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images/bd10265.gif If I were Building a System Today... Rev 6 (1/14/03).


Windows XP News Update
  1. WinXP Pro Hardware Specs
  2. XP SP2 Highlights
  1. images/bullet2.gifDeploying Windows XP Professional
  2. images/bullet2.gifTroubleshoot Windows XP Professional
  3. images/bullet2.gifWindows XP Support Center
  1. images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies Release Candidate 2 Fact Sheet: (6/22/2004).
  2. 314859 - Limited OEM Driver Support Is Available with F6 During Windows XP Setup: "...press F6 when you are prompted, you receive a screen that requires you to have the appropriate driver on a floppy disk and to insert the disk into the floppy disk drive to load the driver." (3/8/2003)
  3. 310994 - Obtaining Windows XP Setup Boot Disks: "Windows XP Setup boot disks are available only by download from Microsoft. The Setup boot disks are available so that you can run Setup on computers that do not support a bootable CD-ROM... Future products will no longer support installation via the setup boot disks." (3/8/2003)
  4. images/bullet2.gifPerforming a Clean Install of Windows XP (2/5/2003).
  5. Microsoft Windows Powered Smart Displays Windows XP Anywhere in the Home (12/22/2002).
  6. Did You Know: Q309623 - Floppy Disk Formats That Are Supported in Windows XP (11/5/2002).
  7. images/bullet2.gifTop 10 Deployment Resources for Windows XP Professional and Office XP (10/16/2002).
  8. Windows XP Comparison Guide
  9. Compare Windows XP Professional to Prior Versions of Windows (7/9/2002).
  10. Fast Boot-Fast Resume for the Windows Platform Using BootVis.exe Tool D/L (6/11/2002).
  11. Network Diagnostics Tools Feature Overview (6/11/2002).
  12. images/bullet2.gifThe Cable Guy - January 2002: How the Windows XP Network Bridge Works (4/30/2002).
  13. images/bullet2.gifFrom Milt Gugenheim: Windows XP nightmares - Software Reviews - CNET.com (4/19/2002).
  14. images/bullet2.gifLearn How to Spot a 16-Bit Application (1/2/2002).
  15. images/bullet2.gifAladdin’s New HASP Developer’s Kit Provides Software Security With Full Win XP And Mac OS X Cross-Platform Support (1/2/2002).
  16. images/bullet2.gifFrom Gibson Research: UnPlug n' Pray - Disable the Dangerous UPnP Internet Server (12/29/01).
  17. Optimize Windows XP (12/06/01).
  18. Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP (12/06/01).
  19. TweakXP.com - Tweaks for Microsoft Windows XP (11/26/01).
  20. Totalidea Software: TweakXP - The Tweaking & Tuning Utility For Windows XP (11/26/01).
  21. From Tom Tyner: Windows XP Tweaks + Secrets - Part 1 (11/19/01).
  22. PC Mechanic - Hardware Reviews - CNET.com Is XP running roughshod over your PC? (11/16/01)
  23. ieXbeta.com Home
  24. The Register: MP3 gone from WinXP, and it's not coming back (11/06/01).
  25. Pirated Copies Of Windows XP Pose Security Risk - Microsoft (10/30/01).
  26. Infoworld.com: Waiting for Windows XP (10/26/01)
  27. images/pointared.gif Windows XP Kernel Improvements Create a More Robust, Powerful, and Scalable OS (10/23/01).
  28. Windows XP SuperGuide ...Software Reviews - CNET.com
  29. XP Readiness Test - Hardware
  30. Windows XP Upgrade Advisor (50 Meg D/L! - Hardware & Software).
  31. Windows XP Expert Zone
  32. Windows Advantage - Features - Why it's time to move off the 9.x code base and onto Windows XP
  33. Microsoft Windows XP Launch RSVP - (9-6-01)
  34. GRC.com: Improving Windows XP Home Edition Security - (Aug 31, 2001).

Windows XP Dates To Watch (As of 8-21-01): 

  1. Friday, 08-24-2001XP Gold Code: Microsoft previously told computer manufacturers expect final code Aug. 22, then pushed back delivery for final tweaking.

