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../images/bullet2.gifCopy Controls
Bios Lock:

We're going to see more of this whether we like it or not. If you Buy a R-T-R (Ready To Run) PC, you'll probably get Bios Lock. Which means your PC Restore CD's will be locked to your PC's M/B System Bios. Bios Lock will be the main method for OEM's to enable Windows XP Activation. Microsoft's stated goal: To reduce Software Piracy. Since this is in the M/B Bios, if you can erase the Bios DMI, Bios Lock may be disabled and your Recovery CD's also may not work. Bummer!

Microsoft approved Bios-Lock Technology - OEMs are required to ship each new computer with a CD-ROM copy of the initially installed Microsoft OS that is “BIOS Locked” to that particular make or model of computer.

In other words, your OS Recovery CD will be Locked to your PC Bios! A Recovery CD typically wipes the HD thus returning A System to its original factory state. And this usually results in all User Data Erased! Retrievable, sure. See: Data Recovery Tools.

"DMI - (Desktop Management Interface) A management system for PCs developed by the DMTF - The Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. DMI provides a bi-directional path to interrogate all the hardware and software components within a PC. When PCs are DMI-enabled, their hardware and software configurations can be monitored from a central station in the network." I'd like to see Microsoft's Console of our PC's! UCITA, bad EULA!

Ever replace a M/B? Ever Flash a Bios? Wonder why a small part of the Bios did not flash? Could it be the DMI? In a nutshell, Build Your Own PC's! Easy to replace components with off the shelf parts. We are our own Tech Support! And create you own Restore CD's! OEM CD's will more than likely be "Bios Locked!"

../images/bullet2.gifCompanies to watch: Microsoft Windows & StorageSoft, The Bios People!

  1. www.buhl-data.com - Bootlock Recovery: Including Microsoft approved Bios-Lock Technology.
  2. www.StorageSoft.com:
  3. Phoenix Technologies - Phoenix ImageCast:
  4. PC Locking is nothing new... Moochers.com:  Computer Locking. (Off-Line!?!)
  5. ../images/bullet2.gifCompany Profile - Bios Lock Technology for the OEM’s
  6. ../images/bullet2.gifedoucet.com:  recoverycd - Recovery CD and BIOS Lock - Very Informative!
  7. ../images/bullet2.gifDescription of Microsoft Product Activation:
  8. ../images/bullet2.gifFrequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Product Activation:
  9. ../images/bullet2.gifDrive Image Pro 4.0 White Paper: Quoting, "Password protection is also used in conjunction with BIOS-Lock to ensure that the image is only restored on a system..."
  10. ../images/bullet2.gifPowerQuest Corporation - OEM products: Quoting, "PQI Extract works in conjunction with BIOS-Lock to insure compliance with Microsoft licensing regulations."
  11. ../images/bullet2.gifSoftThinks.com:  bioslock-slp-wpa - SoftThinks Bios Lock Technology.
  12. BIOS Lock - Drive Imaging with ImageCast by StorageSoft SEE: StorageSoft, Inc. RestoreBuilder (12/11/01).
    1. ../images/bullet2.gifstoragesoft.com: RestoreBuilder - Microsoft approved BIOS Lock (PDF).

      Anyone know of a good Image Locking / Unlocking Utility?
  13. ../images/bullet2.gifGuidance Software -- EnCase computer forensics software, FastBloc hardware and training.
  14. ../images/bullet2.gifA forensic computing utility that does it all... Encase.

    Bios Lock could also mean you've locked yourself out of your PC's Bios therefore requiring a way to get into the Bios.

  15. BIOS Password Recovery
  16. Password Recovery Tools
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