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BuildOrBuy News - Windows 2000 Event Logs
images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft TechNet: Events and Errors Message Center

Windows 2000 Event Logs help prove most useful in determining Security Issues, Application Errors, System Hardware Failures & possible Internet Explorer anomalies.

We're going to briefly discuss the Event Viewer here for our BuildOrBuy Readers. Start by installing 'Windows 2000 Support Tools' from your Win2000 CD. Log on as a member of the Administrator Group to install these support tools. Browse to the Support\Tools directory for Setup.exe. 

Obviously you're here for a reason. For the new uninitiated, the Event Viewer can be easily found in one of 2 ways:

1.) Go to: Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools - Event Viewer shortcut.
2.) Go to: Start, Programs,
Administrative Tools - Event Viewer.

Same thing either way. The User can also access this feature as any other from a command line or User created Desktop shortcut.

  1. images/bullet2.gifWindows 2000 Event & Error Messages:
    1. D/L 'Windows2000Events.csv' - Listing 6,573 Event Messages with Event Log, Event ID, Event Source & Event Type.
  2. Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Documentation - Help for error messages.
  3. Windows XP Events and Errors
    1. Windows XP Events and Errors Search Page.
  4. Heysoft - EventSave: (Freeware)!
  5. 216169 - How to Change the Default Event Viewer Log File Location
  6. 172156 - How to Delete Corrupt Event Viewer Log Files
  8. - Windows NT 2000 Event Log Utilities
Configuration Files
DNS Cache
DNS Events
Stop Errors
Windows Help
DSC Total Solution
Engagent - Event Log Sentry
Event Log View EVT
GFI LANguard S.E.L.M.

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