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images/bd10265.gif If I were Building a System Today... Rev 7 (2/14/03).

Patriotism - Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave! Compassion For All!

PC Audio, Sound Cards & Audio Restoration...
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  1. images/bullet2.gif AMD in the Digital Audio Industry
  2. images/ - Resource for Computer Music Hardware and Software

Already have a Sound Card? Need a balanced XLR Microphone input? Possibilities! An 'Everything' Consumer Sound Card from Creative's - 24-bit/192kHz Desktop Sampling Systems (6/1/2004).

images/bullet2.gifDrive Bay Device: Rolls RFX Bellari: GCi404 Audio Computer Interface - Perfect compliment to an existing Audio Card? Mounts into a 5.25" Computer Drive Bay! Features: Single balanced XLR Microphone input with phantom power + (1) 1/4" Instrument signal and a group of stereo Line Input signals and stereo Phono preamp with grounding post and built-in RIAA equalization (7/3/2002).

images/ - Rolls GCi404: Price: $99.95 (5/7/2008)

New to PC Computer Audio? Do you need a little help in cutting through the sales hype?

Whether searching for a Soft Synth/Sampler, Audio Editor, Beat Slicing / Beatmapper Remixing Tool or an Audio Conversion application, you'll find the lines become blurred when trying to separate each tool. And that's ok. Dual purpose can be a good thing. Otherwise, we'd never own anything or go broke trying. My favorites are anything from Sonic Foundry from Sound Forge to Acid Pro. I've had better luck with SF Sound Forge as an Audio Editor than some other products out there. If you're getting into Looping, talk to some of your friends or those whom you hold in high esteem. See what they use and why they like those Tools. We'll cover a few favorites in the coming months as time permits.

Another series of questions always come to mind... 1.) How much does it cost. 2.) Do I really need it or just want it for whatever reason? 3.) How far do you plan to get involved with this field... For fun, Profit or in between - ProSumer? 4.) Will it work with my hardware?

Shop around, you'll find opportunities if you have the time and inclination to be observant and patient. If however time is money - Just go for it! Maybe Sound Design is in your blood and you just don't know it yet!

We're covering a lot of ground here over important Audio Related Topics. Ever wonder which Sound Card to use? Read their newsgroups, if available, and learn what other Users are having trouble with as well as what works and why. Ever notice some Vendors, like Sonic Foundry, never divulge what they use or recommend. The party line stinks! We have links below that can help. When selecting an Audio application, take a closer look @ those recommended Hardware Specs - If provided. Driver support is a big deal too! Not all Sound Cards survive an O/S Upgrade. Not all ProAudio companies can survive a Season either. Remember SeaSound? Take that too into account. Granted everything changed in 1998 with regards to Sound Card options available to us as witnessed by new chipsets and new companies. Competition is always healthy for the market place. And it just keeps getting better! GB


Audio News: 
  1. Cakewalk Project5 Soft Synth Workstation (3/28/2003).

  2. M-Audio Revolution - High-Definition 7.1 Surround Sound Card: (3/17/03).

  3. Metamorphosis Into (6-9-01).

  4. Sound Card chipsets  (November 1998).

  5. Digital 101 - I/O Connectivity Specs (5-2-99).


Audio News:
  1. Nuendo 3 Now Shipping: "Steinberg [Audio Group of Pinnacle Systems] has released the latest version of its Nuendo Media Production System. Nuendo 3 offers a range of new features and technologies for post production, surround production and high-end recording, mixing and editing." (12/17/2004)
  2. - Intel HD Audio Arrives: Azelea, High Definition Audio Spec replaces AC97 Spec (6/25/2004).
  3. - Coyote R&D Introduces Musi-Can Rackmount PC: Musi-Can PC Digital Audio Workstation, RackMounted PC (2/24/2004).
    1. Offering NetMIDI & Remote Control. "Run programs like GigaStudio through your Network as if they were an application on your Desktop!"
  4. images/bullet2.gifAudio: - Dolby Turns Motherboard Audio Up to Eleven

    "Intel's HDA Spec [Azalia] provides three basic things for MotherBoard Audio:

    1. Support for up to 7.1 channels
    2. DVD-Audio support (multi-channel 96KHz/24-bit, two-channel 192KHz/24-bit)
    3. Dynamic jack configuration (jack-sensing)

