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Cable / DSL Broadband Networking Routers & DHCP Servers: 

../images/bullet2.gifTurn a PC into a Router Appliance - SmoothWall: Download the ISO Image (7/10/2002).

These days, networking works so much easier when using a DHCP Server / Router whether utilizing the Broadband (Single or Dual WAN) port or not (DUN - Dialup Networking) especially when requiring a DHCP Server for Automatic Internal LAN TCP/IP Addressing. For further explanation of Windows Network Protocols.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server - Automatically assigns IP addresses to Client Workstations logging onto a TCP/IP network. This eliminates having to manually assign permanent IP Addresses to each PC. Better Resource Allocation and better Time Management!

Command Line, use: Ipconfig to verify current TCP/IP network configuration values for DHCP. Or Download from the Win2000 (Windows NT IPConfig Utility - WntIpcfg) GUI Utility. Easier to use the GUI WntIpcfg than the included IPConfig Command Line Utility for some Users. IF behind a Router, you'll need your WAN address, use this Windows Tool: IPMonster - IP Address Tools to Trace Route - Your Current IP Address. Or... Go to and test your System to see how well if at all you're currently configured for protection. Those Tests will also tell you your WAN IP Address. See DNS Tools for other options.

  1. - Korgo has some twisted cargo: Linksys Routers reported to have security problems. Verify your Router Model. Expect another Firmware revision soon!  (6/9/2004)
  2. - A Look at All-in-One Security Appliances: Maybe you really need a Gateway Solution? (12/24/2003)
  3. The Register: Help! my Belkin router is spamming me! (7/11/2003)
  4.  Popular Linksys Router Vulnerable to Attack - "The vulnerability affects all of the routers with firmware versions earlier than 1.42.7. ...Firmware version 1.43 fixes the problem." (11/7/2002).
  5. ../images/bullet2.gifTurn a PC into a Router Appliance - SmoothWall: Download the ISO Image (7/10/2002).
  6.  Developer News -- CERT Warns of DHCP Vulnerability (5/9/2002).
  7. CERT Advisory CA-2002-12 Format String Vulnerability in ISC DHCPD (5/9/2002).
  8. Internet Software Consortium - DHCP (5/9/2002).
  9. images/bullet2.gifCommView - Windows XP-NT-2000 Shareware (4/30/2002).
  10. images/bullet2.gifLink Logger: The Ultimate Logging Tool - Link Logger is the premier Windows logging tool for the Linksys, Netgear, ZyXEL Prestige and ZyWall Routers & Gateways (4/25/2002).
  11. images/bullet2.gifNetwork security software: LANguard Security Event Log Monitor
  12. Nexland Partners with Symantec to Create Security Appliances (4/30/2002).


Router Recommendations:
  1. - HotBrick VPN600: Dual WAN Router

  2. Twin WAN Router

  3. Versa Technology, Inc - MH200 - Dual WAN Router with 4 Port 10-100 Switch:

  4. - Zero One Technology: AF420B Dual WAN Firewall Router

  5. - Hawking Technologies: Dual WAN Routers FR24

  6. Astrocom PowerLink: WAN Aggregation - Intelligent Link Load Balancing with Automatic WAN Fail-Over for 100% Always Available Internet Connectivity! An interesting way to increase Broadband bandwidth among several connections. Simply put - (4) Incoming WAN Ports & (1) LAN port, Web Browser Configurable. Balance that Load! Let's see, this device (PowerLink) + for a Hardware Firewall - Nice! PowerLink-Iplus WAN Aggregator for $1,695.00 (8/13/2002).

  7. - Nexland - Firewalls that support IPSEC & NAT: ISB Pro800turbo Firewall & Internet Sharing Box. Now owned by Symantec as of July 16, 2003 (8/11/2003).

    Note: "Due to unusually high demand the Nexland Pro800turbo is backordered until May 3rd, 2002. The units will be shipped on a first-come first-served basis so order now!" (4/30/2002)

    ISB Pro800turbo Features: Dual Modem Ports, 8 Port 10/100 Switch w/ Serial

    1. Features: (2 WAN) Modem Ports that Load Balance 2 Broadband Connections! We're intrigued by units ability to share / balance Broadband connections.
    2. Featuring: Dual Disparate Broadband Connections. Not tested. Ability currently unknown. Implements BGP (Border Guard Protocol) better know as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

      ../images/bullet2.gif - Symantec makes it really hard to locate these units on their website. Go figure! Priced out of their market too! Priced Direct: 499.00! (3/26/2004)

    3. Symantec Store: Appliance Center -
  8. Gear Source: DSL Warehouse provides DSL Modems and Routers - See: DSL Aggregators
  9. NetGear - Routers: Easy set up and install.
    1. NETGEAR - ProSafe™ VPN Firewall 200 w-8 Port 10-100 Switch - Dual WAN!
    2. NETGEAR - Support - Cable-DSL ProSafe VPN Firewall with 8-port switch: FVS318 - DataSheet
    3. NETGEAR FR314 Internet Gateway Routers Product: Includes Stateful Packet Inspection.
    4. Have tested NetGear RT314. Easy Setup / Configuration.
      1. NETGEAR - DSL and Cable Internet Gateway Router w- 4-Port Switch:
      2. NetGear RT314 Support Page FAQ - Redirects. NetGear site is slow loading as of (3/23/2004).


