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  1. images/bullet2.gifBack Ups With Dantz Retrospect by Joe Whinery
  2. images/bullet2.gifCasper Disk Cloning by Joe Whinery
BackUp Solutions: 

Let's just cut to the chase here - Best BackUp Solution? Hard Drive To Hard Drive. Now what part of that do you not understand? Dantz Retrospect WAS our choice to HD & CD-R. PQ DriveImage - was also a good product before they were purchased. GB

  1. reBYTE™, LLC - Digital Asset Management Solutions: ReBYTE Server - Converts any Desktop PC into an automated BackUp System (3/22/2004).
  2. Quantum Enhanced Backup Solutions: The Next Step in the Evolution of Data Protection (5/27/2003).
  3. - Future Systems Solutions: Drive Backup Solution for Disk Upgrades.
    1. Future Systems Solutions - Casper XP: "Designed exclusively for WinXP and Win2000. Casper XP will copy your entire hard disk and automatically resize the partitions during the copy process to take advantage of all of the additional space provided by your new larger hard disk. Creates fully Bootable copy of existing WinXP or Win2000 System Hard Disk Drive. Fully supports all versions of FAT and NTFS. Casper XP is Device independent! Not compatible with any prior versions of Windows NT!" Does support Disk Cloning!
    2. images/bullet2.gifCasper Disk Imaging by Joe Whinery
  4. images/ - OneTouch Family: Maxtor Announces New OneTouch Personal Storage Family. Each includes Dantz Retrospect Express software for 250GB / 5400 RPM, 120GB / 7200 RPM or 80 GB / 5400 RPM Storage through FireWire or USB 2.0 Interfaces.
    1. Personal Storage 5000XT: 1394/USB 2.0 Combo (12/10/2002).
    2. Maxtor Personal Storage 5000LE (10/8/2002).
  5. WarpGear Software - Mr. Mirror: Use Mr.Mirror to backup your files to an alternate disk drive (8/20/2002).
  6. images/  Personal Backup Strategies Part II - The Software Side of the Equation (4/8/2002).
  7. Centered Systems - Home: Second Copy® 2000 (1/29/2002).
  8.  Backup Software
  9. Dantz, Makers of Retrospect Backup Software - That was an excellent program in 2001 / 2002! 


Hardware - Magnetic (Tape / HD) vs. Non-Magnetic Media (CD-RW / DVD+RW)


BackUp / Archive Applications:
  1. Archive Away - backup software and security solutions
  2. Active@ Disk Image. Hard Drive Image Software (10/28/2002).
  4. CDS, Inc. - Back Again II WorkStation
    • Provides Complete Disaster Recovery - The Disaster Recovery Diskette Hot Start
    • Tape Support  - Tape Control Panel
    • Removable Drives... No CD-RW Support
    • Fully supports NT security, including full NTFS support
  5. Computer Associates BrightStor ARCserve Backup: ARCserve v9 is here! (12/4/2002)

  6. images/bullet2.gifDantz, Makers of Retrospect Backup Software


  8. Mike Lin's - Rapid Backup

  9. MKS Backup Solutions Guide

  10. images/

  11. NovaStor - Backup, Encryption, and Data Interchange Software 

  12. images/bullet2.gifPowerQuest - DataKeeper, Drive Image

  13.  Careful Backup utility
  14. Roxio - Easy CD Creator
  15. Sony Global Backup utility
  16. Symantec / Norton - Ghost (Imaging)
  17. WinBackup - Backup Your Data Fast & Secure (11/28/2002).
  18. VERITAS Software
  19. images/bullet2.gifGoogle Directory - Computers Software Backup


On-Line Backup Solutions:
  1. NovaStor Online Backup Services - Backup Solutions for Offsite Storage
CD Record
Data Recovery
Drive Imaging
ERD Floppy
File Compression
Norton Ghost - HD Imaging
Restore CD
Q240363 - HOW TO Use the Backup Program to Back Up and Restore the System State in Windows 2000

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