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  11. Power: Choosing ATX Power Supply Units (PSU's).
  1. images/bullet2.gifwww.apextechusa.com: FoxConn Cases.
  2. images/bullet2.gifDynapower USA Computer Cases And Power Supplies
  3. images/bullet2.gifwww.EndPCnoise.com - Quiet Computers - End PC Noise
  4. images/bullet2.gifQuietPCUSA.com - Ultra Quiet Hardware for Silent Computers
ATX PC Computer Cases:

Thermal Management Prioritization -

The current feature to look for in a Case - A Thermally Advantaged Performance Chassis. The Intel Thermally Advantaged Performance Chassis Meets Processor Lower Ambient Temperature Guidelines of 38C. Look for the Adjustable Funnel Cone Duct attached to the Case Side Panel. This Ducting directs fresh air directly to the Processor.

Intel Developer Update Magazine: Thermally Advantaged Chassis The Smart Choice for Systems Based on High-End Processors: "The Intel Initiative - Intel believes in order to manage the rapidly increasing costs of dissipating higher processor power; Design requirements for Processor ambient temperature need to be 38C or less. This means the temperature rise above the processor should be limited to 3C or less. Chassis not maintaining a 38C or less processor ambient temperature are not likely to have cost-effective thermal solutions in future platforms." 

images/bullet2.gifintel.com/design/motherbd/cooling.htm: System Airflow Requirements (Intel Reseller Site.)

PC Computer Cases come in all sizes and shapes. Constructed of Steel, Aluminum and even Clear Acrylic. PC Cases not only have function, they now make an architectural statement about the owner from their form. We look for the always reliable standard of 'Price & Performance' Issues. Today we have more case varieties than ever, offering more than the ATX Standards we've all come to know. Cases are more than a gray box of electronics these days.

Need a "Bang For The Buck" PC Case? Looking for a Rackmount Case? We're currently using the Enlight 7230 series cases on Joe's PC Build List. This is a proven case design with best value in mind since they include a 340 watt AMD Athlon Processor approved Power Supply Unit.

I'm a long time fan of the In-Win - Full Tower 500 series cases featuring 11 Drive Bays. Here, you're mainly getting a great Steel Case since we consider these Power Supplies as marginal even though they are on AMD's approved Power Supply List.

Personally, I prefer a rigid PC Case with plenty of Drive Bays both hidden and internal. That's my only beef with the Enlight 7230 series Cases since they offer only 7 Drive Bays total. Tough choice if you need to house a RAID setup.

We were recently asked by some of our Readers about Aluminum PC Cases. Since they have gained popularity, we decided on a fluke to take a closer look. Ever Build a System with an Aluminum Case? We did and will Build with it again. Why? Weight & Drive Bay capacity were our 2 main reasons. OK, looks count too!

We've tried the Super-Flower.com.tw Cases from CompUSA in Houston, TX located on Westheimer near Kirkwood. AxionTech.com also now handles this Case. Aluminum Cases cost more than Steel Cases, no doubt. Steel Cases usually include a Power Supply, Aluminum Cases usually do not. Bummer! The Super Flower Case has 13 Drive Bays in a Mid-Tower Case. Pretty good use of space. Sure, Aluminum scratches. If you move a System around like we do for Presentations, that matters. So we take more care in transportation like packing it every time we move it! Hassle!

These are well designed, functional & smart looking custom looking Aluminum Cases without getting too gaudy in Case modes. Features: 13 Drive Bays, Pull out Motherboard Rack to ease assembly, Front Panel USB & FireWire plugs, 4 to 5 Case Fans, Clear Acrylic Side Panels and Thumb Screw Fasteners for easy assembly. Power Supply is extra which kind of smarts considering I'm from the old school of Steel Cases are the only Cases which include a Power Supply.

The Super-Flower and KingWin brands look similar and may actually be the same Case. We do not know for certain. We have only seen and evaluated Super Flower Cases. CompUSA has since repackaged the Super Flower Cases they sell as their own house brand boxes so no one will know what they are nor where they came from. Marketing.

CompUSA now lists the Manufacturer of their Aluminum house branded Cases as FMI brand. To purchase from CompUSA, go to: www.CompUSA.com, Computers, Build Your Own, Cases, Aluminum Computer Case (FMI brand).

Note: Since we've had a few requests regarding FMI (Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.), as far as we can tell, they do not make Aluminum Chassis Case Enclosures, therefore if you want one of these fine Aluminum Cases with 13 Drive Bays in the manufacturer's packaging cartons, go to www.AxionTech.com and search for Super-Flower or KingWin. To reiterate, the CompUSA FMI listed Chassis Cases were originally shipping in Super-Flower cartons before CompUSA made the carton change for house branding purposes. Now you know what we know from our experience! Enjoy! GB

PC Case Background: When ATX Cases first hit the market, we were asked to take a look @ the In-Win Mid-Tower Cases. They were a hybrid Case with an AT style Power Supply. We then were asked to take a look @ the Giga-Byte ATX Case. It was similar in design yet not as stable structurally. In a side by side comparison, the In-Win Case was a superior Case by design in function & form to the then new Giga-Byte ATX style hybrid Case. The industry was in transition from AT style to ATX.

