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Windows Keyboards:

The Standard AT style PC used a 1/2" 5-pin DIN plug and socket. Today's, ATX style PC's use PS/2 adapters. PS/2 adapter Keyboards use a smaller 5/16" 6-pin mini DIN plug and socket. Having problems with Keyboard Freeze? Need an easy way to solve it? Maybe FilterKeys is your answer!

Keyboards recommended for our BuildOrBuy Build Sessions -

The Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Keyboard requires either a PS/2 or USB Connection for the Transmitter. The now discontinued Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro requires the driver software (IntelliType Pro) for full Media 'Hot Key' functionality in WinXP.

Pointing Devices
Windows Help
  1. www.ExtremeTech.com - Ergodex DX1: Redefining Input Devices (3/26/2004).
  2. www.pcmag.com - TradeKeys: Remap Your Keyboard (1-1-03).
  3. Key Tronic:
  4. Logitech - Cordless Freedom Optical
  5. Microsoft Keyboard Home
  6. ViewSonic Keyboards: ViewMate Metallic/Black Office Keyboard

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