  10. images/bullet2.gifNetopia - - Welcome to Netopia - Broadband Equipment (Routers), Services & Software - Routers used with EarthLink Business DSL (4/10/2002).


  11. LinkSys - Same. Tested LinkSys EFSP42 EtherFast Switched 2-Port Print Server (4-Port Switch + 2-Port Print Server).
    1. LinkSys Products Overview:


  12. Siemens - Efficient Networks - DSL and Broadband Access Solutions:
    1. Efficient Networks Products - World Leader in CPE Solutions:


  13. SMC - From Tom Tyner's initial testing, somewhat problematic. 1st unit tried was trash! 2nd unit success after consulting with tech support. Tom Tyner will elaborate on this in the future. Yes, details to follow! We will examine another model, SMC Barricade 7004ABR and report our experiences here.

    On subsequent units we have found SMC products to be reliable enough to recommend. Full featured offering support for DialUp Back Up (requires external Serial Port Modem) & Print Server (requires parallel port printer).

    The SMC Barricade 7004ABR can be fully utilized by Modem Users with the BackUp DialUp feature and grow with you if and when Broadband becomes a necessary reality for Internet Connectivity.

    SMC Networks, Europe:  Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, routers

    SMC Barricade 7004ABR Broadband Router


  14. D-Link Systems, Inc.: Good products. Routers are too cheap not to own one for the extra level of security they provide.


  15. SoHoWare - None reviewed yet.
    1. See: SoHoWare Broadband Basics -


  16. Symantec Enterprise Solutions: Symantec Firewall/VPN Appliance (Models 100, 200, 200R)
    1. VPN 100: (1) WAN Port + (4) Port Switch
    2. ../images/bullet2.gifVPN 200: (2) WAN Ports + (8) Port Switch

      Nexland Home: Symantec Firewall/VPN 200 Appliance

    3. VPN 200R: (2) WAN Ports & VPN Support + (8) Port Switch

      Features: Stateful inspection Firewall Protection & Load Balancing on Dual WAN Ports.

    4. See: Software Spectrum and Symantec Microsite Home - Note: A product you cannot buy nor find @ Software Spectrum! Go figure? And you want to trust who with your Anti-Virus software?
    5. images/bullet2.gifPROVANTAGE.COM PC Products Superstore: Symantec Firewall VPN 200 Appliance (Dual WAN Router), Only $599.36

      Symantec, a software company, has taken the Nexland Pro800turbo - DUAL WAN Router, a $350.00 product and turned it into their own VPN 200 for $575.80. Sure, Symantec added their own AntiVirus Solution. Progress? In all fairness, Symantec has recently dropped the price of this Unit to - 499.00 Direct! Smart choice! (3/26/2004)

      The Symantec Firewall/VPN 200 Appliance main features:

      1. Two 10BaseT WAN Ports with 8Mbps bi-directional throughput and load balancing technologies.
      2. Eight 10/100 BaseT Switched Ethernet LAN Ports.
      3. Dial-up Backup + Secondary Configuration Port.
      4. VPN tunneling.
      5. Configuration via Web Browser.

      Note: "...there are no restrictions on the number of users and no per-user licensing requirements. Complimentary Silver Support starts on the date of purchase of the appliance and ends ninety calendar days later. Symantec Firewall/VPN 200R augments the capabilities of the 200 model with support for remote VPN clients that include an integrated personal firewall. Firewall / VPN Technology is a key Component of Symantec Enterprise Security." Sure. Time for ZoneAlarm whether Corporate or Consumer!

      Fine. Symantec considers this hardware product to be an Enterprise Appliance whereas Consumers and SOHO Users might find greater benefit from these capabilities instead. Symantec does NOT mention this as a Router, only makes mention as a DHCP Server even in their own Documentation. Call it what you like. This is definitely a Router, a Dual WAN Router. Appears Symantec is trying to promote a High End Consumer & SOHO Router as a Firewall / VPN Appliance while missing the boat - The Customer! (3/26/2004)


images/bullet2.gifCheck for tweaking Broadband connection speeds!


We will continually add to this page as needed. Expect future updates to include: 

  1. What Features to look for in a Router - Needs vs. Wants, now and later expansion.

  2. Why Buy a Router? Why buy a Switch when you can have a router which acts as DHCP Server of IP Addresses on a TCP/IP LAN segment? Keep It Sweet & Simple!
  3. Upgradeability - Growth Potential. 4 ports or 8 ports?
  4. Security
  5. Which brands / models deliver as advertised!

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