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Presentation & A/V Home Theater Projectors 
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images/bullet2.gifPresentation Products Online Buyers Guide @
Presentation Projector Specifications:

What to look for in a Presentation Projector... Minimum Specifications

  1. Cost - Balancing Price & Performance with Required Audience Size.
  2. Technology -
    1. Single Panel TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD
    2. Polysilicon LCD
    3. DLP (Digital Light Processing)
  3. Resolution - VGA (480x640), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), and SXGA (1,280x1,024). A Higher Resolution is better!
  4. Brightness in ANSI Lumens - 1,000 ANSI Lumens or higher. Brighter is always better!
  5. Lens - Zoom Lenses f-number + Relevant Proximity to Audience or Field of Depth.
  6. Light Source = Bulb Life + Spare & Wattage...
    1. Metal Halide Lamps.
    2. UHP (Ultra High Performance) Lamps.
  7. Aspect Ratio - The ratio of width to height of an object. The aspect ratio of the screen of a standard computer monitor and TV set is 4:3. The high-definition TV (HDTV) format is 16:9.
    1. Aspect Ratio and Image Cut-Off
    2. Tech Tips- SXGA and 169 aspect ratios and projection screens
  8. Noise Level - Quiet Operation
  9. Flash Card Capabilities, if required.
  10. Wireless Capabilities, if required or desired.
  11. Size & Weight - Portable or Stationary.


Projector News:
  1. - Sub-$1,000 Projector Shoot-Out: Dell, Toshiba & InFocus (11/4/2003).
  2. Video Walls: Rear Projection Video Wall Cubes - HDC Graphics Cubes
  3. - Projector Torture Test LCD versus DLP: (4/30/2003).
  4. Barco Introduces Cost Effective Digital Cinema Projector "...the compact D-Cine Premiere DP30 - a low cost DLP Cinema™ projector designed to meet the need for Post Production and true Digital Cinema displays on screens of up to 10m (33’) wide." (2/28/2003)
  5. - New Infocus DLP Projector Rocks (2/21/2003).
  6. Inscriber Technology Corporation - Aspect-Ratio-Correct Content (1/31/2003).

    To create an aspect-ratio-correct image in PhotoShop:

    Video Format Square Pixel Photoshop Rectangular Pixel FCP
    601 NTSC 4:3 720x540 720x486
    601 NTSC 16:9 anamorphic 864x540 720x486
    DV NTSC 4:3 720x534 720x480
    DV NTSC 16:9 anamorphic 960x534 720x480
    601 DV PAL 768x576 720x576
    601 DV PAL anamorphic 1024x576 720x576
    720i/p HD 1280x720 NA
    1080i/p HD 1920x1080 NA
    1. * Anamorphic - Distorted aspect ratio or unequally scaled in vertical and horizontal dimensions.
    2. Google Search define - anamorphic:
  7. Presenters University - Courses - Content Crafting the message (1/24/2003).
  8. images/bullet2.gifInFocus Store product page#maintenancetips (1/24/2003).
  9.  AIrProjector KJ-100B - Configure and operate virtually any projector wirelessly, without the need of RGB cables to the PC! Can communicate wirelessly with any Windows 98 and higher PC with IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Card (12/26/2002).
    1. Alliance International AirProjector: Distributor
  10. ICIA and Extron announce all new Shoot-Out® Software: 2002 Version of Projection Shoot-Out software on DVD to fulfill the industry's need for a high-performance demonstration and evaluation application. Created in conjunction with The International Communications Industry Association (ICIA - Costs = $199.00 sold through Extron Electronics after being made available 1st @ Infocomm, June 12-14, 2002 (5/30/2002).
  11. images/bullet2.gifProjectors: ViewSonic PJ350 DLP Projector - Limited Time Special Offer from PC Connection; 1024 x 768 + 1,100 lumens = $2,995, Hurry (4/10/2002)!
  12. images/  HP To Enter Digital Projector Market with help from Texas Instruments (4/5/2002).
  13. DLP Projector Sales Projectors for Business and Home Theater from InFocus Sony and More (3/6/2002).
  14. images/bullet2.gifTriDigitalSeries - NEC... The Clarity of Digital. The Look of Film!
  15. NEC Technologies Products
  16.  Imaging Systems Division Home Page
  17. images/bullet2.gifInsight Media: "The ONLY market research firm focused exclusively on microdisplays and the entire manufacturing supply chain for microdisplay-based projection and near-to-eye products."



Projector Technologies:


Video Conferencing Tools:
  1. Polycom Worldwide - Where Voice, Video, and Data Meet - Easily!
  2. Web Casting
Content Management
Copy Protection
Video Resolutions
Video Walls
Web Casting
Introduction to Monitor & Flat Panel Display Technology
Lantronix - Device Networking
Projector Central
Toastmasters International

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