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BuildOrBuy - 
  1. Home Networking
  2. Projectors
  3. Routers
  4. Security
Software Surveillance:
  1. IP Camera Software Compatible with Foscam: Blue Iris Professional Surveillance Software
  2. Blue Iris - Home
  3. - Monitor Computer Use with Remote Computer Monitoring Software
  4. - Computer and Internet Monitoring Software


Digital Video Camera Surveillance:

This is a loose List of Products started from a conversation with BuildOrBuy Member, Jerry Lee for Video Camera Surveillance of Small Car Washes & Home Office situations. We will pursue this subject as time & research resources permit (12-27-09).

  1. - Visec Surveillance Software - IP, NVR, CCTV
  2. - Video Surveillance Software for Windows
  3. - Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems
  4. - Digital Video Surveillance Systems
  5. LuxRiot - Digital Video Recorder software for Windows
  6. - PCI DVR Cards, PC-Based DVR Systems & Digital Video Surveillance. 
  7. - Setting up a PC video surveillance system
  8. Intertraff MMS-DVR: A professional Network Digital Video Recorder, that works with network (IP) and Analogue Cameras; Intertraff MMS DVR uses MJPEG for recording video files.
  9. PICOLO Pro 2 - Standard acquisition for video surveillance
  10. Pc Surveillance and Counter Spy Software
  11. CCTVWholesalers
  12. Aventura CCTV Security DVR H.264 Digital Video Recorder, Surveillance Cameras - CCTV DVR Video Surveillance
  13. - AVerDigi Surveillance Solutions, Mobile DVR, Hybrid NVR
  14. Security Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Home & Business Security Systems
  15. - DVR Surveillance Systems Video Security Cameras DVR Remote Monitoring
  16. - Surveillance Cameras - Digital Video Recorder
  17. - Security Surveillance Systems, CCTV, Digital Video Recorders
  18. - Security Camera, Security DVR System and PC Base DVR Surveillance Systems
  19. - Rugged CCTV Digital Surveillance
  20. - Security Cameras and CCTV DVR Security Systems
  21. - Wireless Home Security Camera GPS Tracking Child Locator
  22. Swann Communications: Global Leaders in DIY Security
    1. Available From :


Security Video Surveillance
  1. images/bullet2.gifGeovision Inc. - MultiCam Digital Surveillance System: The Product: GeoVision
  2.   images/
  3. From Jerry Lee: "Cost - very low, Kits start at $325 for a 4 channel kit - to about $1800 for a full blown 16 channel unit for the GV600 (30 fps).

    Recommended Option: Matrox G450 dual video card for a selectable area composite video output to feed to either a video modulator or or video feed to remote TV monitor.

    Use RG-59 coax cable for your video signal.

    Installation of the unit is quick and simple. You have power to the Computer, Cameras, Video connections (all BNC) to the rear of the Computer, and the Network..." (8/18/2003).

    images/bullet2.gifRead more:

  4. images/bullet2.gifLoronix Information Systems, Inc. - How Intelligent Is Your Video? (3/12/2002)
  5. Polycom - Where Voice Video and Data Meet - Easily!
  6. Xanboo Smart Home Technology - Smart home management system with real-time video, notification and device control that enables users to control and monitor their homes or businesses from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.
  7. Avitech International


Product Sales:
  1. Digital Recorders
  2. Remote Security for surveillance equipment, home and business security systems.
    1. Geovision GV 200 PCI Crd for remote Digital Security Surveillance
    2. Geovision GV 600 PCI Crd for remote Digital Security Surveillance
    3. Geovision GV 800 PCI Crd for remote Digital Security Surveillance
  3. GV picture gallery
  4. CCTV - Security-Surveillance Equipment

  5. Security Superstore by National Surveillance Systems

  6. SkyEye Corporation Remote Camera Systems

  7.  The Wholesale Security Superstore for Surveillance Spy Cameras -Covert - CCTV Video Camera Equipment



  10. DVMRe


  12. Need something small and simple?



    1. Lorex Pro: Cameras

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