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Microsoft Windows XP Launch: 
images/bullet2.gifWinXP Launch Overview:

Join Microsoft at the Windows XP Launch and find out how you can transform the way you work!

  • Come see how Windows XP can create the ultimate work experience. 

  • Rock solid stability. Increased productivity. 
  • Sophisticated wireless and remote networking abilities. 
  • Unparalleled security. 

    Learn how Windows XP Professional delivers all this and more – and see it in action – at a free Windows XP launch event near you. Be there to celebrate the biggest product launch in history and get several exclusive offers, including a $50 rebate on Microsoft Windows XP and a commemorative t-shirt!  In addition, all attendees will be entered to win lots of great prizes, including Microsoft’s Grand Prize – a vacation eXPerience of a lifetime!  Visit www.windowsrsvp.com to find out more about launch events starting October 25th. Don’t wait. Space is limited and excitement is high!

images/bd10265.gif Windows History: The O/S

images/bd10265.gif Windows XP











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