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images/bullet2.gifLonghorn Developer Center Code Name WinFS Revolutionary File Storage System Lets Users Search and Manage Files Based on Content:
WinFS = Windows Future Storage... File System?!?:
Building A New Data Store -

"WinFS, the new Longhorn File Storage System, is the basic building block of all Applications on Longhorn..." Microsoft.com

A SQL Server 2003 based File System called Windows Future Storage (WinFS). Rumored to be the new File System in Longhorn [a.k.a. Vista], the code name for the next version of Windows Desktop after WinXP. Microsoft's vision of 'the universal database' (1/3/03).

  1. WinFS and social information management InfoWorld Column 2005-09-07 By Jon Udell: "Will Microsoft's new file system be relevant for the era of social computing?" (9/12/2005)
  2. New Windows file system enters testing CNET News.com: "Microsoft surprised developers on Monday by releasing a test version of a new Windows file system." (8/30/2005)
  3. Longhorn goes to pieces CNET News.com: "Microsoft does plan to include WinFS in the client version of Longhorn, which is expected to ship by mid-2006." (5/17/2004).
  4. InfoWorld Despite some potential blemishes, Longhorn's WinFS looks attractive January 16, 2004 By Oliver Rist Storage: "WinFS is embodied in a database that rides on top of NTFS. What makes WinFS attractive is that it comes with its own API, aptly dubbed the WinFX API, which will allow developers to write applications to take advantage of WinFS." (1/21/2004)
  5. Gates trots out Longhorn CNET News.com: "...a new file system known as WinFS that borrows from Microsoft's relational database technology." (10/27/2003)
  6. InfoWorld Microsoft offers glimpse of the future October 22, 2003 By Ed ScannellandPaul Krill Platforms: "A key ingredient in the early version of Longhorn is its new Windows Future Storage (WinFS) File System that promises to take a new approach to the way data is stored on Hard Drives and other physical media and make it easier to find and visualize data." (10/22/2003)
  7. Microsoft unpacks details of Longhorn storage CNET News.com: "...a data storage system called WinFS...WinFS will work with--not replace--the existing File System in Windows, called NTFS, when WinFS debuts in late 2005 or 2006." (10/15/2003)
  8. The Register: Microsoft sidelines Longhorn database caper - "The oft-misunderstood Windows Future Storage (WinFS), which will include technology from the "Yukon" release of SQL Server, is not a File System," reports Thurrot. "Instead, WinFS is a Service that runs on top of - and requires - NTFS." (5/14/2003)
  9. MSDN Online Chats .NET Strategy: Search on 'WinFS' (3/7/2003).
  10. Next Windows leaks onto Net CNET News.com (3/7/2003).
  11. Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows Longhorn Alpha Preview 2 Build 4008
  12. BetaONE: Search on 'WinFS' (3-2-03).
  13. The Register: WinFS, "...promises to do away with hierarchical storage altogether and remove the distinction between local and remote storage." (11-22-02)
  14. New Windows could solve age-old puzzle CNET News.com (3-14-02).

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