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Windows 2000 Configuration Files:

Under Win2000 - Do you need your Config.sys, Autoexec.bat, Win.ini & System.ini Files and if so what should they contain? For the most part - NO!

Due to a recent question from one of our Members, we're providing a brief dissertation on the subject. Those settings, where required are contained within the Registry. The only reason for any remnants of these files would be for dual booting on a FAT32 Partition or creating a PIF File for a DOS based application.

Windows 2000 retains and enhances almost all the functionality of MS-DOS. There are however a few changes and additions. For further assistance read the Win2000 Help files under Windows 2000 Command Reference Page. Knowing that, why would you need this option? Running a DOS application requiring special parameters. In such an instance, again, create a PIF File, like we use to in Win3.x! Remember - No guarantees! This is NOT your Fathers' DOS!

IF required, which is doubtful, you have config.nt and autoexec.nt (located in systemroot\System32). Edit accordingly & carefully!

  1. images/bullet2.gifAutomatically Generated Configuration Files Message (5/23/2002).
  2. images/bullet2.gifApplication Specification for Microsoft Windows 2000 for Desktop Applications (5/23/2002).
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