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images/bullet2.gifIf I were Building a System Today... Rev 2006 (1-4-06).


PC Computer Technology:
  1. images/bullet2.gifAudio Technologies
  2. images/bullet2.gifBios HD Limitations
  3. images/bullet2.gifDDR vs Non DDR - RAM Misconceptions by Joe Whinery
  4. images/bullet2.gifIO Bus - Peripheral Bus
  5. images/bullet2.gifJoe Whinery's Memory Presentation
  6. images/bullet2.gifP4 Hyper Threading
  7. images/bullet2.gifRAM Chart
  1. GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Products: GA-8ANXP-D MotherBoard with PCI Express using Intel 925X chipset (7/12/2004).
    1. Intel.com - Detail specs of Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D:
  2. www.intel.com - Research and Development: (6/3/2004).
  3. www.intel.com - Compare Pre-Configured Desktop Systems: (2/17/2004).
  4. images/bullet2.gifwww.intel.com - PC Lifecycle Resource Center Plan and Implement Your Next Client Refresh with Confidence: (10/21/2003).
  5. images/bullet2.gifwww.microsoft.com - Technologies - Overview: (5/31/2003).
    1. microsoft.com - PCI Technology

    2. research.microsoft.com/sn:  Systems & Networking (1/4/03).

    3. Design Guidelines for PCs (1/2/03).

  6. www.PCDesGuide.org: PC Design Guides, back up and running for who knows how long since Microsoft & Intel apparently have no intentions currently of releasing another PC Design Guide Specification (1/2/03).

    Quoting, "Future Design Guidelines

    Intel and Microsoft will partner with the industry to develop future Design Guidelines through individual white papers. There are no plans for Intel and Microsoft to co-author a comprehensive set of Design Guidelines after PC 2001 System Design Guide."

    Download it now while you can if interested. Very informative. 

  7. ExtremeTech.com:  News Digest 10-Dec-02 430 CPUs In One (12/10/2002).

  8. ExtremeTech.com:  Desktop Hyper-Threading – Coming Soon! (10/4/2002)

  9. pcmag.com:  The Future of Technology (8/12/2002).

  10. extremetech.com:  HP Applies Inkjet Technology To Cooling Chips (8/10/2002).

  11. images/bullet2.gifyamaha.co.jp:  New CRW-F1 offers High-Quality CD-R/RW writing with "Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording" mode and "DiscT@2": CD-MRW (7/29/2002).

    1. images/bullet2.gifyamaha.ca:  CD-MRW (7/29/2002).

    2. YDC132-V LSI: "the heart of the CRW-F1 is the Yamaha innovative YDC-132-V LSI chip."

  12. images/bullet2.gifCrucial Free Memory Buying Guide (Wed, 7/10/02).

  13. images/bullet2.gifMemory upgrades from Crucial.com - RAM Upgrade Installation (Wed, 6/19/02)

  14. USB 2.0 and Windows: WinXP HE / Pro & Win2000, NO Win9x support (6/17/2002).

  15. images/bullet2.gifamd.com:  Processor Roadmap (6/1/2002).

  16. images/bullet2.gifPocket Drive Portable Storage (Wed, 5/15/02)

  1. images/bullet2.gifwww.eetAsia.com - Intel proposes hybrid fuel cell for notebooks: "Intel Corp. is proposing a concept for a hybrid fuel cell that could drive a thin-and-light notebook computer for eight hours. The chipmaker is trying to rally notebook, battery and component makers to turn the idea into a viable product by 2007." (2/24/2004)
    1. Smart Battery System Implementers Forum:
  2. images/bullet2.gifwww.intel.com - Hardware Design - Technologies and Initiatives: (2/23/2004).

  3. ExtremeTech.com - NewCards To Usher In PCI Express In 2004 (2/22/2003).

  4. www.m-audio.com/believe - Something wonderful is happening to Computer Audio. Are you ready to eXperience 7.1 Channel Sound? Revolution - Coming Soon to a Desktop Theater near you! (12/8/2002)

  5. giga-byte.com:  GA-7VAXP: Via KT400 Chipset featuring AGP 8x; ATA/133 RAID & FireWire (9/16/2002).