    The spec is currently at version 0.9 and plans call for HDA audio devices to ship with Grantsdale motherboards later this year." (2/19/2004) 

  5. - Digital Audio Primer: "...a list of common and useful terms, their definitions, and a description of some of the more popular and interesting digital audio formats." Reported on 1-26-04 (1/30/2004).
  6. - PHASE 22 PCI Audio Interface Now Shipping: (10/29/2003).
  7. - New JD6 Rackmount Direct Box from Radial: "Multi-channel passive direct box designed for... interfacing computers and digital electronics with quieter and sonically superior audio systems." 10/29/2003
    1. Radial JD6 - Six channel rackmount direct box: FAQ - "...perfectly suited for guitars, basses and just about any instrument you can think of... passive direct box."
  8. - OMX 64 DAW Added to Open Labs Product Line: Open Labs 64 bit PC DAW  (10/21/2003).
    1. Home of OpenSynth NeKo 64 Keyboard based on AMD's Opteron Processor (10/21/2003).
  9. Realtek Develops World's First 8-Channel AC'97 Audio CODEC- ALC850: (9/4/2003).
  10. VIA Technologies: Via Vinyl Six-TRAC codec Audio to enable high quality Audio in an AC'97 solution. "Enabling 6 channel outputs with 20-bit resolutions the VIA Six-TRAC (VT1616) can support full 5.1 surround sound enabling theatre-quality home audio systems." (8/25/2003)
    1. VIA Technologies: VIA Envy24PT PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller - Supports 7.1 multi-channel formats + 24 bit / 96 KHz Sample Rate resolutions. Fully supporting Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES DVD-Video soundtrack playback.
  11. Shure Notes: Shure Newsline - Bringing Users up-to-the-minute news and links on the latest Shure happenings, gear, artists, contests, promotions, resources and more... (5/27/2003).
    1. Inside the Knowledge Base - Audio Systems for Houses of Worship.
    2. Shure Incorporated - It's Your Sound! Sure Microphone Resources.
  12. Sony Pictures Digital to Buy Desktop Software Assets of Sonic Foundry: Well, it finally happened. What will happen to those loyal customers? And what about issues with Software Activation and Registration? Take a good look @ the future of your PC Audio! Remember Sonic Foundry Siren Jukebox? How quickly the public forgets! Posted on Friday, May 02, 2003 (5/6/2003).

    Everyone who knows us, knows of our appreciation for Sonic Foundry products and our loyalty. Now - We expect this to be a great opportunity for both Cakewalk's Sonar & Project5 apps encouraging Users to Cross Upgrade as well as Pinnacle's Steinberg products for Cross Upgrades from the old Sonic Foundry line! 'Good By' to a great product line from Sonic Foundry... Not the first company to forget their roots. The likes of Sound Forge & Acid in the hands of Sony? GB

    2. Screenblast SoundForge
    3. And the Future of Acid Planet? An "Unlikely Turn of Events"?
  13. Cakewalk Alert: A seminal moment in the history of computer music is upon us! Project5 is now shipping! Cakewalk Releases Project5 Soft Synth Workstation - A complete, open-platform, virtual studio environment; combining a suite of professional soft synth instruments, samplers, pattern-based sequencing and editing tools, automatable effects, ACID-format loop editing, live mixing - Stay Tuned for more coverage of Project5 (3/28/2003).
  14. - Playing with Music Files (2/14/2003).
    1. - MiniITX Box
  15. Preview: DirctWIRE 2.0 - Digital Sound Processing Magic - "The DirectWIRE 2.0 is a 100% pure digital wire for audio professionals and available only from ESI." (2/7/2003)
  16. - Audio File Vulnerability Threatens XP Systems (2/5/2003).


  17. Cakewalk Project5: Cakewalk announces Project5 Soft Synth Workstation @ NAMM Trade Show — The next generation in virtual studios. Project5 gives electronic musicians everything they need to experiment, create, and perform music using integrated sequencers; software synths; samplers; audio and MIDI effects; audio looping tools; all integrated in one complete, flexible Production Workstation Environment. Learn more about Project5 (1/18/2003).


