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  1. images/bullet2.gifBios Lock
  2. images/bullet2.gifDigital Asset & Content Resource Management Tools
Copy Controls & Copy Protection:

This is a loose rundown of what's in store for consumers. We have to ask ourselves as Vendors would have us to think - The recurring Theme... Is this a Product or a Service? Keep it up or knock it off. Do they want our money or our business? If Vendors want our business, they'll get our money. If however they only want our money, they'll end up losing business. Business goes where it it wanted and stays where it is appreciated. Or do you occupy the other side of that fence? Can we keep a happy medium and keep everyone happy? The Business Model is changing. So too must we change lest we ourselves become forgotten. GB

images/bullet2.gifFrom the Readers (SiliconX) on ExtremeTech Forums:  Of Sound Mind - Counter Copy (5/28/2002).

  1. Labels to dampen CD burning CNET (6/3/2004).

  2. - Let My Content Go: Content Protection - Distribution & Access plus Winners and Losers (10/16/2003)

  3. Patent fight shadows Microsoft lawsuit CNET Macrovision vs. InterTrust Technologies (10/15/2003).

  4. Shift key breaks CD copy locks CNET Philips Compact Disc Digital Audio - When is a CD no longer a CD? DRM Rocket Science from a Security Researcher's Perspective - Discussing John Halderman's Analysis of the MediaMax CD3 Copy-Prevention System from SunnComm Technologies (10/10/2003).

  5. BMG tinkers with CD copy controls CNET "The Bertelesmann AG division, which produces contemporary artists including Norah Jones, Avril Lavigne and No Doubt, said it plans to begin selling CDs in the United States protected with SunnComm's MediaMax CD-3 product." (7/1/2003)

  6. - Audio Lock-Box™ - Coming Soon: T.A. Productions announces a new and superior CD Audio Copy Protection technology currently being developed - Audio Lock-Box™. Two versions currently being produced:

    1. ALB V1 - Completely Lock-Outs all computers from any access rights; while consumer CD & DVD players will be able to play the protected CDs.
    2. ALB V2 - Offers features for CD Quality PC play. Unlike most CD Audio protections, ALB is able to stream the protected files at CD Quality (44100, 16bit stereo).

    "The idea behind ALB was to give music owners the freedom to enjoy their music at CD Quality.  One of the major concerns with past protections was PC play from a lower-quality compressed file.  ALB Technology takes advantage of playing on a computer at CD Quality with no quality loss, " said Edward Heldman, CEO and Development Marketing Director.

    In addition to ALB being the most compatible CD Copy Protection to date; the technology is also by far the most secure.  IP Content will be placed in a "Lock-Box" with limited rights, as the owner’s decide.  Rights’ owners have a variety of options from a complete computer Lock-Out, to limited PC play at CD Quality to also using Microsoft’s DRM Rights Management for controlled copying into DRM files (6/11/2003).

  7. The Source:  Aug. 27, 2002: Joint Development of "Root" CD-ROM Copy Protection Technology, Special Encryption Key Offers the Strong Protection. Digital Entertainment Company, "Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) have collaborated on the development of "Root"* CD-ROM copy protection technology. "Root" draws on the software development expertise of Hudson and the mastering technologies of JVC." New Anti-Piracy Technique Uses Hidden Encryption Keys. Will Users be taken "Up The River" on another Rendition of Product or Service? Remember the 1st round of DivX? And what happened to it? Oh, nobody bought it? Well isn't that Special! (8/29/2002)
  8. images/  IMHO How to Defeat Copy-Protected CDs (5/28/2002).
  9. images/bullet2.gifTranslated version of - Copy protection with felt-tip pen crack (5/18/2002).
  10. images/  Digital Content Protection (5/16/2002).
  11. images/bullet2.gifAudio, Copy Protection: The Register - Brit music indies want copy-protected CDs (4/19/2002).
  12. images/bullet2.gifMcDSP Home Page: McDSP Now Using iLok Copy Protection System - McDSP has begun including iLok License Cards with plug-In purchases instead of key disks. (4/14/2002).
  13. images/bullet2.gifMcDSP Products Analog Channel: McDSP will be transitioning to the iLok dongle and License card copy protection system, while maintaining support for key disk and challenge response authorizations. Read answers to commonly asked questions regarding the iLok copy protection system.

