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  1. 1394 News
  2. Bios
  3. Components
  4. Digital Video Tools
  5. mLAN - Yamaha's music Local Area Network Protocol Spec
  6. Networked Audio
  7. ProAudio
  8. Pocket Drive Portable Storage Devices
  9. Trade Associations
  10. Transfer Rate Specs
  11. USB - Universal Serial Bus
1394a - FireWire (iLink) Serial Bus Technology:
  1. - Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2: (March 30, 2005).
  2. IEEE 1394 and the Windows Platform - The optimal PC interconnect bus for consumer electronic devices
    1. Boot from any internal or external El Torito-compatible IEEE 1394 hard drive, without requiring the presence of a SCSI or ATA/ATAPI Hard Drive.
    2. Boot from Bios or Bootable CD or DVD Media.
    3. IEEE 1394 and FireWire: "IEEE 1394 was conceived by Apple Computer and then developed within the IEEE 1394 Working Group.... The backplane version operates at 12.5, 25 or 50 Mbits/sec. The cable version supports data rates of 100, 200 and 400 Mbits/ sec. Both versions are compatible at the link layer and above. The Standard defines the media, topology, and the protocol."


images/bullet2.gif63 Device Connectivity! 

Specs below from: Techhome Guide to Home Networks - Link changed!

See: Wired_Media: Wired Media Protocols

  1. IEEE 1394a: 1394a is a short-distance (4.5 meters - approximately 15 feet) version of the standard created to connect devices such as a digital video camera and a DTV locally.


  2. IEEE 1394-1995: Similar to 1394a, this is an earlier standard that has been replaced by IEEE 1394a. It is used in devices such as digital video cameras, but in the future most devices will comply with IEEE 1394a.


  3. IEEE 1394b (Long Haul 1394): 1394b is a long-distance version of the IEEE 1394 standard that provides for communications up to 100 meters (can run more than 300 feet).

    * a/b highlighted above for clarity & focus.


Sony's iLink, Apple's FireWire and the industry Spec IEEE 1394 moniker all stand for the same thing! Why so many different names? Apple expected licensing royalties for the FireWire branding. Why? Marketing & Money - Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

If you're running Windows, make sure you're getting an OHCI compliant (Open Host Controller Interface) 1394 FireWire controller [IEEE 1394 specifications]!

  1. IEEE 1394 Technology 

    1. IEEE 1394 and the Windows Platform
    2. images/pointared.gif DirectX Downloads: Get DirectX 9 Now! (2/14/2003)
    3. Video Capture Update for DirectX 8.0 - Required For All OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 interfaces!
  2. images/ - Addison-Wesley: FireWire System Architecture IEEE 1394A (Copyright: 1999).
  3. images/bullet2.gifGuide to Home Networks: Home Networking Technology and Standards - Wired Media Protocols


High-speed Serial Bus I/O InterConnect...

    FireWire was initially developed by TI for Apple. FireWire supports 63 Device connectivity, hot swapping, multiple speeds and isochronous data transfers. (Required for bandwidth of multi-media content delivery.)

    Note: IEEE 1394 supports up to 400 Mbits/sec transfer rates. IEEE 1394b supports 800, 1600 and 3200 Mbps transfer rates!

    1394 is seen as an I/O InterConnect interface mainly for external digital devices. IE: Digital Cameras. Expect to see other multi-media & smart digital devices soon beyond hard drives and network interfaces!

    Expect to see ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface) / IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) Device External Connectivity through 1394 - FireWire Connectivity.

    Is Serial / ATA the next step forth for 1394? No! Do not confuse the two different interfaces... In the near term, expect ATAPI Devices to Tailgate on 1394 until Serial / ATA becomes a reality. Stay Tuned & Get Connected!

  • Serial ATA: Specs & Explanation

  • Serial ATA Working Group


1394 Links...
  1. - 1394 Association: [ - Changed!] Taiwan 1394 Forum - "IEEE 1394 is a low-cost, high-performance, 100 percent digital serial connection for digital audio-visual devices, consumer PCs and home networking. It is the digital interface of choice for the transmission of digital audio-visual data for the consumer electronics industry with adoption by such products as digital set-top boxes, digital TV and digital VCR."

