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ACPI - (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface):

OnNow APM & ACPI Power Management...

A Power Management Specification developed by Intel, Toshiba and Microsoft that makes hardware status information available to the Operating System. ACPI enables a PC to turn its peripherals on and off for improved Power Management, especially in portables. It also allows the PC to be turned on and off by external devices, so that the touch of a Mouse or the Press of a Key will "Wake Up" the PC. ACPI support is built into Windows 98 and above versions of Windows.

ACPI was a new Power Management scheme supported by Windows 98. Installing support for ACPI under Windows 98 was originally NOT a Default Installation Option. The default Power Management scheme was APM, which works the same way as under Windows 95. Support for ACPI requires an ACPI compliant BIOS. See: Win98 ACPI.

ACPI is the foundation for the OnNow Industry Initiative allowing System Manufacturers to deliver Computers that can start at the touch of a Key on a Keyboard. To take advantage of ACPI, change Power Settings in Control Panel under Power Options.

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