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AMR, CNR & ACR Riser Cards:

images/bullet2.gifAMR - (Audio/Modem Riser) Card: A plug-in card for a MotherBoard containing audio and/or modem circuits. Specified by Intel, a 46 pin edge connector provides the digital interface between AMR card and MotherBoard. AMR contains the analog functions (codecs) required for audio and/or modem operation.

images/bullet2.gifThe AMR evolved into the CNR - (Communications and Networking Riser) card. CNR added LAN and Home Networking functions. CNR uses a 30 pin interface in two formats with which various audio/modem and audio/network combinations are possible.

AMR and CNR risers are options for MotherBoard Manufacturers and were not designed for retail interoperability so don't worry about using it if you don't have it. Paraphrased from www.ComputerLanguage.com, www.formfactors.org & www.Intel.com.

Yes they work. We've had LAN cards on these interfaces with some Dell PC's we've utilized in the past. No more. Can you spell proprietary?

images/bullet2.gifThere's also the ACR (Advanced Communications Riser) Card. www.acrsig.org (Site Off Line!?!) Site Gone! (2/3/2003)

images/bullet2.gifAnd www.formfactors.org:  The ATX Riser Card V1.0 Specification Space Saver for OEM's.

IO Bus - Peripheral Bus
Transfer Rate Specs
Trade Associations
Windows Help
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  2. www.intel.com/pressroom/archive/releases/cn020700.htm  (2-7-00)
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  4. Intel Corporation - Research and Development, Audio Codec: Intel CNR (Communication and Networking Riser) Specification 
    1. http://developer.intel.com/technology/cnr/agree.htm - D/L CNR Spec

Enjoy! GB

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