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  3. images/bullet2.gifVista Comparison Chart
  1. Windows XP Home Edition & Windows XP Pro Comparison Guide
Win2000 & WinXP Peer-to-Peer Networking Comparisons And Features List:
Networking Features WinXP Pro Win2000 Pro WinXP HE
1 Business Operating System X X  
2 Consumer Operating System     X
3 Domain Networking Support as Client X X  
4 Enhanced Device Driver Verifier X X  
5 Scalable Memory and Processor X X  
6 "Encrypting File System (EFS) with multi-user support" X    
7 IP Security (IPSec) X X  
8 Kerberos Support X X  
9 Smart Card Support X X  
10 Remote Desktop X    
11 Offline Files and Folders X X  
12 Synchronization Manager X X  
13 Improved Power Management X X x
14 "Advanced Configuration and Power interface" (ACPI) X X X
15 Wireless Networking Support X X x
16 Network Location Awareness X    
 17 "Easier Remote Access Configuration Wizard" X X  
18 Remote Assistance X   X
19 System Restore X   X
20 Recovery Console X X  
21 Network Setup Wizard X   x
22 Network Bridge X   X
23 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) X X X
24 User State Migration Tool X X  
25 IEAK 6.0 Administration Kit X X  
26 Setup Manager Tool X X  
27 Remote OS Installation X X  
28 Multilingual Support X    
29 Group Policy X X  
30 Result Set of Policy (RSoP) X    
31 Microsoft Management Console (MMC) X X  
32 Windows Welcome Easy Setup Wizard X   X
33 Personalized Welcome Screen (Prefer Autologon?) X   X
34 Fast User Switching X   X
35 Start Menu X x X
36 Task-Focus Design X   X
37 Taskbar Group X   X
38 Desktop Clean Up Wizard X   X
39 Files and Settings X   X
40 Home Networking X X X
41 Simple File Sharing Default On   X
42 Guest Account Default On Default On X
43 ntbackup.exe x x  

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