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Windows Migration Tools:

Always remember to Backup when making changes to your system or workflow before proceeding!

  1. Acronis MigrateEasy 6.0 Quickly and easily deploy a new HDD on your PC: (11/8/2003).
  2. images/  Desktop DNA Migrate, Replace, Recover (8/14/2002).
  3. Detto Technologies: IntelliMover - Transfer Data to a new PC (10/24/2003).
  4. images/bullet2.gifHOW TO Use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard Disk in Windows XP (4/25/2002).
  5. Windows 2000 - Desktop Deployment Solutions from Third-Party Companies
  6. Aelita Software Corporation - Enterprise Windows NT-2000 Network Solutions - Controlled Migration Suite
  7. NetIQ Windows Migration and Management Solutions - Manage your Windows environment before and after you migrate.
  8. NT-to-Win2K Migration Tools
  9. Windows 2000 Migration
  10. Tools to keep your Windows 2000 boat afloat Computerworld News & Features Story


Microsoft Windows 2000 Migration Tools:

Windows 2000 - User State Migration Tool

  1. Windows 2000 Active Directory Migration Tool:
  2. Windows 2000- You Cannot Update the SID History for Group with the Active Directory Migration Tool (Q269352):
  3. Create Window 2000 domain accounts - Bulk Migration Tool for Host Security Feature:
  4. Windows 2000 Server - Error Messages When Using the ClonePrincipal Tool to Migrate User Accounts (Q283833):
  5. Free Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools for Administrative Tasks (Q274305):
  6. Tools - Microsoft Service Providers:
  7. Chapter 7- Application Migration:


Microsoft Recommended - Windows Migration Tools: Windows 2000 - Desktop Deployment Solutions from Third-Party Companies

  1. Migrating to Windows from UNIX and Linux:
  2. - Professional File Transfer Software & PC Data Migration Solutions - Eisenworld:
  3. Altiris - Altiris PC Transplant Pro
  4. Argon Remote Installation Services Menu Editor:
  5. Compaq - ASI (Automated Software Installation) Service & Deployment Services
  6. images/bullet2.gifDetto Technologies: IntelliMover - Transfer Data to a new PC. Intel offers this product to Intel Resellers. A Corporate & Consumer PC Solution. Consumer Edition includes both a USB and a Parallel cable and supports Transfer across a TCP/IP Network (10/24/2003).
  7. IBM - Software Delivery Assistant (SDA) Universal Manageability (UM) Tool
  8. Miramar Systems, Desktop DNA system migration, PC MACLAN networking mac pc - The only System Migration application to selectively save and move user-critical system and application settings (such as desktop, network, printers, bookmarks, address books, macros, etc.), applications, and data files directly from one PC to another, or to a network share point as a "DNA file," thereby migrating the user's desktop identity.
  9. Netopia - netOctopus
  10. ON Technology
  11. PowerQuest - PowerQuest Drive Image Pro [Symantec]
  12. - STAC, Inc. - FastforwarDNA [Altiris]
  13. Storactive - Storactive LiveBackup™ 2.0
  14. ImageCast: ImageCast for Windows 2000 Migration. [Phoenix Technologies - Phoenix ImageCast]
  15. Symantec - Norton Ghost
  16. emBoot Network Boot and PXE Boot Solutions for Embedded Systems, POS and Managed Desktops: Built on technology licensed from 3Com - The RIS Menu Editor - Remote Installation Services (RIS).
  17. Tranxition - Personality Tranxport™ Professional
  18. Virtual Access Networks - Van Migration Solution [Symantec]


Microsoft Windows XP Pro Migration Tools:
  1. Windows XP Professional - User State Migration Tools (November 19, 2001).
  2. Migration Tools in Microsoft Windows XP (June 29, 2001).
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating Files and Settings (June 29, 2001).
  4. Windows XP - Passwords Are Not Migrated by the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard or User State Migration Tool (Q283734)


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