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BuildOrBuy News - Cabling
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Occasionally we're asked about Cabling. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. In time, as we expand this List we will also expound upon the Virtues of Cabling. In Cabling, Quality counts! And price does not always dictate quality. IF a manufacturer is proud of their cables, they'll take the time to explain why they may have a better solution than the competition. OR why a a particular type of cable make such a difference in signal integrity over the distance of time & space. GB

Everyone sells cables. Not everyone sells specialty cables. Some of these links may help.

  1. APC - Cable/Connectivity Solutions
    1. www.apc.com/tools/cable_selector/
    2. Cable Selector: Find Cables by Type or Device.



The SFF-8049 (Small Form Factor Committee - SFF) Specification limited the cable length to 18" end to end. This includes 12" from Motherboard to Secondary Drive and 6" from Secondary Drive to Primary Drive. Even though this Spec, SFF-8049 (80-conductor ATA Cable Assembly) proposed in 1997 by the T13 Technical Committee - AT Attachment as "T13/D97121R1" has Expired, we will continue to quote this spec, SFF-8049, until we locate a more current and quotable ATA Specification for reference or Serial ATA overtakes us!

Longer 24" Cables are available and can be used on ATAPI Devices (CD-ROM's). Longer 24" Cables should NOT be used on ATA/133 HD's. The Small Form Factor Committee Specs may be viewed from their FTP site. See: Index of Specifications - SFF-8000.

"SFF-8049 Specification for 80-conductor ATA Cable Assembly, Rev 2.7 July 15, 1998 - Abstract: This document defines the construction of a cable which provides protection against signal crosstalk in ATA applications. The members voted in September 1999 that this specification Expire."

"T13/D97121R1", was defined as, "Proposal for inclusion of additions to ATA/ATAPI-4 required to specify an 80-conductor cable assembly and a 40-conductor cable assembly with an alternate CSEL (CS - Cable Select) configuration." We may include this information later for further reference and study. This proposal was designed as a “drop-in” to ATA/ATAPI-4 and is based on T13's D1153r1. And further referred to as, "80-conductor ATA Cable Assembly [SFF-8049]."

Based on our other ongoing Analysis & Specifications Research Watch, the reason for this Specification expiring would be due to the content being included in the current ATA Standards by www.T13.org (1/1/03). GB

Quoting Belden in regards to Cable Length since the goal would be Reducing Crosstalk, "Generally speaking, the longer your transmission length, the more crosstalk. Therefore, reduce your cable length to the shortest achievable distance." See: Cable Crosstalk - Definitions.

ATA Cables are typically made of PVC [gray], TPO (Thermal Plastic Olefin) [white] & TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) [yellow] or Teflon jackets. If this is correct according to insulation material color, then Gigabyte's ATA Cables are TPE. And yes, Cables DO make the difference! More on that subject later!

ATA/ATAPI Cables have 3 significant areas to overcome: EMI, Crosstalk & Noise Interference. All 3 of these issues are related and of great importance when dealing with ATA/133 signal integrity.


ATA Cable Sources:
  2. images/bullet2.gifRD3XP Gladiator, eXtra Performance and eXtra noise Protection - TPE (12/19/2002).
    1. Computex.com.tw/company_of_the_week:  IOSS International Co., Ltd.
    2. images/bullet2.gifwww.ioss.com.tw:  Special Report For Round Cables
    3. www.ioss.com.tw:  RD3 Noise Durability Test - Nothing like a little noise in the line!
    4. www.ioss.com.tw:  Order Form
    5. EksitData.com:
    6. PcMods Call Toll Free 1-866-GET-MODS: Rounded Dual IDE Cables.
    7. VICS Technology Inc.: Japanese Manufacturer of RD3XP Gladiator Cables.  images/rd3xp_illust01.gif
  3. New Listing! www.pccables.com - SCSI USB Firewire 13W3 SVIDEO SVGA: (9/26/2003).
  4. Granite Digital - IDE Ultra 100 Products: And SCSI (12/26/2002).
  5. RomTecUSA.com:  Teflon Data cables (9/29/2002).
  6. ATA Cables Round Vs. Flat - SystemLogic.net (3/9/2002).
  7. CoolerGuys- Computer cooling, Everything you need to keep your PC, CPU, HDD and Video Cards Cool.
  8. Maxtor Corp - Technologies: Ultra ATA/133 Interface, See: Fast Drives
  9. www.mycableshop.com:  18 In. Ultra ATA 33-66-100-133 TPO Internal IDE Cable
  10. 36 inch Round ATA 100-133 IDE cable
  11. IDE Cables ATA 33-66-100,133 MB-s
  12. Price Watch - Cables IDE
  13. SCMmicro.com:  USB-ATA(ATAPI) Intelligent Cables
  14. Workstationcables.com Sun and Workstation Cables including VHDCI SCSI, 13W3 Monitor, KVM, and Networking Cables!
  15. www.UltraCable.com:
    1. ATAS UltraDMA DMA Cable FAQ
  16. Circuit Assembly Corp. (CA): SFF-8049 Specification.
  17. www.cablemakers.com:  Rounded Ribbon Cables
  18. www.CablesUnlimited.com: Use Cable Wizard. They have Flat Ribbon TPO Cables, Teflon coated to eliminate Crosstalk.


