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Telematics = Telecommunications and Computing:

A new Spin on an old idea or a new way of doing the same old thing? The combination of telecommunications and computing. Data communications between Systems and Devices. The new Wireless. More distractions besides Cell Phones in Vehicles? Too much of a good thing? Commercial or Consumer application of Technology? Maybe both? Who's working on it? What are the application and implications of implementation? The new SOHO environment of productivity? Technology marches on...

"The French word télématique was coined in the 1970s to denote the combination of télécommunications and informatique 'computing'." What is Telematics?

  1. www.extremetech.com - Wireless Goes Mobile: (11/6/2003).
  2. www.TelematicsUpdate.com: Focused on Automotive Telematics.
    1. Telematics Update Consumer Seminar 2004: CES 2004 • January 7th, 2004 • Las Vegas Nevada.
    2. Telematics Update Detroit 2004 - Exhibition: • May 25-26, 2004 • Cobo Center, Detroit, MI.
  3. www.global-telematics.com: Orchid - Global Satellite Navigation Systems.
  4. www.cdot.com: Center for Development Of Telematics - Telecom Technology Center Of Gov't of India.
  5. The Open University - Department of Telematics:
  6. www.TelematicsValley.org: An Open Forum of Collaboration for an Industry in its' infancy.
  7. www.Applied-Telematics.net - Single Board Computers for Telematics: Blue Collar Telematics™- It Gets the Job Done!
  8. www.youroffshoresource.com - Entropy International: Automotive - From Analogue to Digital!
  9. www.skytel.com - Telemetry. Machine to machine communication: Automated monitoring and control...
  10. just-auto.com - European Telematics Service Providers Report (download) - Automotive Research from S B D:
  11. www.autelligence.com - Autelligence - Global Automotive Research, Analysis & Forecasting:
  12. www.ThalesTelematics.com - Vehicle Telematics:


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