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ICC Profiling - (International Color Consortium Profile): - VESA Releases Display Color Management Standard: Display Color Management (DCM) Standard - Announced Jan. 27, 2003.

A Color Management Standard (CMS) for specifying the attributes of imaging devices such as scanners, digital cameras, monitors and printers so that the color of an image remains true from source to destination. A profile can be embedded within the image itself. For more information, visit the International Color Consortium.

The intent of the International Color Consortium (R) profile format is to provide a cross-platform device profile format. Device profiles can be used to translate color data created on one device into another device's native color space.

  1. Introduction to the ICC profile format
  2. specification
  3. The ICC slide presentation

Color Profiles (*.icm & *.icc files) communicate the color characteristics of a device to the Windows Color Management System (CMS). A Color Profile contains the data needed for translating the values of a color gamut. This data includes information about color, hue, saturation, and brightness.

The Color Management System is the process of producing accurate, consistent color among a variety of input and output devices for the truest representation of the original obtainable. A Color Management System (CMS) maps colors between devices such as Scanners, Monitors, and Printers. CMS transforms colors from one color space to another (for example, RGB to CMYK). And CMS provides accurate 'on-screen' or 'print' previews.


Color Mixing:

"The two major methods for creating colors are RGB and CMY. RGB uses red, green and blue to create transmitted colors. CMY uses cyan, magenta and yellow to create printed colors. In theory, equal parts of cyan, magenta and yellow ink make black, but the blacks tend to be muddy. Thus, a pure black fourth ink is always used. This is the four color process, called "CMYK" (K for blacK)." From:

  1. (RGB - Red Green Blue) The color model used for generating video on a display screen.
  2. (CMYK - Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK) The color model used for printing.


Color Matching:

images/bullet2.gifEpson America has announced an expansion of its color-matching technology, Print Image Matching - Now your digital camera and your printer can speak the same language. PRINT Image Matching technology ensures that PRINT Image Matching enabled digital cameras and printers work together perfectly to produce the best possible prints. PRINT Image Matching - brilliant digital photos made easy A replacement for ICC Profiles? Maybe. (6/27/2002)


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