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  1. AMD Athlon XP CPU Chart
  2. Memory
RAM Chart - RAM Speed Memory Specs:

30 pin SIPPs (Single In-Line Pin Package).


30 pin SIMMs (Single In-Line Memory Module).

    Clock Rate Peak Bandwidth
(FPM) Fast Page Mode [60, 70ns]   25MHz 200 MBps
(EDO) Extended Data Out [50, 60, 70ns]   40MHz 320 MBps
EDO is 10% to 15% faster than FPM.
  168 pin SDRAM DIMMs
SDRAM DIMMs Data Rate FSB Peak Bandwidth


66MHz 528 MBps


100MHz 800 MBps


133MHz 1.1 GBps
  184 pin RDRAM (RAMBUS) RIMM Modules
RAMBUS RIMMs Data Rate Clock Rate = FSB Peak Bandwidth
PC600 600MHz 300MHz 1.2 GBps
PC700 712MHz 356MHz 1.4 GBps
PC800 (Single-Channel) = RIMM 3200 800MHz 400MHz 1.6 GBps/channel
PC800 (Dual-Channel)     3.2 GBps
PC1066 (Single-Channel) = RIMM 4200 1066MHz 533MHz 2.1 GBps/channel
PC1066 (Dual-Channel)     4.2 GBps
  232 pin RDRAM (RAMBUS) RIMM Modules
PC1200 (Single-Channel) = RIMM 4800 1200MHz 600MHz 2.4 GBps
PC1200 (Dual-Channel)     4.8 GBps/channel
DDR Default voltage is 2.5v+-0.1v 184 pin DDR SDRAM DIMMs
DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM DIMMs Data Rate FSB Peak Bandwidth
PC1600 = DDR200 200MHz 100MHz 1.6 GBps
PC2100 = DDR266 266MHz 133MHz 2.1 GBps
PC2700 = DDR333 333MHz 166MHz 2.7 GBps
PC3200 = DDR400 400MHz 200MHz 3.2 GBps
PC3500 = DDR433 433MHz 217MHz 3.5 GBps
PC3700 = DDR466 466MHz 233MHz 3.7 GBps
PC4000 = DDR500 500MHz 250MHz 4.0 GBps
PC4200 = DDR533 533MHz 266MHz 4.2 GBps



Data Rate   Peak Bandwidth
    3.2GHz 400MHz 6.4 GBps
DDR2 Default voltage is 1.8v+-0.1v 240 pin DDR2 DIMMs
PC2-3200 = DDR2-400 400MHz 200MHz 3.2GBps
PC2-4200 = DDR2-533 533MHz 267MHz 4.2GBps
PC2-5300 = DDR2-667 667MHz 334MHz 5.3GBps
PC2-5400 = DDR2-667 667MHz 334MHz 5.4GBps
PC2-6400 = DDR2-800 800MHz 400MHz 6.4GBps
PC2-8000 = DDR2-1000 1000MHz 500MHz 8.0GBps
PC2-8500 = DDR2-1066 1066MHz 533MHz 8.5GBps
PC2-8800 = DDR2-1100 1100MHz 550MHz 8.8GBps
PC2-9600 = DDR2-1200 1200MHz 600MHz 9.6GBps
Double Data Rate Three Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
DDR3 Default voltage is 1.5v to 1.65v 240 pin DDR3 DIMMs
PC3-8500 = DDR3-1066 1066MHz 1333MHz 8.5GBps
PC3-10600 = DDR3-1333 1333MHz 1600MHz 10.6GBps
PC3-12800 = DDR3-1600 1600MHz 1866MHz 12.8GBps
PC3-14900 = DDR3-1866 1866MHz 2000MHz 14.9GBps
PC3-16000 = DDR3-2000 2000MHz 2133MHz 16.0GBps
PC3-17066 = DDR3-2133 2133MHz 2400MHz 17.0GBps
PC3-19200 = DDR3-2400 2400MHz   19.2GBps
  1. JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council)
  2. - What is the difference between DDR3, DDR2, DDR, an... - Crucial Community
  3. Rambus Rambus XDR Memory Interface: "A typical x16 XDR DRAM device can sustain data bandwidths ranging from 6.4 GBps to 12.8 GBps." (7/14/2003)
  4. PC4000 (DDR500) on ABIT, ICG-7 P4 MotherBoard (5/22/2003).
  5. PC3500 (DDR433) & PC3700 (DDR466) are Non JEDEC standard DDR Module timings offered for Over Clockers by
  6. Although DDR & initial RAMBUS RIMMs have the same pin count (184 pin), they are keyed differently and therefore these disparate RAM Module Technologies are not Memory Slot compatible. The RAMBUS Data Rate = RIMM Speed. Newer RAMBUS Rimms (PC1066) have 232 pins.
  7. Dual Channel DDR: When Dual Channel DDR Technology is activated, the bandwidth of Memory Bus will be double the original Memory Bus, with the fastest speed at 6.4GB/s DDR400. To activate Dual Channel DDR Memory, two DDR Memory Modules are inserted individually, one each into Channel A and Channel B.
  8. JEDEC DDR SDRAM Specs (March 2003):  (6/7/2003)

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