  18.  Build It Digital Audio Workstation (1/14/2003).
    1. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA): Linux Audio
    2. Welcome - Open Source software development website.
    3. RoseGarden4 - MIDI and audio sequencer, notation editor for Linux.
    4. Audacity


  19. Our favorite application for Audio Media Archive Recording? Total Recorder v4.1 Released! Total Recorder V4.1, available in Standard, Pro and Developer Editions. Features in Pro Edition include: Enhanced sound data editing features; New Recording Scheduler options; Split mode - A recording can now be split automatically into separate files, based on a number of different conditions; Advanced options for automatically stopping a recording + Advanced automatic file name generation facilities let you specify file names of automatically generated files. Download the Demo and see for your self, this one's a keeper! 1/7/03
  20. Daniel Bedingfield produced a number 1 hit, 'Gotta Get Thru This', with Making Waves Audio version 2 in his bedroom and received the largest sum of cash (400,000) ever paid for a Music Single! Now on Relentless Records! (1/6/03)
    1. Hear Daniel Bedingfield's number 1 hit, 'Gotta Get Thru This' on (1/6/03). 
  21. Audio Synthesis, Composition & Processing: AudioMulch News January 2003, Version 1.0 to be Released in 2003. Now includes support for: Multichannel sound of up to 24 audio channels in / out + VSTi MIDI Instrument Plugins among many other new features (1/1/03).
  22. Philips New Sound Technology Locates 'Sweet Spot' for PC Audio Enthusiasts - Sound Agent 2 - (12/16/2002).
  23. M-Audio Launches Industry’s First High-Definition 7.1 Surround Sound Card: PDF File - MSRP $99.00 (12/12/2002).
    1.  News M-Audio Launches Industry's First High-Definition 7.1 Surround Sound Card (12/12/2002).


  24. Music Collector, organize your CD, LP, Minidisc collection (12/13/2002).
  25.  OrangeCD - download CD organizer software for your music library (12/13/2002).
  26. Readerware - Tools for CD Collectors (12/13/2002).
  27. Intel Corporation - Home Computing What's New in Digital Music (12/11/2002).
  28.  Hyperthreaded P4s hit Audigy snagette - So this time it's NOT an AMD or Via issue? Hello Creative? (11/23/2002)
  29. Intel Home Computing Benefits Pentium 4 processor encoding MP3-streams (11/26/2002).
  30.  Record Now Series Begins with Free Guide on Choosing and Using Microphones. Details, see: (11/14/2002).
  31.  Are You Ready for 5.1 Audio on Your PC (11/7/2002).
  32. images/bullet2.gifAudio DJ: [] - digital dj (10/1/2002).
    1. EQ Magazine's Reviews Archive: EQ Mag removed this article from their Archives. So we have removed the link! Visiosonic Digital 1200SL MP3 Player
  33.  Choose a Sound Scheme (8/1/2002).
  34. Windows Media 9 Series - Windows Media Technologies (7/29/2002).
  35.  Microsoft's Corona Out of the Bottle: Windows Media Player 9 (7/25/2002).
  36. VIA Technologies, Inc.: VIA Envy24HT PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller (7/12/2002).
  37. images/bullet2.gifVIA Announces P4PB 400 Mainboard, the World's First Based on the VIA Apollo P4X400 Chipset... Supports DDR400/333 SDRAM; Onboard IEEE 1394 and an Onboard VIA VT1616 audio codec provides six channels of studio quality, crisp, digital surround sound and supports both optical and SPDIF outputs...more (7/11/2002).
  38.  Cakewalk To Offer Logic Users SONAR 2.0 Crossgrade (7/8/2002).
  39.  Via fleshes out audio plans - Via going after 24-bit / 96-192KHz ProAudio market with new PCI Audio Controllers & Codecs (7/6/2002).
  40. Motherboards: AOpen AX4B-533 Tube Motherboard Notes - Audiophile or Eccentric PC Builder? Tube Audio on a Motherboard with the Intel 845E chipset featuring 3 DDR SDRAM Memory Slots and ONLY 3 PCI Slots... (7/6/2002).
    1. TubeSound Technology!
    2. Letter to tube lover
    3. Tube manual: PDF File
    4. Product Specifications: Vacuum Tube Audio Output!
    5. Pictures
  41.  Steinberg Announces Cubase SX Crossgrade for Logic PC Users 7/3/2002().
  42.   Emagic Acquired by Apple Computer (7/2/2002).
    1. images/  Apple Picks Up Audio Company (7/2/2002).
  43. AOpen's Hybrid Motherboard for Audiophiles & Extreme Audio Technologists! Tube AX4B-533: We'll keep you posted! (6/24/2002)
  44. The Melancholy Vibe Remix: Hip Hop Has Only Just Begun, change (6/18/2002).
  45. images/bullet2.gifAdvanced MP3 Catalog Pro - A fast and compact Windows application with Explorer-like interface. Lets you catalog MP3 files on all local and network drives, including CD-ROMs, optical disks, and removable media. Program has a Multilingual user interface, supports report generation, and exports to HTML, RTF and CSV formats (6/14/2002).
  46. Digital Audio: Intel Corporation - Home Computing - Technologies to Enhance Your Life (6/12/2002).
  47. images/bullet2.gifGigaStudio Sound Sample Libraries -  Special Offers on Tascam's GigaStudio and X-9 DJ Mixer (6/8/2002).
  48. Tube Audio on a Motherboard: AOpen AX4B-533Tube Data Sheet Page - TubeSound Technology!
    1. AOpen motherboard AX4B-533Tube Close View: Overhead View
    2. AOpen motherboard AX4B-533Tube Close View: Perspective View
  49. images/bullet2.gifNative Instruments - KONTAKT & ABSYNTH News (6/3/2002).
  50. images/bullet2.gifTascam's GigaStudio: Giga Newsletter For May 2002 - GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial; Garritan Orchestral Strings library + Giga Tips & Tricks! (5/21/2002)
  51. Audio: New Mastering Plug-In! Special for Sonic Foundry customers: Ozone, from Izotope, is a 64-bit DirectX mastering plug-in for use in Sound Forge, or any other DirectX host application. Six powerful mastering tools combined into one comprehensive interface.
  52. images/  Building Your Dream PC (4/24/2002).
    1. images/bullet2.gifSONAR Masterclass - Index (4/24/2002).
  53. Understanding Secure Audio Path (1/26/2002).
  54. Microsoft - HDCD - High Definition Compatible Digital® (HDCD®) is a patented encode/decode process for delivering the full richness and detail of the original microphone feed on Compact Discs and DVD-Audio HDCD - CD Players (1/22/2002).


