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images/bullet2.gifWireless Topologies:
Bluetooth PAN Technologies:
  1. images/bullet2.gifThe Official Bluetooth Sight Wireless!
    1. Bluetooth Specification: Ver 1.0 published Q2 1999.
  2. Windows Vista Help Set up a Bluetooth enabled device
  3. Microsoft Bluetooth compatibility
  4. www.microsoft.com - Wireless Network Technologies
  5. images/bullet2.gifwww.microsoft.com - Bluetooth Wireless Technologies: (10/7/2003)

    "Windows XP Support: Microsoft has released Windows XP support for Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This support is released through QFE 323183 and may be obtained by System and Device Manufacturers from Microsoft PSS. Support for Bluetooth Wireless Technology is available only for Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later versions. The HID, HCRP, and DUN profiles are implemented."

    1. microsoft.com -  Bluetooth Wireless Technologies: (Old Link)

    "Support for Bluetooth Wireless Technology is not in the first release of Windows XP, because there is not a sufficient array of production-quality devices that conform to the Bluetooth Specification for Microsoft to test. However, Microsoft is actively developing support for Bluetooth Technology and will ship this support in a future release."

  6. EE Times - Microsoft shuts Windows on Bluetooth support: (04/2/2001).
  7. Intel Network Connectivity - Wireless Personal Area Network Solutions
    1. Intel.com -  Architectural Overview of Intel's Bluetooth Software Stack:
    2. www.intel.com - Mobile Computing Information for Developers:
  8. Intel and Microsoft to Develop Road Map for Native Windows Operating System Support for Bluetooth Wireless Technology: (June 14, 2000).
IO Bus - Peripheral Bus
Trade Associations
Transfer Rate Specs
Windows Help
WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access

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