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WinXP, Windows Product Activation:

Microsoft Product Activation

Update: This link was shared with us on ExtremeTech User Forums: What's Wrong With Product Activation (3/13/2002).


WPA Product Key (wpa.dbl in system32 Dir): 

    OEM installations will apparently link to Bios while retail copies are penalized. WPA tied to 7 hardware items. WPA reset after 120 days. Product Activation vs. Registration? Activation is required, Registration is optional.

    Software Piracy, is that the real issue? Is the real issue about support? Do they want our money or our business? Resistance Is Futile? Assimilated? Not likely - Resist!

    images/pointared.gif Copy Protection - EQMag.com (June, 2001)

WPA Top Ten
  1. Display adapter
  2. SCSI adapter (if found)
  3. IDE adapter
  4. Network adapter MAC address (if available)
  5. RAM amount range
  6. Processor type
  7. Processor serial number
  8. Hard drive
  9. Hard drive volume serial number
  10. CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM


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    See: 120 Day Loophole & Additional Family License Program (Multilicense Price Break) - A Microsoft Convenience OR Customer Aggravation?

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10 things you need to know before you upgrade: 


WPA - Windows Product Activation Resources: 
  1. 302806 - Description of Microsoft Product Activation: MPA - Description of Microsoft Product Activation.

    WPA Uses port 80 and 443

    Test your browser for open ports using the following:
    www.microsoft.com:80 or www.microsoft.com:443


  2. aumha.org - Windows Product Activation (WPA)

  3. www.microsoft.com/piracy/basics/activation

  4. www.microsoft.com/piracy/basics/activation/windowsproductactivationtechnicalmarketbulletin.doc

  5. www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/evaluation/overviews/activation.asp

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  7. WPA Resource Center - www.licenturion.com/xp/ (Berlin, Germany, July 9, 2001)

  8. Windows Product Activation compromised - (7-16-2001)
  9. Microsoft Product Activation on PressPass -
Question Of The Day: Are you ready to activate Windows XP? Do you Feel Lucky Punk? 

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