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  1. images/bullet2.gif148925 - Dial-Up Networking Password Is Not Saved
  2. images/bullet2.gif232511 - Win95-98-NT Dialup, Authentication, Browsing Using TCPIP, IPX-SPX, or NetBEUI
  3. images/bullet2.gifThe List The Definitive Internet Services Buyer's Guide: Need an ISP in your Area?
Windows Dial-Up Networking:

Even though Broadband is all the rage, most Users still access the InterNet through Dial-Up Connections. The days of Modems are still with us. And 2-Wire Analogue Phone Lines (POTS  Lines) are still a primary access point for Households and PC's. POTS = Plain Old Telephone System.

When discussing the best Dial-Up Network Connection, we should mention the Technology available to acquire the best Connection Speed.

Prioritize Your Needs:

  1. Choose ISP - Internet Service Provider -

    Or, contact your existing ISP and ask them when they will support the new V.92 Standard.

    1. - V92 Support!
    2. V.92 ISPs
    3. 56k=v.Unreliable V92 Modem Upgrade Survey Summary
  2. Choose Fastest Modem Technology -
    2. - Narrowband Modems: Chipset Technology.

    V.92 is the new dial-up modem specification from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) that introduces three new features that will add convenience and performance for the modem user. The three features are Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold (MOH) and PCM Upstream.

    V.92 not working out for you and your ISP? And Call Waiting is the Key you want? Try this Device:

  3. Choose Modem Brand supported by both. Verify your V.92 Modem functionality before purchase!
    1. Actiontec Debuts First USB/Serial 56K External Modem, Featuring Greater Reliability, Faster Downloads: (January 8, 2004)
  4. See: Line Noise will prevent high connection speeds...


Win2000 Dial-Up Networking (DUN):

"Network and Dial-up Connections provides connectivity between your PC Computer and the Internet, a Network, or another Computer. With Network and Dial-up Connections, gain access to Network Resources and functionality, whether physically located at the location of the Network or in a Remote location. Connections are created, configured, stored, and monitored from within the Network and Dial-up Connections folder. All services and communication methods are configured within the connection."

Accessed from: Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network and Dial-up Connections.

  1. To create a new Connection, click Make New Connection to access Connection Wizard.

  2. To open a Connection, click its Icon.

  3. To access settings and components of a Connection, right click its Icon, click Properties.

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