    • Desktop Real Estate (Competing Icon Placements)
  2. September 15th, 2001 - Houston, TX: XP Preinstallation Training - Preinstalling Microsoft Windows XP Professional using the OEM Preinstallation Kit (Nationwide - Sept 6 thru Oct 13 @ selected locations)

  3. September 24th, 2001- New PCs shipping with XP Installed

  4. Saturday, October 20, 2001: Microsoft eXtreme Event - Experience INSIDE SCOOP on new products and technologies in LIVE satellite broadcast to 40 cities around US!

    Location: Edwards Marq E Stadium 23 (Houston, TX) - 
    Time: 12:00 PM-2:30 PM (Central) 
    Recommended Audience: Consumers

  5. October 25th, 2001- Public Retail Launch: Packaged Software

Note: Microsoft XBox scheduled to ship: Nov. 8 - Competition From Within?

Aureal Vortex AU8830 chipset sound card support should be included in WinXP if you believe the rumors! VortexOfSound.com

Why NOT to get Windows XP: 

  • Challenged Response installation. What does that mean in English? Do NOT plan on upgrading or changing your hardware in any fashion. You'll have to answer to Microsoft 'cause XP won't like it and you'll have to justify what you're doing to your own PC! Enjoy! Microsoft has been reading our NIC MAC Address since Win95. We had to see this one coming too!

  • Gibson Research DOS attack


Windows XP Requirements:

Windows XP Preliminary System Requirements:

To use Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Beta 2, you need:

  • CPU - 300 MHz or higher processor clock speed recommended; minimum of 233MHZ required (single or dual processor system)*

    • Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor
  • RAM - 128 MB of RAM or higher recommended; minimum of 64 MB of RAM (may have limited performance with some features or applications)*
  • HD - Minimum of 1.5 GB of available hard disk space*
  • Video - SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor recommended; VGA resolution minimum required
  • Keyboard - 
  • Mouse - Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device 
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive 
  • Floppy - None Mentioned! 

OUR Minimum PC Specs include:

  1. CPU - Intel PIII 733 or above. Preferably - AMD Athlon 1.3 GHz processor, although a better CPU / chipset combo, may require new chipset drivers. Stay tuned! Or wait for the new AMD Athlon Dual CPU by the end of 2001. Maybe our next PC Build Session?

  2. RAM - 256 Megs minimum! It's cheap anyway!
  3. HD - 40 Gig (Boot Drive), ATA/100 + 7200 RPM for boot drive. Serial ATA is 2-3 years away. SerialATA.org
  4. Video - Hmmm... 32 Megs Minimum. (1024 x 768) - Dual Display if you need it!
  5. Keyboard - Internet / Multimedia type.
  6. Mouse - Optical, ok. 
  7. CD-RW - Plextor, TDK, HP etc. In that order! SCSI or IDE, your choice.
  8. Floppy - Teac brand. Legacy, yes. Necessary, also yes in times of boot problems! If you gotta have one, get the best!
XP Highlights... 
  1. images/bullet2.gifWindows XP Shows the Direction Microsoft is Going. Are you SURE you want WinXP in your work environment? (11/20/2002)

  2. images/bullet2.gifGet Ready to Set Up Windows XP Professional (9/20/2002).

  3. images/bullet2.gifWinXP Pro - Some of you may have already seen this Special Offer from Microsoft, for the rest of us... Want to go Pro Yes you can! (5/27/2002).

  4. images/bullet2.gifHOW TO Use Backup to Restore Files and Folders on Your Computer (5/9/2002).

  5. images/bullet2.gifAlternative GUIs for Windows XP (4/8/2002).

  6. images/bullet2.gifMusicXP.net - Tuning Windows XP for Audio-Music Applications (4/8/2002).

  7. images/bullet2.gifDo NOT swap Motherboards after installing WinXP if you have a M/B with a different IDE chipset Controller! Why?  Read: STOP 0x0000007B Error Message When You Restart Computer (3/13/2002).

  8. images/bullet2.gifClearType Step 1 Turn on Windows XP ClearType: Activate & Tune your ClearType settings.