  14. images/bullet2.gifCopy Protection: Maximum PC - News Page: Celine Dion crashes PCs using Sony's Key2Audio. Sony DADC is the leading copy control solution for Audio CDs. Pass or Play? (4/9/2002).
  15. images/bullet2.gifTechTV CD Copy Protection Debates (2/17/2002).
  16. images/bullet2.gifCPTWG Home Page: Copy Protection Technical Working Group (2/6/2002).
  17. images/bullet2.gifArtistscope - CopySafe: Protection from Screen Capture and Print Screen (2/5/2002).
  18. images/ Cactus - Claims: "Cactus Data Shield is a comprehensive solution for protecting content on optical media, such as music CDs, against unauthorized digital replication and conversion to compressed files for on-line distribution" (2/2/2002).
  19. images/ Understanding Secure Audio Path (1/26/2002).
  20. images/bullet2.gifSmart TV & Sound - Interactive TV & DVD MP3 Internet Audio & Video Satellite TV - e-VideoTV Cancels Copy-Protection Licensing Agreement (1/14/2002).
  21. images/bullet2.gifThe Register: Macrovision's SafeAudio, Anti-rip CD system bypassed... (1/08/2001).
  22. Lawmaker Is CD copy-protection illegal - Tech News - January 4, 2002
  23. images/bullet2.gifAladdin’s New HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) Developer’s Kit Provides Software Security With Full Win XP And Mac OS X Cross-Platform Support -- (1/2/2002).


Research Study Links:

images/bullet2.gifO'Reilly Network Microsoft patents Digital Rights Management Operating System [January 26, 2002] (12/13/2001).

images/bullet2.gifEFF Intellectual Property Digital Rights Management (DRM) Systems & Copy-Protection Schemes Archive (3/28/2001).

images/  MP3 Can't Touch This - Secure PC (3/26/2001).

images/ Windows XP Can Secure Music (2/13/2001).


As we cover this subject during our weekly BuildOrBuy Discussions, we'll share the follow-up discoveries with you here on-line! Whether they call it Copy Controls or Copy Protection, do see your PC hardware & software as a Product or a Service? Your new music CD-ROM also as a Product or a Service? BTW: Your CD, did you make it or buy it?

Did you buy or thought about buying the new 1394 FireWire gear hoping to hook everything together and transfer your digital whatever wherever, whenever? So all of YOUR Digital Media, is it a Product or a Service?

We hope the following will be enlightening, useful and fruitful. We all have power of the purse. If we the buying consumer don't like it - We certainly don't have to buy it no matter how average Vendors would like to think we are. And they can take that to the bank!

  1. PACE Anti-Piracy - iLok (USB hardware dongle) smart key & InterLok.
  2. Pro-Audio Developers Adopt PACE Anti-Piracy’s New iLok Smart Key (03/05/01).
  3. WPA - Windows Product Activation
  4. Activation - Windows Product Activation:  (Windows Product Activation) is different than Product Registration and should not be confused.
  5. BIOS Lock - So vendors can lock you PC System Restore CD to the Bios - So?
  6. images/bullet2.gifWindows Insider - BIOS Lock: The Scoop on CD-less Windows PCs
    (June 15, 2000)
  7. Drive Imaging -
  8. Copy Protection Robs The Future
  9. News Hackers bypass Microsoft copy protection - FreeMe, DRM 2 cracker (10/30/01).
  10. SCMS - Serial Copy Management System - A copy protection method used for recordable Audio CDs that allows one copy of the original to be made.
  11. Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI)
  12. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
  13. Serial Copy Management System
  14. - The Tapers Section - SCMS Primer
  15. Heiko's DAT Page
  16. QPICT - The Company
  17. SCMS Copybit Killer Kit from Elektor - Stippler
  18. How to record digitally without SCMS
  19. MiniDisc FAQ - How does SCMS work?
  20. MD Community Page SCMS tweakers
  21. DCC-FAQ - SCMS
  22. Digital Transmission Content Protection (5C) - DTLA HOME PAGE
  23. Intel 1394 Technology
  24. Internet Appliance Hardware
  25. Copy-Protected CDs
  26. Charlie Pride - "A Tribute to Jim Reeves"
  27. Artists and Musicians - - The International Standard for Digital Music
  28. News Releases - Fahrenheit Entertainment Corporate Website - Fahrenheit Entertainment Inspects and Accepts New Charley Pride CD; SunnComm Goes to Market with the World's First "Cloaked CD"
  29. Is copy protection dead on arrival - Tech News -
  30. SunnComm - MediaCloQ (Digital Content Cloaking Technology (DC2))
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