  2. 1394 Trade Association

    1. 1394 Trade Association Technology: About 1394b Technology - FireWire 800 Multimedia Bus
    2. See: Transfer Rate Specs: 1394a & 1394b
    3. 1394 Showcase Developer Products
  4. 1394/ - Site gone!
  5. 1394 FireStation 
  6. 1394 LA: "One-stop licensing program for the 1394 Standard."
  7. IEEE P1394B (Gigabit 1394)


iLink 1394 Firewire News:
  1. - Oxford bridge chip offers 88Mbps transfer rate: "The OXFW912 from Oxford Semiconductor is claimed by the company as the first FireWire800 (IEEE1394b) to IDE (ATA7) bridge chip to maximize transfer rates for both single and dual disk drives. When striping data across two drives, the chip can achieve a transfer rate of more than 88Mbps and maintains its high transfer efficiency even for small data block sizes in single drive applications. Compliant with the ATA7 and UDMA6 drive standards, the OXFW912 IDE interface also provides 48-bit LBA support for larger drives." (11/8/2003)

  2. - The Firewire (Firewire 800 and 1394b) Innovators: (5/9/2003).

    1. FireBoard 800: 1394b to 64bit PCI OHCI compliant Host Adapter - Price: $199.00.

      The FireBoard-800 will start shipping on the 30th of May.

  3. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Reference design evaluates digital audio over FireWire 800: "Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has announced the availability of a reference design that provides "plug-and-play" evaluation of digital audio distribution over IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) networks." (3/18/2003)

  4. - TC Applied Technologies Creates Chip-Set with FireWire Audio Support: (2/19/2003).

    1. "TC Applied Technologies is now launching the Dice II chip-set. The Dice II handles all standard pro audio I/O formats, most notably the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface, in an integrated solution dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of the professional audio world." (2/19/2003).

  5. Maxtor Unveils "FireWire 800" Concept Drive at Macworld -

    "FireWire 800, based on IEEE 1394b, is the newest version of the industry's multimedia bus, with significant bandwidth, speed, distance and overall performance improvements," said James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association. "FireWire 800 is the ideal choice for home networking applications, and for a new generation of computer peripherals. It will supplement the original 1394-1995 and 1394a specifications, and lead to expanded adoption of the multimedia standard in many new applications." (2/9/2003).


  6. LaCie - Hard drives, DVDs, Monitors, CD Duplicators, Tape backup drives.

  7. - All USB & FIREWIRE Hard Drives:

    1. Firewire Oxford 911 ATA-6 LARGE DRIVE SUPPORT Enclosure TT-745 Series: Claims to support, "ALL ATA33/66/100/133 3.5" Hard Drives from 20GB-250GB It does support IBM 180GB WD180GB WD2000GB Maxtor180GB Maxtor200GB Maxtor 250GB." Therefore, the 137 GB HD limitation is not a problem for this enclosure.

  8. FirewireDirect: 3rd Generation FireWire - 320 GB! Available in FireWire and FireWire/USB v2.0 & 1.1 Combo Configurations.

  9. Adaptec

  10. Pinnacle Systems
  11. SIIG, Inc.  IEEE 1394 Products
  12. ADS Technologies Pyro & Pyro Pro DV
  13. Orange Micro - 1394, FireWire
  14. Belkin - FireWire-IEEE 1394 Products and Cables
  15. D-Link Systems, Inc.
  16. Digital Research Technologies: Site down or gone?!?
  17. I/O Magic Corporation: Site down or gone?!?
  18. Sony Semiconductor - Press Releases/iLINK IEEE 1394 LSI Link - (Media Release Dated 11-30-1998) Link gone!?!
  19. Sony VAIO: Sony iLink (IEEE 1394), PC Technologies: VAIO Video Audio Integrated Operation
  20. Sony Digital Video - Mini DV Handycam Camcorder Models

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