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Digital Content - Anything that can be Digital will be Digital!
  1. images/bullet2.gifAudio
  2. images/bullet2.gifDAW Tools
  3. images/bullet2.gifDAW Workstation
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Audio Video Tools:
  1. images/bullet2.gifCamcorder & ComputerVideo Magazine (11/26/2002).

  2. images/bullet2.gifDigital Producer Magazine: News, Tools & Techniques For Content Creation (5/10/2002).

  3. images/bullet2.gifPure Motion EditStudio (3/11/2002).

  4. images/bullet2.gifDigital Post Production: NewTek Toaster [2]: TV Studio in a Box Review (1/31/2002).

  5. images/bullet2.gifNewTek Main Page - Video Toaster (1/31/2002).

  6. images/bullet2.gifDigital Post Production (1/31/2002).

  7. images/bullet2.gifDigital Video: Dual Duel - Six dual-CPU workstations reviewed (12/29/01).

  8. images/bullet2.gifSonic Foundry Vegas Video 3.0: Digital Video Editing System... Professional Digital Video Production for $199 ...more (11/20/01).

  9. We need Broadband Internet access and new A/V Codecs! Does your Internet connection measure up? Does Dial-Up leaving you feeling below par?


Audio Gear: 

From Hardware synths to software synths, computers have made digital audio more affordable to the masses.

So what can you do with a Computer and some Imagination?

As highlighted on SynthZone, read the SOS article Recording Cher's Believe using Cubase on a Mac, Digitech Talker and a Nord Rack.

  1. Audio

  2. SOUND ON SOUND Hi-tech Music Recording Magazine Online (11/26/2002).

IEEE 1394 FireWire a.k.a. Sony iLink: The Digital Network For Musical Applications -

Heard about mLAN Technology for Pro Audio from Yamaha? Korg is already getting ready for mLAN on the TRITON Rack Music Synthesizer/Workstation/Sampler Module! (Requires optional EXB-mLAN) D/L sample MP3's created on the Korg TRITON! TRITON-Rack Main Page.


Video Gear: 
  • DV Tools - Rough Research Page. Codecs, Connectivity etc.


Ready for REAL Bandwidth?

    Can't or won't get cable? See if you qualify for xDSL...

Bandwidth Speed Tests... 
  1. MSN Bandwidth Speed Test Results

  2. Houston Roadrunner: Bandwidth Test - Speed Comparison
  3. Broadband Internet Connections Bandwidth Speeds Modems Tests

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