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Fibre Channel Technology:

Paraphrasing FCIA: "Fibre Channel, a highly-reliable, One and Two Gigabit Interconnect Technology (the fastest interface on this planet) allows concurrent communications among workstations, mainframes, servers, data storage systems, and other peripherals using SCSI, IP and a wide range of other protocols to meet the needs of the data center in server-to-storage and server-to-server networking.

Fibre Channel - The easiest, most reliable solution for information storage and retrieval..."

Quoting www.computerlanguage.com: "Fibre Channel can be configured Point-to-Point, via a Switched Topology or in an Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) with or without a Hub, which can connect up to 127 nodes. Fibre Channel supports Transmission Rates of 133, 266 and 531 Mbps and 1.06, 2.12 and 4.25 Gbps in each direction and uses the same FC-0 physical layer as Gigabit Ethernet. Using IBM's 8B/10B encoding method, each byte of data is transmitted as 10 bits."

  1. Price Performance Leadership for Storage Netwotks
  2. The Defacto Standard for Storage Area Networks (SANs) providing versatile connectivity with scalable performance.
  3. Reliability - Enterprise Solution
  4. One and Two Gigabit Interconnect Technology
  5. Multiple Topologies
  6. Multiple Protocols
  7. Scalability
  8. Congestion Free
  9. High Efficiency
  10. Information Asset Management
Digital Asset Management
IO Bus - Peripheral Bus
Network Protocols
Trade Associations
Transfer Rate Specs
Windows Help
Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA)

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