRENT Communications Group: Industry Leader in Developing integrated Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) solutions and services for superior broadband access and smarter electricity management.
  7. www.InternetNews.com - IBM Explores BPL in Texas: "IBM, unconvinced that the broadband battle will boil down to cable, DSL or fiber, is teaming with a Texas energy company on two Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) initiatives." (7-12-2005)
  8. Re [RFI] Houston BPL: "IBM Working With CenterPoint Energy On Broadband Service..." (7-12-2005)
  9. IBM plugs into Powerline Broadband - The Register: "Big Blue and Houston-based CenterPoint Energy... " (7-11-2005)
  10. IBM Press room - Press releases: "CenterPoint Energy and IBM Examine Innovative Ways to Use Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) Technology - Technology Center and Limited Pilot Program Assess Potential to Deliver Broadband Services Over Power Lines" (7-11-2005)
  11. US plugs into power-line broadband - The Register: (10-15-2004)

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