The In-Win Mid-Tower Case is still one on my favorites today for the size and price. They were also the first to my knowledge offering a pull-out Motherboard rack. This was the Case by which we judged all others for some time. Giga-Byte Motherboards continue even now to be our best overall Motherboard recommendations for our Special PC Build Sessions.

We'll expand this Case List as we experience more of these different types of Cases during our BuildOrBuy Sessions. If you have a favorite Case you'd like to see listed here, please let us know and we'll look into it!


Your Case choice should depend upon the following factors:
  1. A Thermally Advantaged Performance Chassis as mentioned above.
    1. Intel P4 Processors - How to Recognize a Thermally Advantaged Chassis:
  2. Tower type Case - Provides better airflow over Desktop Cases for CPU & Components.
  3. Compatibility - For MotherBoard Size and PSU. Allow for Removable Device Trays.
  4. Size - Large enough to accommodate current planned Devices and Upgrades.
  5. Space Conscious - Fit the intended environment.
  6. Cost Effective - Bang For The Buck! Features balanced with price & performance.
  7. Easy to Assemble & Maintain. Easy Access.
  8. Craftsmanship & Workmanship - No Sharp Edges! Quality!
  9. Provide adequate airflow. Heat is our enemy!
  10. Extra Case Fans or Options for extra Case Fans. Rear Case Fan is a priority.

Enjoy! GB

Case News:
  1. www.ExtremeTech.com - PC Case Roundup: (4/21/2004).
  2. www.ExtremeTech.com - Exceptional Cases: "Bye-bye, beige..." Looking for something different? (2/29/2004)
  3. Need a Beast? www.Xoxide.com: The MegaCube Case with 32 Total Drive Bays! Count 'Em! (5/14/2003)
  4. CaseArts.com - Innovation. Style. Performance: In need of a really Custom Case? (2/8/2003)
  5. LOPE COMPUTER CO., LTD: Looking for something really different in a Case? Seen the 'i-Tee' yet? (2/3/2003).
  6. maximumpc.com - Patriotic PC Case Modding Contest - Grand Prizes Now Worth $1,200! (12/07/2002).
  7. Koolance - Superior Liquid Cooling Solutions Liquid Cooled Cases (12/26/2002).
  8. TechTV Crystal Clear Computing (11/18/2002).
  9. ExtremeTech.com:  Choosing the Right PC Case (11/5/2002).
  10. ExtremeTech.com:  Lucky Seven Hot Cases that Run Cool (7/31/2002).
  11. images/bullet2.gifCOMPUTEX ONLINE: Super Flower Computer Inc. - The New Generation Of Aluminum Cases Has Arrived! (7/11/2002)
  12. images/bullet2.gifFrom Racy Sanford: Holy CFM - For those that are concerned about airflow in their cases... (7/11/2002).
  13. ExtremeTech.com - 14 Perfect Cases - (July 19, 2001).
  14. ../images/bullet2.gifTom's Hardware Guide HowTo How To Select The Right Case - How To Select The Right Case For Your Computer (6/24/2002).


Shopping Case Brands & Types?
  1. A-Pro.com:  ATX Cases Reviews - A-Pro
  2. Alltradepc.com:
  3. ../images/bullet2.gifAxionTech.com - Axion Technologies
  4. Colorcases.com - ATX Computer Case Specialist - (www.atxcases.com)
  5. www.eXtremecase.com - Computer Cases, PC Cases, Gaming Computers, Computer Mods: Redirect from formerly 'CustomCases.tv Midwest Distributor of Custom Cases' - Nice Selection!
  6. ../images/bullet2.gifwww.directron.com
  7. ExoticPC.com:  cases and cooling hardware systems
  8. FrozenCPU.com:
  9. www.hansansystems.com
  10. www.KoolCases:
  11. www.mypccase.com:
  12. ../images/bullet2.gifNewEgg.com - Online Computer Parts & Components
  13. www.PCCaseGear.com
  14. www.PCMods.com


Acrylic Cases - Novelty Display Cases:
  1. ClearPC Home - 3/16" Cast Clear Lucite.
  2. Clear View Technologies - Handcrafted using 1/4" thick Clear Acrylic sheets for durability.
  3. FrozenCPU.com Product Frozen Ice Clear Acryllic Case - Laser cut .25" Crystal Clear Acrylic. Colors include: Clear, Blue, Red & Black.
  4. Xoxide.com - X-Clear, clear Acrylic Case.