  6. AOpen AK77-8X Max Data Sheet Page: Via KT400 Chipset featuring AGP 8x; Serial ATA & FireWire (9/16/2002).

  7. Storage: iBoot - Remote Boot over iSCSI Homepage (6/5/2002).

  8. Tube Audio on a Motherboard:  - TubeSound Technology!

    1. BlueTouch: The Virtuoso Platform (2/10/2003).
    2. Serious about your PC Audio? Apparently, AOpen is serious about this Tube Audio on a MotherBoard, they have a new one out - AX4GE Tube, 'The Virtuoso Platform' and then some! (12/7/2002)
    3. AOpen AX4B-533Tube Data Sheet Page
    4. AOpen motherboard AX4B-533Tube Close View: Overhead View
    5. AOpen motherboard AX4B-533Tube Close View: Perspective View
    6. AOpen News Release System: AOpen announces AX4B-533Tube - World's first vacuum tube motherboard (6/03/2002).
  9. images/bullet2.gifElectronic News: Intel Locks Rambus Into Niche - RDRAM missing from latest chipset announcement (6/3/2002).

  10. IRQ's - Key Benefits of the I-O APIC (5/30/2002).

    1. IRQ Map

  11. images/bullet2.gifSome of you may have already seen this Special Offer from Microsoft, for the rest of us... Want to go Pro Yes you can! (5/27/2002).

  12. images/bullet2.gifChipworks News - Inside the Intel Pentium 4 Processor: Inside the Intel Pentium 4 "Northwood" processor (5/24/2002).

  13. ExtremeTech.com:  Russian Itanium Killer Isn't Dead Yet (5/23/2002).

  14. ExtremeTech.com:  High-Performance Buses and Interconnects (5/23/2002).

  15. Microsoft Insider New Products (5/23/2002).

  16. images/bullet2.gifIntel.com:  why buy an Intel 845G chipset-based system (5/22/2002).

  17. images/bullet2.gifIntel.com:  improving higher education through mobile technology

  18. images/bullet2.gif3GIO - Third Generation I-O Architecture: PDF (5/20/2002).

  19. images/bullet2.gifStorageReview.com (5/20/2002).

  20. images/bullet2.gifTemperature data logging with thermistors. 3 channel TH-03 from Pico Technology (5/18/2002).

  21. images/bullet2.gifPC STATS Network - Inside Tech (5/18/2002).

  22. images/bullet2.gifAccurately monitor many transducers with one PC Card and Windows Software (5/18/2002).

  23. images/bullet2.gifHome Computing Information on 850E Chipset and Pentium(R) 4 Processor (5/10/2002).

  24. images/bullet2.gifWhat's Next for Microsoft? Find Out First from Mary Jo Foley & Ziff Davis with MICROSOFT WATCH! Click Here to try MICROSOFT WATCH! for Free (5/10/2002).

  25. images/bullet2.gifNewMedia.com: Technology Best Practices Fast & Fresh - Search Engine Future (5/9/2002).

  26. images/bullet2.gifExtremeTech.com:  DDR Chipsets for the Pentium 4 Part I (5/4/2002).

  27. images/bullet2.gifAnother way to experience Dual Monitor Display -

    1. TigerDirect.com - PI Y-See-Two Dual Monitor Adaptor (5/3/2002).

  28. Promise.com:  Internet Press Room News Detail: Free 48-bit LBA Bios Upgrade For Older Promise ATA Products (5/2/2002).

  29. images/bullet2.gifKeyhole EarthViewer 3D (4/29/2002).

  30. images/bullet2.gifExtremeTech WinHEC Roundup (4/18/2002).

  31. images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft Windows XP Pro File Systems See: Comparison of NTFS and FAT File Systems (4/18/2002).

  32. images/bullet2.gifDetermining How Many Operating Systems to Install (4/18/2002).

  33. images/bullet2.gifWindows 95-98 Partition Types Not Recognized by Windows NT (4/18/2002).

  34. ExtremeTech.com:  IBM Exits Hard Drive Business to Hitachi (4/18/2002).

  35. ExtremeTech.com:  64-Bit CPUs What You Need to Know (2/09/2002).

  36. tecChannel VIA Chipsets slow down PCI cards: VIA now offering new Chipset drivers to remedy the situation (2/04/2002).

