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USB Audio:

We're starting another List to accommodate our Readers interested in this Technology. We'll share our findings as interests increase. With the advent of USB 2.0, expect to see more USB Audio Devices to be USB 2.0 compliant to accommodate additional Audio Streams. We may include Reviews of USB Audio Devices when we see enough interest to warrant the time required for that endeavor. Some of these Devices Listed are Consumer & some are ProAudio indicated by the inclusion of Phantom Powered Mic PreAmps. GB - Enjoy!

  1. - NAMM- New Guitar Features Built-In USB Port: iGuitar.USB - USB cable from Guitar to PC! (1/28/2005)
  2. - USB 2.0 Audio Shootout Creative vs. Philips: "...put all your audio inputs topside on your desktop, making for easy access. It also gets audio circuitry out of the electromagnetic noise pit that is the inside of a PC." (2/1/2004).
  3. Creative Introduces Portable USB Sound Blaster Sound Systems - "The Sound Blaster MP3+ and Sound Blaster Go! portable USB Sound Blaster sound systems. Now it's as simple as connecting to a USB port for any PC user to upgrade from motherboard audio to premium-quality audio for listening to MP3 music or creating MP3 or WMA music from compact discs. The compact, portable Sound Blaster MP3+, slated for availability this month, is priced at only US$59.99 and the Sound Blaster Go! is priced at US$79.99 and is slated for availability in July." See: (5/7/2003)
  4. Burning Blue Audio Introduces the PowerPak - First USB-Powered and USB-Controlled Headphone Amplifier / Audio Card - The PowerPak takes digital audio and converts it to an analog signal. It then amplifies the audio specifically for headphone usage. The device is completely USB-powered. No need for batteries or an AC adapter.

    To ensure high-quality sound, the PowerPak uses a digital-analog converter (DAC) designed specifically for high quality headphone amplification. The device bypasses internal computer sound cards, and as a result, all analog audio processing stays outside of the electrically noisy computer enclosure.

    Burning Blue Audio has designed the PowerPak for easy, portable usage and features a quick and easy plug-and-play installation. Most modern operating systems already have the required drivers, so there is no additional software to install. The PowerPak will run digital audio files using existing audio software. And, the PowerPak easily connects to any PC computer with a USB port via a standard USB cable. The PowerPak is now available for $149 (5/6/2003).

  5. WaveIdea ~ Home: Wave Idea is proud to announce UASC-1, a USB Analog Digital & Optical S/PDIF Interface on RCA gold plugs, featuring exceptional audio quality (Up to 48 kHz sampling rate), ultra low audio latency (Full ASIO2 Support), and extreme portability... (3/26/2003).
  6. - UA-1000 Hi-Speed USB 2 Audio Recording Interface: Edirol Proudly Introduces the World’s First Hi-Speed USB 2 Audio Recording Interface (3/8/2003).
    1. - UA-1000 Hi-Speed USB Audio Recording Interface
  7. Edirol UA-20 AudioCapture USB Audio-MIDI Interface
  8. Edirol UA-3D USB Audio Interface
  9. Edirol UA-5 USB Digital Audio Capture
    1. - Edirol (Roland ED) UA-5 Audio Capture: For Sales
  10. Emkay Launches Versatile USB Audio Adapter
    1. M-Audio USB Audiosport Duo
    2. M-Audio USB Audiosport Quattro
    3. M-Audio Consumer Audio Division: Sonica & Sonica Theater 
  12. Metric Halo: Metric Halo Mobile I/O
  13. stereo-link Connect your computer to your stereo with our high-fidelity USB converter
    1. Review Stereo-Link 1200 USB audio device
  14. USB Audio Software and Hardware
  15. USBPre - Microphone Interface from Sound Devices
  16. - Roland USB Music Studio Products MIDI Win PC
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