Audio / Video Cabling
  1. BetterCables.com:  DVD Cables, Video Cables, Audio Cables
  2. Harmony-Central.com:  New High Performance Speaker Cable from Evidence Audio
  3. GigCables.com:  Cable-Net music , speaker, audio, MIDI, guitar, mic, amp; RCA cables sold cheap - USB to analog RCA audio cable - $85.00
  4. Magnan Audio Cables
  5. Monster Cable - One of the best in Audio Cables. Also easy to find in Retail stores @ 8:30 PM on a Saturday night!
  6. www.planet-waves.com
  7. Whirlwind - US Audio Products - One of the Best Snakes in the Business!
    1. The New MultiSnake
  8. www.zaolla.com: Cables for Discerning Audio and Video Connoisseurs!


Audio - Virtual Cabling

See: WavToMidi Conversions


Cabling & Networking Products
  1. A2Z Cables Storefront
  2. www.aberdeeninc.com/abcatg/cables.htm - Computer Cables
  3. adaptec.com:  Cable Index - "...the quality of cable configurations attached to a SCSI bus can influence the integrity and speed of data." 
  4. AESP Inc. - Signamax - Good Cables. We've used these before.
  5. Belkin - Cables - Good products, easy to find Retail.
  6. BetterCables.com
  7. CablesAmerica Computer Cables Cat6 SCSI USB Toslink Audio-Video PDA
  8. images/bullet2.gifwww.cableorganizer.com - Wire Management Products (3/3/2003).
  9. Cables To Go Computer Cables and Connectivity - Round IDE, Audio-Video, Premise Plus, USB 2.0, DVI, PDA and more!
  10. Cables Unlimited
  11. CablesWholeSale.com >>> www.national-tech.com
  12. www.compucable.com -
  13. www.computer-lan-cables.com - ATA (SFF-8049 Specification) & SCSI Cables
  14. Custom Cables Inc. A manufacturing supplier of cable assembly and wire harness to OEM industries.
  15. Data Comm Warehouse
  16. discountcablesusa.com - Secure On-Line Ordering
  17. www.EagleDataware.com - (2/14/2002).
  18. firewirestuff.com:  FireWire iLink IEEE1394 Cables and Repeaters
  19. GreatCables.com Your Source for Cat5, SCSI, Fiber, USB, Firewire and all other Computer Cables and Connectivity!
  20. L-com Connectivity Products - Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Connectors and More (3/9/2002).
  21. MilesTek ...Connecting The Changing World!
  22. OnlineCables.com
  23. PacificCable.com - Computer cables and networking supplies. 1-800-931-3133. (12/13/01).
  24. RamElectronics.net - Computer cables SCSI, FireWire 1394 iLink Cat5 network hubs USB Cisco router serial parallel fiber optic accessories cables switches converters adapters ram electronics CPU Cooler fans system cooling.
  25. SRC Cables Incorporated -


Microphone & Instrument Cables: Coming!
  1. Harmony-Central.com - Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable (2/1/2003).
    1. Planetwaves Guitar Accessories
  2. B.L.U.E. Products Accessories - Microphone Cables, The Best! Available Retail from Guitar Center. 
  3. www.proaudiosuperstore.com - Microphone Cables made to last a lifetime!


SCSI Cabling
  1. www.tmcscsi.com - SCSI, SAS, MiniSAS, SATA, CX4, SFP, QSFP, Fibre Channel & Fiber Optic Cables
  2. Ultra 320 SCSI
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