BuildOrBuy - We're "People Helping People With Education Through Technology". Want to learn - Participate! As we analyze this scene, expect to see topics & issues covered we think are important to PC Computer Technologies and the use thereof. 1.) Do you see your PC as a Product or a Service? DRM OS. This is a recurring issue we'll see time and time again among many other Themes to be mentioned here. 2.) We are our own Tech Support. And you were expecting what? OH, Tech Support, you mean you want a Service Contract - OK! Just sing here please. 3.) Do the Vendors want your Money or your Business? One is a short term view while the other is a Long Term view in the broader sense. If they want our Business, they'll get our money. Business goes where it is wanted and stays where it is appreciated. It's cheaper to keep a customer than to go recruit new ones! 4.) How will this Technology impact my business or my life? Can I plan for this. Count on it! Data integrity is everything! Keep it safe and accessible. Are Vendors violating Consumers' fair use" rights? We'll have to wait and see how this plays out! GB

OK, so hard drives are a little faster and a little bigger now, how long till Serial ATA becomes a reality? Will Serial ATA become a WinDisk? As long a wait as DVD+RW took? Was it worth the wait? What can we expect. Sony has announced support for both DVD Recordable Camps - DVD-R & DVD+R (9/9/2002). Check our PC Specs from Joe Whinery above and see how your current PC's measure up. Can I afford a new PC or can I afford not to? After all, time is money! It's your time! Enjoy! GB

images/bullet2.gifPress Releases: AMD Unveils Groundbreaking Platform Design For Its Next Generation Microprocessors, AMD-8000 chipsets (3/27/2002).

images/bullet2.gifVIA Technologies, Inc.: VIA Apollo KT333 - The first VIA chipset to feature DDR333 memory (4/7/2002).

images/bullet2.gifGeneral Description of IRQ Sharing in Windows 2000 - IRQ Map + Key Benefits of the I-O APIC

images/bullet2.gifPC Cooling Principles 101 - Cooling Technologies Explained- Team 2-16-02 (4/7/2002).

images/bullet2.gifTechnology Review - An MIT Enterprise: Emerging Technologies and Their Impact

images/bullet2.gifTechnology Review - The Next Computer Interface (2/5/2002).

images/bullet2.gifx86.org: Dr. Dobbs Journal Microprocessor Center -



images/bullet2.gifTranscendusa.com:  Press Room--Detail - The High-End Market Turns to Transcend for 1GB Registered DIMM with wBGA Chips.

images/bullet2.gifHDD Sheriff - Hard Drive Sheriff, A product which can protect you from continual hard drive changes or deletions (2/16/2002).

ExtremeTech.com: LCD Technology Update (1/8/2002).

The secret shopper tests tech support - Hardware Reviews - CNET.com (7/23/01).

ElectronicNews.com: Top 25 Worldwide Semiconductor Vendors

images/pointared.gif Maxtor Big Drive Technology exceeds 137 GB capacity barrier reaching a whopping 160 GB capacity + offering latest Ultra ATA/133 interface technology! Two  Models: DiamondMax D540X (160 GB) & DiamondMax Plus D740X (80 GB); Each included Promise ATA/133 Controller; ATA/133 Bridges Gap to Serial ATA (9-11-01)

  1. Maxtor Diamond Max Plus D740X Specs - 80 GB

  2. Maxtor Diamond Max Plus D540X Spec - 80 GB

  3. Maxtor - Technology, Fast Drives Whitepaper (07-11-01).


  1. images/bullet2.gifHP to Ship Its First Combination DVD+RW/CD-RW Drive - dvd100i Drive (Aug. 20, 2001)
  2. images/bullet2.gifMount Rainier - Philips Intellectual Property & Standards (CD-MRW)
  3. bootcdspec.pdf - El Torito CD-ROM Boot Spec v1.0 (Bootable CD)
  4. Static Electricity, (ESD) ElectroStatic Discharge & Proper grounding.
  5. Outline, Gene Barlow's Build Or Buy Presentation (4-25-2001)

  6. Gene Barlow's PPT Presentation (4-25-2001)


Audio Technologies:
  1. Sound Technology:
  2. Digital Media Adapters (DMAs):
  3. Creative Soundblaster.com - Audigy Sound Cards - Audigy chipset -
  4. images/pointared.gif Sound Card Selections: Cakewalk.com - Open Audio Hardware Guide -
  5. images/pointared.gif Cakewalk.com - SONAR WDM for Optimal Performance -


  6. images/pointared.gif NEMESYS - Hardware Compatibility - Sound Cards


  7. images/bullet2.gifsensaura.net: Sensaura 3d Sound, Technology
    1. images/bullet2.gifsensaurashop.com:  Sensaura leading worldwide supplier of 3D sound
  8. images/bullet2.gifwww.srslabs: The Art Of Sound (In Windows Media Technologies).
    1. images/bullet2.gifSRSWOWcast Technologies TruSurround XT Demo 500K
    2. images/bullet2.gifWOWThing Demo: "Come On Over" by Christina Aguilera Hear Audio Spatial Enhancement!
    3. images/bullet2.gifSRSProAudio.com: Musician's & DJ's Source For Better Sound!
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