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Solutions To Problems We've Encountered & Documented: 
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  1. From John Phillips - Autologon Solution for Windows XP Pro (10/8/2003).

  2. Networking Windows 95 and Windows XP Pro:
    Go My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, View and uncheck 'Use Simple File Sharing'.

  3. Creative's Audigy Squeal

  4. George Walker's Boot.ini Presentation Notes (Wed 2/20/02).

  5. Browse Master / Master Browser - Function & Configuration

  6. Web Browser Options

  7. cmdninst.html - cmdninst.exe (Config Manager Device Installer Launcher.) WinMe installation hang on BootUp?

  8. Digital Media Players

  9. Disabling CD Auto Play

  10. Email Help - Tools News & Updates (Outlook Help)

  11. File Compression - File & Folder Compression Types

  12. findfast.html - MS Office FindFast making your PC slow? Tired of Disk Thrashing? Turn it OFF!

  13. Ghost HD Imaging - 2 PC peer-to-peer on a TCP/IP connection.

  14. hidserv.exe - Said to be a Win98SE File? Also on Windows 2000 Systems residing in: C:\WINNT\ServicePackFiles\i386. Upon looking @ the Properties for this file, you'll discover: Description: HID Audio Service.

  15. IRQ Map & I/O APIC.

  16. Jdbgmgr.exe - Not a Virus! And if someone told you to eat a horse biscuit, would you?

  17. Microsoft Office

  18. Microsoft Outlook 2002: OL2002 How to Back Up, Restore, or Move Outlook Data (4/10/2002).

  19. NTLDR is Missing: Win2000 

  20. From Sam McJunkin: Gigabyte GA-7DXR CPU Fan Power Connection - The note on page 25 reads: "A proper installation of the CPU cooler is essential to prevent the CPU from running under abnormal condition or damaged by overheating. With support CPU Guardian function CPU cooler must
    connect with this connector, otherwise system could not boot."

    Axion Technologies has told us specifically NOT to use this MB Fan connection! If we do, we run the risk of frying the MB due to some CPU Fan Power requirements. Axion suggests we instead utilize the included Fan cable and connect Fan power direct to the P/S. Thus, for this MB to boot, DISABLE GigaByte CPU Guardian function by Jumper or else the system will not boot!

  21. How to Disable Windows 2000 Boot O/S Choice

  22. Spam - How To Diagnose & Remove SPAM!

  23. webbrowsers.html - Web Browser Options: IE, Netscape, Mozilla & Opera (5/30/2002).

  24. windows.html - Flavors, FAQ's & Dates Of Windows The O/S - It's All About Marketing!

  25. winmeissues.html - Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition Plug&Play- cmdninst.exe (Config Manager Device Installer Launcher.) WinMe hang on BootUp? Problem loading a device driver. Here's how to fix...

  26. ct-newsupd.html - Disabling Creative Labs News Update Feature: NewsUpd.exe

  27. msnicon.html - MSN Messenger Icon in Win98. From George Walker & Racy Sanford.

  28. favicon.html - Favicon.ico Explanation: What It Is & What It Does

  29. WormAlert - Email Address Book Trick

  30. Smartvsd.vxd: PC 98 Hardware Devices May Not Work Correctly in Windows 98 (Q199886) (06/25/01).


Browser Issues: 
  1. ZoneLabs - ZoneAlarm

  2. SecondPower Browser - SecondPower Multimedia Speedbar

  3. BonziBUDDY - How To Remove

  4. IE 5.5 Browser Repair - For customized versions of Internet Explorer V. 5.5

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