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BuildOrBuy SCSI Topics:
  1. images/bullet2.gifComponents
  2. images/bullet2.gifIO Bus - Peripheral Bus
  3. images/bullet2.gifSCSI Links
  4. images/bullet2.gifSCSI Generic Installation

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface, pronounced "skuzzy." A high performance alternative to the less expensive ATA/ATAPI Interface found on most of today's Desktop Computer Systems.

SCAM - SCSI Configured AutoMatically. A subset of Plug and Play (PnP) that allows SCSI IDs to be changed by software rather than by flipping switches or changing jumpers. Both the SCSI host adapter and peripheral must support SCAM. According to IBM, "In RAID environments, it is important to disable SCAM. Newer drives have SCAM disabled as default or removed completely." History, See: Plug and Play SCSI (SCAM).

SCSI Timeline from 1981 through 2004 www.lsilogic.com (5/9/2003) www.LSI.com
SCSI-1 SCSI-2 SCSI-3 Ultra SCSI Ultra2 SCSI Ultra160 Ultra320 Ultra640
1.5 MB/s to 5MB/s To 10MB/s Narrow To 20MB/ WIDE To 40MB/ WIDE To 80MB/ WIDE To 160MB/ WIDE To 320MB/ WIDE To 640MB/ WIDE
1981-6 1990 1992 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003-4


BuildOrBuy SCSI Technology Links:
  1. INCITS Biometrics Workload Drives Formation of Four New Groups: Final Round of Parallel SCSI Standards Emerge from INCITS Board Meeting - Board Also Approves Technical Reports in GIS and Fibre Channel "These are the last wave of the parallel SCSI standards otherwise known as Ultra640 SCSI," said John Lohmeyer Chair of INCITS Technical Committee T10 and Principle Engineer for LSI Logic Corporation, "and we are nearly finished with the technical development for the next generation of SCSI standards called Serial Attached SCSI. INCITS T10 coordinates closely with the SCSI Trade Association to map standards to industry needs." (4/23/2003)

    1. www.t10.org - T10 Technical Committee:

  2. www.scsita.org:  SCSI Terms & Terminology

  3. www.scsilibrary.com:  SCSI books

  4. WestWorld Productions -- CTN: Signal Integrity, What to consider when upgrading to Ultra320 SCSI (7/18/2002).

  5. ../images/bullet2.gifiBoot - Remote Boot over iSCSI Homepage (6/5/2002).

  6. ../images/bullet2.gifAll about ASPI - Adaptec SCSI Protocol Interface by Chicken Systems.

  7. ../images/bullet2.gifscsita.org:  Pictures of SCSI Connectors

  8. SMDI (SCSI Musical Data Interchange Sample Management Protocol)

  9. SCSI Trade Association

    1. Introduction: Ultra320 SCSI

    2. Defined: Ultra320 SCSI

    3. Technical Developments White Paper - PDF D/L.

    4. Ultra320 FAQ

  10. StorageReview.com - Ultra320 SCSI

  11. SCSI Cables and Cable Testers from SCSI Technical Library of Information


Ultra320 SCSI Adapters:
  1. http://www.digidesign.com/diginews/9-02/scsi_128.html - Now Shipping: SCSI|128 Kit — Making the Most of Your LVD Drives - Support for up to 128 tracks of Digital Audio Record and Playback as well as improved data integrity (9/30/2002).

  2. Adaptec SCSI Products - Ultra320 SCSI Whitepaper

  3. LSI Logic host bus adapters  - Ultra320 SCSI


SCSI  Connections:
  1. APCON, Inc. - Solutions For Networks, Fibre Channel - SCSI Switch - SCSI - Gigabit Ethernet - Physical Layer Switch - Fast Ethernet - SCSI Extenders - SCSI Booster - Fiber Optic Switch - Ethernet Switch - Electronic Patch Panel - Interoperability Tests

  2. ATTO Technology, a Global Leader in Fibre Channel and SCSI Connectivity Solutions


Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drives:
  1. IBM Ultrastar 73LZX hard disk drive

  2. Maxtor Atlas™ 10K III Disk Drives

  3. World's First 15K-rpm Disc Drive: Seagate Technology News Release Seagate's New Cheetah Makes A Record Run, Setting The Pace As The World's Fastest Disc Drive For The Needs Of The Internet and Beyond… (3/21/01)


SCSI Cabling:


  1. AESP, INC. (leading connectivity and networking manufacturer) - Category 6 Patch Cords

  2. CablesAmerica.com: Computer Cables DVI SCSI USB Firewire Round ATA133 Toslink Audio-Video PDA

  3. CablesToGo.com: Computer Cables and Connectivity - Toslink, SCSI, USB, Round IDE, DVI!

  4. CS Electronics - SCSI and Fibre Channel Interconnect Products - external and internal cables - adapters - terminators

  5. SCSIPro.com: Granite Digital - The World's Leading SCSI Solutions Company!

  6. Workstationcables.com Sun® and Workstation Cables including SCSI, Monitor, Keyboard, KVM, and Fiber!

  7. scsi connector types and pictures




1. Install a 50-pin ribbon connector making sure pin 1, which can be identified by the striped edge of the cable, is closest to the power connector on the drive.

2. Install a DC power cable to the back of the drive.

3. Verify the SCSI ID selection.

·         Note: SCSI ID usually needs to be set to 0 to be the boot drive. The last physical device on the SCSI bus must be terminated. Any other drive or SCSI device connected between the host and the device at the end of the bus must not be terminated.

4. Apply power to the computer.

4a. When memory test is complete go into your system's Standard C-MOS set-up.

·         (Note:  There are various ways to get into C-MOS set-up, please refer to system's manual for instructions.)

4b. Set the drive type to "Not Installed". This intelligent drive will identify itself to the SCSI host adapter.

5. Boot from a DOS diskette that has FDISK.EXE and FORMAT.COM on it. At the A> prompt type in FDISK. At the menu options select option 1 to create a DOS partition. Another menu will appear and from those options choose 1 to create a Primary DOS partition. Select yes to make 1 large partition and it will automatically become active. Then escape from FDISK.

6. At the A> prompt type in FORMAT C:/S   This does a high-level format on the drive and transfers the system files in order for the drive to be bootable.

·         (Note: SCSI drives are low-level formatted at the factory)

7. The drive is now bootable. As a test remove the DOS diskette from A and press reset to re-boot the computer, a C> should be displayed, the drive is now ready for operation.

Author, Patty Barbee 01/18/94 Rev A – Maxtor

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