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  1. images/bullet2.gifmLAN Alliance
  2. images/bullet2.gifYamahasynth.com products What`s mLAN
Yamaha's MLAN 1394 FireWire:
mLAN - music Local Area Network: A replacement for midi? The Future of Midi & Digital Audio Transport.

Yamaha's Digital Network Protocol and Specification for connecting electronic musical instruments and audio devices. mLAN is built on IEEE 1394. Accordingly, Yamaha rightly believes, "mLAN is the best solution to high performance data transmission in the pro-audio market." mLAN is designed primarily for Professional Audio use.

  1. harmony-central.com - 01X mLAN Music Production System: Yamaha Introduces World's First mLAN Music Production System - "01X is the first product to feature Yamaha's new generation mLAN technology and guarantees high-speed audio and MIDI networking between computers, synthesisers and other mLAN compatible devices." (3/6/2003).

    1. YAMAMA 01X: www.01xray.com

  2. Mark of the Unicorn: 1394 - MOTU 829 for FireWire -

  3. YAMAHA mLAN: Digital Audio Network Technology Based On IEEE 1394 - (December 19, 2000).
  4. mLAN Alliance Home Page -
  5. Yamahasynth.com : products : What`s mLAN -
  6. Yamaha Professional Audio Equipment: mLAN Networking Products
  7. Yamaha - Motifator.com-Welcome
  8. Harmony-Central.com:  Yamaha Utilizes Firewire for Audio and MIDI Reduces Need For Cables (1/19/2000).
  9. Harmony-Central.com:  mLAN MIDI, Audio, and Video Networking Technology (9/28/2000).
  10. Studio Sound: Firestarter - "Will Yamaha's mLAN audio and MIDI networking protocol fulfill its promise and revolutionize the very concept of the studio?" (November 2000).
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