Aluminum PC Cases:
  1. AVGS Technology International - Computer cases and accessories: Aluminum, Acrylic & Steel Cases.
  2. www.CoolerMaster.com:
  3. DesignComp inc., Custom Designed Computer Solutions
  4. Dynapower USA Computer Cases And Power Supplies: CONQUEST Series
  5. EnerMax = 10 drive bays. Wild Cases!
  6. www.evergreat.com - Evergreat Computer Technology Corp:
  7. I-CHIA - I-Chia International Corp:
  8. www.KingWin.com:
    1. KT-436B-WM = 13 drive bays.
  9. Lian Li = 8 to 12 drive bays on average. Depends upon model.
    1. PC60 - Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case
  10. www.skyhawkusa.com
  11. images/bullet2.gifwww.super-flower.com.tw: Super Flower Cases - web site! Looks similar to www.KingWin.com gear. "Best Case In The World!"
    1. a-pro.com:  TT201 Super Flower  Aluminum ATX case Review (6/24/2002).
    2. Alltradepc.com - title: Super Flower Blue Aluminum & Raidmax 400w blue aluminum Power Supply
    3. Blue-Silver Directron 201T All-Aluminum Computer Mid-tower Case w- 2 Blue Side & Top Windows
    4. High Green - Your best partner in computer cases: Lian Li, Super Flower & Aluminum Accessories!
  12. www.thermaltake.com:


External Data Drive Storage Cases:
  1. AMS Venus External Storage
  2. www.antec-inc.com - Product -- Data IO - PC Card
  3. audioMIDI.com - StorCase Company Information and Products
  4. StorCase Technology Company


Mini-ITX Cases:
  1. images/bullet2.gifMini-ITX: VIA's EPIA Mini-ITX Form Factor
  2. mini-itx.com - hardware - case suppliers: Best Mini-ITX List
  3. big008.com--Your Computer Store Online - Sales
  4. www.BleuJour.com: Soft case made of anodized aluminum chassis with a nuance mixture of micro dotted aluminum and Perspex front panel.  B1 cases are suitable for all VIA Technologies Mini-ITX EPIA boards ( EPIA Mini-ITX EPIA M ) and are manufactured exclusively in France.
    1. www.bacata.net:  Bacata.net France in Partnership with Bleu Jour France Cases.
  5. www.Casetronic.com: Casetronic CS-2677
  6. www.ChyangFun.com: Chyang Fun MiniCUbe
  7. www.CheckerCube.com: mini ITX-2677
  8. www.G-Alantic.com.tw: G-Alantic GA610i
  9. Lillicomputers, Computer Cases - Product List -  Mini-ITX Case Sales
  10. www.procase.com.tw: Morex Cupid Cases - Procase Cubid 2677


Steel PC Cases:
  1. Antec: VAR instead of Manufacturer although most consider them as such.
    1. Performance Plus featuring TruePower series power supplies.
    2. See Performance Plus 1080 models = 10 drive bays.
  2. images/bullet2.gifwww.apextechusa.com: FoxConn Cases - Thermally Advantaged Performance Chassis.
  3. www.casetown.com: Steel & Aluminum + Rackmount Cases! 
  4. www.chenming.com: Chassis Manufacturer, Steel and Aluminum - "Building The Boxes Of Tomorrow Today"
  5. Chieftec: Cases (Makes Antec's Cases!) = 10 drive bays (Mid Tower).
  6. Enlight
    1. EN7237 = 7 drive bays.
  7. GlobalWIN USA: Aluminum & Steel
  8. In-Win
    1. InWin Q500 = 11 drive bays.
  9. www.macase.com: Been a while since we've used these. 
  10. Noblesse by GMCorporation - Korean site, click on English, upper right. Site down?
    1. Noblesse picture: Nice, very nice! = 11 drive bays. Link Removed!
    2. MarketAB Products. Russian Site with pictures of Noblesse Cases.
  11. www.pccomputercase.com: Educational Site. Cases are so, so.
  12. www.powmax.com: Steel, Aluminum & PSU's.
  13. YeongYang -- Professional manufacturer of computer case
    1. www.yeongyang.com


Rackmount Cases:

Interested in Industrial Aluminum Rackmount Computer Cases?

  1. www.amtrade.com/ipc/industrial_pc_rackmount.htm
  2. www.antec-inc.com - Rack Mount
  3. www.casesbymasco.com: Rackmount
  4. www.eindustrialcomputers.com
  5. www.eracks.com
  6. www.gorilla.net: 19-24 Industrial Rack Mount (Rackmount) Computer PC Cases
  7. www.hergo.com:
  8. industrial-computers.baber.com/rackmount_chassis/
  9. www.rackmount.com
  10. www.RackmountMart.com: A Rackmount Chassis Distributor & Reseller and then some! Check them out!
  11. New Listing! www.RackmountNet.com: A one-stop shop for Rackmount Chassis & Systems. Good graphics for Case detail close-ups.
  12. www.rackmountpro.com
  13. www.servercase.com
  14. www.skb-industrial-cases.com
  15. www.stealthcomputer.com
  16. Specialty Cases:
  17. www.raxxess.com: Home of IsoRaxx - Acoustic Isolation Rack! When you need to Keep it Quiet!
  18. Specialty Cases:
  19. www.lecover.com: Soft Cover Cases - Proective dust covers for your pro/project Studio.
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