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  1. ../images/bullet2.gifDetermining Your Mail Server Software 
  2. ../images/bullet2.gifDNS Lookup Tools
  3. ../images/bullet2.gifMail Server Software
  4. ../images/bullet2.gifReading Mail Headers
  5. ../images/bullet2.gifServer Software Running 
../images/bullet2.gifWindows 2000 DNS Resource Center
Domain Name Search (DNS) Tools:

Purpose - Running ZoneAlarm Firewall Protection on flavors of Win98, Win2000 or WinXP Pro? Reading those email headers to see where your new virus came from? Ever wonder who is looking @ your Computer and why you're so special? Or wonder WhoIs also on your Domain Host Provider? And occasionally it's just good business to know who your talking to when researching a Host Provider for your Domain or a potential client's Domain.


  1. - Search Engine IP Addresses:
  2. - WhereIsIP - IP Whois Tool to find geographic location for ip address, email, website, ICQ and more:
  3. ../images/bullet2.gifWhois Source - Wildcard Domain Search Lookup:
  4. IPMonster - IP Address Tools: Trace Route - Your Current IP Address.
  5. Or for a good Trace Route... VisualRoute Server Dulles Virginia USA
  6. Sent to us from Max Popov: Available Domains is the best Domain Name Search Whois Tool, it can query up to 600 domains per minute, show Expired Domains and has many Advanced Features (7/20/2002).
  7. images/bullet2.gifBroadband: TechTV Kill DNS Errors for Faster Broadband (5/15/2002).
    1. Navas Cable Modem-DSL Tuning Guide: Reduce DNS errors in Windows 2000/XP (3/2/2003).
  8. images/bullet2.gifDNS Caching, Network Prioritization, and Security
  9. Windows 2000: Aladdin esafe - Firewall & Antivirus Protection
  10. WHOIS VeriSign
  11. - Domain Facts
  12. IP Search Toolbar - Extend Browser Capabilities
  13. ARIN: Whois - Search a specific IP Address
  14. The Really Useful Page - The Web Developer's Journal


Determining Your Mail Server Software 
  1. Turn ON ALL Mail Headers in your eMail application.

  2. Determining what type of Mail Server a host is running

    1. InternetPeriscope


Mail Server Software 
Mail Servers - ServerWatch Mail Servers

Mail Server News

MAPS TSI Anti-Relay How Can I Fix the Problem

  1. ArGoSoft Mail Server
  2. Courier Mail Server
  3. Eudora Mail Servers
  4. exim Internet Mailer
  5. DMail Internet Mail Server
  6. DMail Mail Server Software - Secure SSL Mail Server 
  7. True North Software -  Mail Server Overview: IAź eMail Server
  8. IceWarp Web Mail - Professional Ccorporate Mail Server Solution
  9. IMail Server by Ipswitch - The 20 Minute E-Mail Solution
  10. InterMail
  11. MDaemon Mail Server - POP3-SMTP-IMAP4 Email Server Software
  12. Merak Mail Server
  13. MERCUR Mailserver Version 4.01
  14. Pegasus Mail - Mercury Mail Transport System
  15. The Postfix Home Page
  16. - Windows Mail Server
  17. Sendmail
  18. SPA Mail Server is Virus infection prevention is possible. - It is easily replaceable from EMWAC IMS.
  19. Stalker Software Inc. - CommuniGate Pro
  20. True North Software, Inc.
  21. WorkgroupMail Mail Server for Windows


DNS Lookup Tools

In a Communications Network (LAN / WAN), DNS (Domain Name System) Servers through software (such as BIND) translate Domain Name's www.BuildOrBuy.Net to IP Addresses for use on the TCP/IP network protocol stack for Routing. TCP/IP is the network protocol of the Internet. The TCP/IP protocol stack is bound to the LAN Adapter.

  1. List of All Known DNS-based Spam Databases
    2. images/
  2.  ICANN | Home Page
  3. images/ -
  4. VeriSign Inc. - - Search WHOIS
    1. WHOIS Lookup
  6. images/pointared.gif Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS, DNS Records Lookup, and E-Mail relay Check.
  7. images/pointared.gif RIPE NCC Finding Contacts for Networks:
    1. Query the RIPE Whois Database: Regional Internet Registries (RIR) - "The RIPE NCC performs activities primarily for the benefit of the membership in Europe, The Middle East, The North of Africa and parts of Asia.." The RIPE WhoIs Tool came in handy recently after receiving 175 messages from the same IP Address (12/2/2002).
  8. images/pointared.gif - The Computer Professional's Reference
    1. Tools OffLine!
  9. images/bullet2.gifG E E K T O O L S Whois Proxy
  11. Look up an address in the contact database
  12. MegaPing (Download).
  13. TamoSoft, Inc.: SmartWhois (Download).
  14. SoftLandMark - DNS Lookup and IP Address Tools
  15. For Whois information about country-code (two-letter) top-level domains.
  16. IANA Root-Zone Whois Index by TLD Code
  17. - whois domain name search & lookup
  18. - whois domain name search & lookup
  19. - Research Domain Name System
  20. Services / DNS Gateways-
  21. Domain tools - Web Building -
  22. DNS Lookup
  23. - The Internet Monitoring Company - Tools
  24. Declude - Handles Unwanted E-mail on IMail Servers
    1. DNS Stuff
  25. Whois lookup tools
  27. U-Net Internet Lookup Tools
  28. Demon Internet:  Internet Query Tools
  29. RodentNet: ad hoc IP Tools
  30. DNS tools: Tools to manage DNS
  31. Web Test Tools
  32. Search Tools


Dynamic DNS, DNS Solutions & Tools:

The ability to map your Domain Name to your Dynamic IP address so you can Host your own web site. Performs find-host-by-name functions, mapping Domain Names to IP's.

  1. Internet Software Consortium - BIND: The BIND DNS Server
  2. DNS Software List
  3. images/bullet2.gifDNS4Me DNS
  4. - DNS Solutions & QuickDNS
  5. Dynamic DNS Providers List
  7. DynIP - DynIP - Dynamic DNS Service
  8. - Managed DNS Solutions
  10. - Simple DNS Plus - Windows DNS Server
  11. UltraDNS Managed DNS service, DNS hosting
  12. - Dynamic Ip Address Serving: Dynamic IP FAQ


Server Software Running - Server Query:
  1. images/pointared.gif - Query a Site's Server:
  2. images/pointared.gif - ID Serve - Internet Server Identification Utility:
  3. images/pointared.gif Netcraft What's That Site Running Results:
  4. images/pointared.gif Server Query: A Free, light-weight dedicated Server Browser.
  5. Search the Internet using the Query Server.
    1. Other BuildOrBuy Search Tools:
  6. Cisco Security Advisory Cisco IOS HTTP Server Query Vulnerability: Adverse effect of Defect if exploited - Can cause Denial of Service (DoS) attack.


Windows DNS:
  1. ../images/bullet2.gifWindows 2000 DNS Resource Center
  2. DNS and Active Directory
  3. Windows 2000 DNS White Paper: A short Overview of Windows DNS Basics.
  4. 259922 - DNS Request for
  5. 142863 - Valid IP Addressing for a Private Network:


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