  55. ../images/bullet2.gifAudio:  Kontakt Software Sampler Now Shipping (5/3/2002).
  56. ../images/bullet2.gifAudio, SoftSynth: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt PC out now! Connect To Sampling! (5/3/2002)
  57. ../images/bullet2.gifAudio: ABSYNTH PC (Soft Synth) now available! ABSYNTH PC runs stand-alone or as a VST and DXi plug-in with up to eight instances (4/30/2002).
  58. images/bullet2.gifJust as SeaSound is out of business, so too did Gadget Labs go... Why the reminder of past experiences? Choose your Audio Hardware Interface wisely!
  59. The Gadget Labs web site was setup April 5th, 1996. They announced Software Product - January 1st, 1997. Fast forward - Gadget Labs announced worldwide shipments of their then new Hardware Product - Wave/496 Audio Interface for 24/96 Recording in June 2000 and announced closure in December of that same year. They had the specs (24/96) and the drivers (1st Generation Drivers - NT Drivers, See: Windows 2000 Tips, not PnP Drivers) but... Not enough customers, capital or both. Success can be tenuous and short term (4/26/2002).
    1. images/bullet2.gifHarmony Central Gadget Labs Goes Out of Business (12/01/2000).
    2. images/
  60. images/bullet2.gifAudio: High Criteria Releases Total Recorder v3.4! (4/9/2002).
  61. images/bullet2.gifCakewalkNet.Com - On-Line Resource for Cakewalk & Sonar Uses (4/8/2002).
  62. images/ - Sounds, Synthesis and Software; See: Special Products (4/8/2002)!
  63. images/ - Tuning Windows XP for Audio-Music Applications (4/8/2002).
  64. images/bullet2.gifAudio: SampleTank - Download SampleTank FREE is a fully working freeware version (4/4/2002).
  65. images/lime_bullet.gifWin One Of 58 Classic SM58 Mics From SHURE - the #1 choice of rock & roll royalty the world over (4/4/2002)!
  66. images/lime_bullet.gifCreative Labs Americas: Knowledge Base Document ID: 959 - Occasional system lock up with squealing noise... Sound Blaster Audigy; Sounds like fun? (3/15/2002).
  67. images/bullet2.gifAudio, from Forums: Creative Tracks Down Squeal of Death with Audigy Sound Cards (3/14/2002).
  68. images/bullet2.gifAudio: - GenieSys Releases New Sample Editor for Windows (3/11/2002). 
  69. images/  Updated Version of USB ASIO Driver Released (2/26/2002).
  70. images/lime_bullet.gifAudio News: Inspiring and Empowering Creativity -
  71. images/lime_bullet.gifAudio: Code Audio Debuts New Loop Creation Tool, BeatBurner (2/9/2002).
  72. images/bullet2.gifSweetwater Setmaker - Song Manager & Set List Creator For Musicians for Windows now available! Free: Download SetMaker (1/31/2002).
  73. images/bullet2.gifNative Instruments - Highlights from NAMM Winter Show... KONTAKT, the Software Sampler; ABSYNTH for PC; The Sound Line (sounds, synthesizer presets, and B4 tonewheels) & FM7, The third FM dimension - Check out the Demo! (1/29/2002)
  74. images/ Understanding Secure Audio Path (1/26/2002).
  75. images/bullet2.gifYamaha XF - The Future Of Multimedia Sound. This guide to the future of interactive music technology will take you on a magical tour of the capabilities of the current XG standard, and introduce you to the exciting new technology that is Yamaha XF (1/26/2002).
  76. images/bullet2.gifAudio News, From AL Massey: Hot Off The Presses - Bigger Than Elvis! Newly Released Hit Single Topping The Charts... By the artist formerly known as Artist Unknown Enron Ron Ron [Internet Explorer 5+ & Windows Media Player 6+ required to eXperience] (1/25/2002).
  77. images/bullet2.gifVST plug-in: BIAS Vbox 1.1 - Powerful multi-effects control environment for VST Plug-ins now ported to Windows and is now available! This is their first pro audio product to
    the Windows community; Supports Win98SE, Win 2000 & Windows XP; SRP: $99 US (1/23/2002).
  78. images/bullet2.gifCakewalk Hosts Third Annual Windows Professional Audio Roundtable at Winter NAMM 2002 (1/22/2002).
  79. images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft - HDCD - High Definition Compatible Digital® (HDCD®) is a patented encode/decode process for delivering the full richness and detail of the original microphone feed on Compact Discs and DVD-Audio HDCD - CD Players (1/22/2002).
  80. images/bullet2.gifProAudio: Native Instruments Unveils Kontakt - Native Instruments Debuts Kontakt at Winter NAMM, a powerful and flexible software sampler for PC. Kontakt will be released in March 2002 at a retail price of $399 (1/21/2002).


