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images/bullet2.gifInternet Explorer Support Center

Internet Explorer Problems & Solutions
We've Encountered & Documented:
  1. How to Remove ISP Name from IE Title Bar:
    Open regedit.exe (Start, Run, regedit), then Browse to:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main

    If this exists, delete the value "WindowTitle (or Window Title)" to reset IE back to it's Default. Or, modify the value as desired.

  2. For customized versions of Internet Explorer V. 5.5:

    Are you having a problem with Internet Explorer version 5.5 where a blank screen is displayed when a new window is opened? Follow the link below. You may be running a customized version of the IE 5.5 Browser.

    Since RR has decided below NOT to be helpful to the rest of us Netizens anymore, get the regular IE 5.5 from Microsoft (3/29/2002).

    1. http://help.rr.com/html/e_ie55ieak.html

  3. TechTV Customize Internet Explorer 5: Fixing the Graphic & Registry.

    1. Graphic  - "Dump two graphic files from the "C:program filesInternet ExplorerSIGNUP" folder..."

  4. [VP} - Branding-Internet Explorer: "The animated throbber..."

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