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Currently, the VIA EPIA Mini-ITX form factor is the world's smallest native x86 MotherBoard.

"Mini-ITX is aimed at the development of entry-level value PCs, Thin-Clients, Wireless Network Devices, Digital Media Systems, Set-Top Boxes and more." Integration is the key.

  1. Mini-Box.Com: "Mini-Box is a small, light yet powerful x86 system designed for embedded or general purpose PC computing applications.

    Consuming about 10 watts, the M-100 is an excellent candidate low power, small form factor requirements.
    " (4/25/2003)
    1. Mini-Box M-100 100 released: The tiniest mini-ITX computer to date! (4/25/2003)
  2. ZDNet UK - News - Story - Via motherboard keeps a low profile: Via Epia M10000 "...new board is designed for consumer-oriented PCs as well as high-tech consumer devices such as digital video recorders (DVRs)." (4/15/2003).
  3. images/bullet2.gifVIA Technologies, Inc.: Ultra Compact VIA Mini-ITX Form Factor images/mini-itx.jpg
  4. mini-itx.com - news: Where Small Is Big!
  5. VIA Technologies, Inc. - VPSD: VIA Platform Solutions Division
    1. VIA Technologies, Inc.: Ultra Compact VIA Mini-ITX Form Factor

      "The Mini-ITX MotherBoard Form Factor is the world's smallest native x86 MotherBoard measuring only 170mm x 170mm and enables the development of an infinite variety of Small Form Factor System Platforms."

      A key component of the Mini-ITX MotherBoard consists of the VIA C3™ E-Series (EBGA package) Processor or the Fanless VIA Eden™ Platform.

    2. VIA Technologies, Inc.: VIA EPIA Series Partner Products
    3. images/bullet2.gifVIA Technologies, Inc. - VPSD: VIA EPIA Mini-ITX Spec
    4. VIA Technologies, Inc. - VPSD: VIA EPIA M Mainboard
    5. VIA Technologies, Inc.: VIA Eden™ Processor Platform - EPIA Mini-ITX
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