  81. Sound Quest Music Software - Updated Site featuring Midi Quest 8.0 - Universal Editor/Librarian, Infinity 2.0 & Studio Suite (1/8/2002). 
  82. Dash Synthesis - Virtual Synthetizers for Infinity 2.0 (1/8/2002).
  83. Live! center - A resource for Sound Blaster Live! Users (1/8/2002)
  84. Audio: Harmony Central Sounds Logical Releases ReSample Batch File Converter (12/14/01).
  85. New - Sonic Foundry Loops for ACID Bill Laswell Collection (12/04/01).
  86. Native Instruments - FM7 now available for PC (11/24/01).
  87. Audio - PassPort is Back! Encore & Master Tracks Pro now from, D/L Free Trial ...more (11/19/01).
  88. SONAR! Complete overview of SONAR and SONAR XL - SONAR (11/15/01).
  89.  New Version of Sample Wrench Audio Editor and Price Cuts (11/14/01). MIDI/SMDI Sample Transfer - Additional Info >>>.
  90. 192kHz Audio Interfaces Coming from EGO SYS (11/07/01).
    1. World-first E-WDM (Enhanced Windows Driver Model) driver for Windows 2000/ME/98.
    2. about GIGA-WIRE
  91. The Register: MP3 gone from WinXP, and it's not coming back (11/06/01).
  92. Audiotrak Inca88 -- first impressions (08/14/01).
  93. images/pointared.gif  Copy Protection: (June, 2001)
  94. CDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool
  95. Audio-EDL Translating Tool for Windows
  96. HALion VST sampler from Steinberg sample Library HALion tutorial
  97. Studio In A Box: Audio
  98. OSTA MultiAudio Specification


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