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  1. images/bullet2.gifScanner Hardware
  2. images/bullet2.gifScanner Software
Flatbed Document & Image Scanners:

Looking for a Scanner? A Scanner, like a Digital Camera, is an Image Capture Device. Do we choose by Brand, Interface (Serial, Parallel port, USB, FireWire or SCSI), Price or Type (Flatbed + Transparency or Slide Adapter, Sheet Fed, Hand Held, Slide only, Barcode or Drum). What we choose depends upon our needs. For the main purpose of this discussion, we'll focus on Flatbed Scanners and see where our needs take us. As always, this page will serve as a List of Brands, News Links and related Scanner Info.

The key to a good Scanner includes:

  1. Color Bit Depth (48 bit is better than 24 bit depth) - Higher Number Is Better!
  2. Resolution (1600 DPI is Better Than 1200 DPI) - Higher Number Is Better!
  3. Optical Resolution (Hardware) instead of Interpolated Resolution (Software).
  4. Included Software - Get good hardware, however - A bundle is always nice!
  5. Balancing Price & Performance With Features = Value! Even though a Scanner is an Investment, only buy what you need. Buying anything more is a waste. Scanners are changing too like everything else with Computer Technologies!



Scanner News & Info:
  1. pcmag.com - Visioneer Strobe XP 100 reviewed by PC Magazine (1/21/2003).
  2. ExtremeTech.com:  How Scanners Work: Desktop Flatbed Scanners (7/23/2002).
  3. PCMag.com:  Scantastic! - Flatbed Scanners (7/20/2002).

    images/bullet2.gifPC Magazine Editors' Choice Winners HP ScanJet 5400c; Canon CanoScan N1240U (7/20/2002).


  4. PCWorld.com - Top 10 Scanners: Microtek ScanMaker 4800 (7/9/2002).
  5. images/bullet2.gifThe Register: UMAX steps up US scanner scam (6/18/2002).
  6. Top 5 flatbed scanners - Hardware Reviews - CNET.com: Epson Perfection 1650 Photo Scanner (6/12/2002).
  7. ScanTips.com:  A few scanning tips - Scanner Help - Basics 101
  8. Flatbed-Scanner-Review.org: High End Professional Quality Scanner Reviews ONLY!
  9. images/bullet2.gifHowstuffworks "How Scanners Work": Focusing On Flat Bad Scanners
  10. Imaging-Resource.com:
  11. infographix.com:  Low Cost Micrographics Film Scanner and Viewer: Scan all your microfilm images directly to your PC. Press one key to print to a Laser Printer!
  12. On Magazine.com -- How to Buy -- Scanner
  13. peripherals.about.com:  Before You Buy a Flatbed Scanner: Watch Out For Ad PopUps! Ugh!
  14. images/bullet2.gifPCWorld.com - Top 10 Scanners: Epson Perfection 1650 Photo Scanner (6/12/2002).
  15. PopPhoto.com:  Top Ten Flatbed Scanners:
  16. www.scanner-drivers.com:
  17. www.Scanners.com: Large Format Scanners
    (Redirects To www.action-imaging.com)

Scanner Brands:
  1. Acer CMA - Scanners:
  2. Agfa Scanners: DTP Scanner Product Line Discontinued End Of 2001.
  3. BenQ Inc. - Flatbed Scanners & Film Scanners: (Formerly Acer!?!)
  4. Canon Scanners:
  5. images/bullet2.gifEpson: Epson Perfection 1650 Photo Scanner
  6. HP - Hewlett-Packard Scanjet Scanners:
  7. Minolta Worldwide Network: Film Scanners
  8. Nikon USA: Coolscan Film Scanners - Professional quality scanners geared to users at any level, from photographers, to digital artists to pre-press professionals.
  9. OlympusAmerica.com:  3D ScanTop Home Page: 3D ScanTop Scanner, MSRP: $4995.00!
  10. Pacific Image Electronics: High Quality Film Scanners
  11. Plustek-The Ultimate In Office Imaging:
  12. Polaroidwork.com: Professional Film Scanners
  13. Scanners and Digital Cameras by IBM in the U.S.:
  14. images/bullet2.gifMicrotek USA: Microtek ScanMaker 4800
  15. Mustek:
  16. UMAX.com Scanners:
  17. Visioneer:

Scanner Software:
  1. Adobe: PhotoShop - For Professional Digital Imaging
  2. Arts-Letters.com | Graphics Editor: Express 7.0
  3. Corel: Corel Draw
  4. I.R.I.S. - Leader in multilingual ocr and document management:
  5. Jasc Software: Paint Shop Pro - For Affordable Digital Imaging
  6. SilverFast.com: (www.lasersoft-imaging.com) The Imaging Power Tool
  7. images/bullet2.gifScanning Software and Scanning Tips for the best image quality from your Scanner!
  8. images/bullet2.gifScanSoft - The leading supplier of imaging, speech and language solutions: Home Of - PaperPort (Document Management) & OmniPage Pro (OCR)
  9. Virieu.com:  EasyPicture photo editor software:
  10. VueScan - Scanner Software:


  1. Pixel Translations!: ISIS Image and Scanner Interface Specification!
    • About ISIS: A defacto standard and key enabling technology for document imaging. 
  2. SANE: Stands for "Scanner Access Now Easy" and is an application programming interface (API) that provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware (flatbed scanner, hand-held scanner, video- and still-cameras, frame-grabbers, etc.).
  3. TWAIN-- Standard for image acquisition devices: Technology Without An Interesting Name! REALLY!


Scanner Sales:
  1. Latest Prices - CNET.com:
  2. Digital Foto Club - Scanners On Sale:
  3. HEWLETT PACKARD - Buy HP Computers, Printers, & Supplies ONLINE Here:
  4. OnlyScanners.com:
  5. Photo.net:  Flatbed Scanners:
  6. ScannerGalaxy.com:
  7. ScannerOutlet.com:
  8. Scanner Warehouse:
  9. Tech Depot Your Online Technology Superstore - Computer Scanners at Tech Depot (Office Depot)


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