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  1. images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft for Partners Home: Launch Central, Licensing & Marketing Tools.
  2. images/bullet2.gifwww.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003
Evaluating Windows Server 2003 Technologies:

Microsoft's latest Server rendition, Windows Server 2003. Hard to say how much coverage we'll include here. Depends upon BuildOrBuy Readers Interests! For now, let's get started with Evaluation Resources. And be sure to attend the Technical Seminars offered for further insight into this new Server OS from Microsoft.

  1. Get the Evaluation Kit of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition - Order the Evaluation kit CD or Download the ISO Image and Burn to CD. Good for 180 days!
    1. Top 10 benefits
    2. Top 10 improvements
    3. Compare the editions
  2. Or... Attend a TS2 Windows Server 2003 Seminar to receive Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with five Client Access Licenses - No Time Out! Offer Valid through July 15, 2003. (5/6/2003)


Windows Server 2003 News:
  1. Technology Evaluations: Order the Microsoft Office System Beta Today! "Try the Microsoft Office System beta and see how Microsoft Office has evolved into a more comprehensive and integrated system." Sure. Pay to Beta! Times out - November 30, 2003. "...Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003 is time-limited software that expires when the user's computer system clock reaches November 30, 2003; at which time the product will operate under reduced functionality mode limiting end-user options and operations."

    More importantly, this is an opportunity to delve into Microsoft's product offerings to see if this is something you really need or want to work with in your organization. If you're a Reseller, go ActionPak to evaluate. If you're evaluating the technology for implementation within your Organization as a User, then maybe the TechNet subscription. And for those Developers working that angle, look into the MSDN subscriptions. (5/6/2003)

    1. Subscribe to the Microsoft Action Pack Now!
    2. TechNet Web site
    3. MSDN Web site
    4. Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit


  2. www.eWeek.com - Locking Down Windows Server 2003: (4/29/2003).
  3. Windows Server 2003 News - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was released to manufacturing on March 28, 2003. Keep Up-to-Date (4/21/2003).
  4. www.microsoft-watch.com - Microsoft Preps Two More Windows Flavors: "Microsoft is readying two new versions of Windows, a release of Windows XP and another of Windows Server 2003, that will be able to exploit the 64-bit processing power of AMD's Opteron and Athlon processors, Microsoft confirmed Wednesday." (4/14/2003)
  5. www.extremetech.com - Free Win Server 2003 Skills Assessment (4/2/2003).
  6. Windows Help: www.extremetech.com - On To The Next Windows... But What Is It: Windows (RTM) Released To Manufacturing - Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP 64-bit 2003 (3/28/2003).
  7. Seminars: Windows Server 2003 Seminars are here! Free Microsoft Technology Seminar for Technology Specialists (TS2); see Windows Server 2003 first-hand... For more information about the TS2 Seminars being offered in your area, visit www.windowsserver2003ts2.com Today! (3/14/2003)
  8. Seminars: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Launch Events - Register Today! (3/12/2003)

    1. www.microsoft2003launch.com:

    2. www.windowsserver2003ts2.com: Free TS2 Seminars - Free Microsoft Technology Seminar for Technology Specialists (TS2).

  9. Content: Microsoft Announces Windows Rights Management Services For Windows Server 2003: New DRM Technology for Windows Server 2003. "Windows Rights Management Services will work with applications to provide a platform-based approach to providing persistent policy rights for Web content and sensitive corporate documents of all types. Beta code for Windows Rights Management Services will be broadly available in the second quarter of 2003. ...an ASP.NET Web service..." (2/24/2003)

    1. Windows Rights Management Overview

    2. ManagedOps.Com: Online Application Outsourcing Services (ASPs).

  10. Seminars: US System Builder, Join Cleve’s Tech Talk on February 11th @ 8:00 AM; Discussion: Windows Server 2003 Pre-installation (2/10/2003)!
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