  9. How to Enable Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP (12/19/01).

  10. Transfer Video to Your Computer (12/19/01).

  11. How to Convert FAT Disks to NTFS (12/19/01).

  12. BIOS Lock - Drive Imaging with ImageCast by StorageSoft SEE: StorageSoft, Inc. RestoreBuilder (12/11/01).

  13. Resolving Application Compatibility Issues with QFixApp and CompatAdmin (12/04/01).

  14. Technical Details on Microsoft Product Activation for Windows XP

  15. Windows XP Technical Resources - (8-28-01).

If you're searching here for Windows XP RC Drivers, we suggest going to each component / manufacturers web site. Do not expect miracles! Windows XP does not officially ship until supposedly October 2001 - Good Luck! (Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Do you feel luck? Are you prepared?)

By now, most everyone will have access to WinXP. Expect a full complement of drivers to ship with final release code of WinXP. Expect others to follow shortly. Those of us still waiting in the wings for ProAudio Drivers... don't hold your breath! As you know, we're still waiting for Win2000 Drivers! ...more on ProAudio.

Impact Software - Home of Microangelo, On Display and Almanac: Microangelo 5.5 introduces complete support for Windows XP icons!

Download StyleBuilder Beta 2.41

Iomega.com: Download our FREE Migration Tool Software

XP LogonUI

Win a Dream PC for Life Sweepstakes!

Windows XP Expert Zone

Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP

Memory upgrades from Crucial Europe - The Crucial Guide to Windows XP


Build Or Buy Optimum PC Specs:

Joe Whinery's WorkSheet Specs - october01_v4.xls or ...printer friendly. Printer Friendly! Click To View & Print!

  1. CPU - AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz processor (266 MHz FSB) + M/B!!!

  2. RAM - 512 Megs PC2100 DDR
  3. HD - 40 Gig (Boot Drive), ATA/100; 7200 RPM for boot drive
  4. Video - 32 Meg DDR: NVidia GForce3, ATI Radeon or Matrox G450/G550
  5. Keyboard - Internet / Multimedia type.
  6. Mouse - Optical, ok. 
  7. CD-RW Drive - Plextor, TDK - Burn-Proof ONLY!!!
  8. Floppy - Teac brand
  9. LAN - 10/100 DLink 530 TX + 
  10. Audio - Consumer: Creative CT 5880; SB Live (EMU 10k1) or Audigy (10k2 chipset?) 
  11. Modem - If you need it. 
  12. DVD-ROM Drive - Creative Labs, Toshiba or Philips

Windows XP Options:

Recommended Peripherals: 

  1. NIC  / LAN - Network adapter if using Windows XP on a local area or home network... Required for DSL & Cable Broadband.

  2. Modem - 14.4 Kbps or higher-baud telephone/FAX modem, cable modem, or DSL modem for Internet access
  3. Audio - Sound card and speakers or headphones
  4. Consumer: Creative Labs SB Live
  5. ProSumer: Creative Labs Audigy 
ProAudio: Too early to tell - Feedback anyone? Many Pro Audio interfaces STILL do NOT have Windows 2000 Pro Audio Drivers YET!!!!

Expect to use WDM drivers (Win2000) instead of VXD's. Or Visit Cakewalk.com -

For DVD video playback:  

  • DVD-ROM drive 

  • Compatible DVD (Hardware) decoder card or DVD decoder software - Some video cards now have hardware playback ability built-in.
  • 8 MB Video RAM
  • Windows XP Expert Zone

Microsoft Product Lifecycle Roadmap:

Applying the Product Lifecycle Guidelines to their current Windows desktop operating systems, the following products are scheduled to transition between 12.31.00 and 12.31.02.

Desktop O/S entering Extended phase (effective date):

  • Windows 95  (12.31.00)* available through downgrade rights in Volume Licensing.

  • Windows 98 / 98 SE  (06.30.02)* Same as above.
  • Windows NT 4.xx  (06.30.02) Ditto.

Desktop O/S entering Non-Supported phase (effective date):

Boot Disk
Windows Help
WinXP Launch
WinXP Tools
WinXP 64

End User License Agreement (EULA) FAQ's
images/bullet2.gifBoycottXP - Information and Motivation
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
ERD Commander 2002 - Winternals Software

DSL Modem compatibility with SWBELL & Windows XP using WinXP Built In DSL Driver Software (PPPoE). ...more.

Essential Utilities for NT, 2000, XP, Citrix, Cisco and Linux from Pure


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