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PC Technology Trade Shows, Seminars & Web Events List 
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Technology Tradeshow News & Events of Special Interest:
  1. - WinHEC 2005 Roundup: (4/29/2005).

  2. - New U.S. Entry and Exit Procedures Begin Today: "Beginning today, visitors to the United States from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program must enroll in the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program at all airports and seaports." (9/30/2004)

  3. - Hardware Manufacturers Association Cancels Show: "The American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) has lost its battle with Reed Exhibitions over which organization will stage a national hardware show." (10/7/2004).

  4. CeBit America 2005 canceled CNET Another One Bits The Dust... "Trade Show CeBit America 2005 has been canceled, despite growing enthusiasm and a shrinking field of competing shows." (8/3/2004)

  5. images/bullet2.gifDeath to Comdex - Computerworld: Keep an eye on Comdex founder Sheldon Adelson for the next big thing in a Computer Distributors Exposition (7/2/2004).

  6. - Comdex Cancelled for 2004: "Last year, Faurot said, Comdex attracted about 40,000 qualified buyers and sold approximately 150,000 net square feet of exhibit space to about 550 companies combined.

    By comparison, in 1997 the show boasted 212,000 attendees, 2,480 exhibiting companies, and 1.38 million net square feet of exhibit space." (6/25/2004)

  7. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Taiwan's Computex rescheduled to September: " dates for the Show are September 22-26, following the Shanghai-based Cebit Asia. Taiwan officials decided last May to reschedule the show, hoping that a later year presence was better than nothing." (6/3/2003)

  8. - WHO Lifts SARS Travel Alert Off Hong Kong: "The World Health Organization has removed its SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome] related advisory against nonessential travel to Hong Kong and neighboring Guangdong province, in China, but cited possible new cases of the disease in Toronto." (5/29/2003)

  9. Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Computex suffers SARS delay: "The Computex Taipei trade show, scheduled to take place from June 2 to 6 and which had been expected to draw more than 20,000 foreign visitors, has been postponed due to the SARS outbreak.

    The Taiwan show's organizers - the China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) and the Taipei Computer Association - decided to move the event to the 2H of the year. The new date for the show has not been released yet, but is expected to be announced by the end of this month." (5/10/2003)

  10. - Firm Obtains Patent for Exhibitor General Contracting: "It is unclear at this time how much of an impact Expo Group's patent will have on the industry. The company's patent is much narrower in scope than the patent that Software Management Inc. is seeking. SMI claims the rights to almost all technological processes that are now used to manage meetings online. Expo Group's two larger competitors, GES Exposition Services and The Freeman Companies, declined to comment yesterday, having just received notice of the patent. For an in-depth story, read the May 19, 2003 issue of Meeting News" (5/10/2003)
  11. Latitude Communications Acquires Wanadu, Inc.: "On April 17, 2003 Latitude Communications entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Wanadu, Inc., a leading provider of content creation and delivery tools based on [PowerPoint] Flash technologies. This acquisition further enhances Latitude's strategy to offer rich-media conferencing integrating voice, web, video and instant messaging as part of the MeetingPlace platform." (5/5/2003)
  12. Jupitermedia launches Comdex rival - Tech News - Computer Digital Expo Fall 2003 (2/12/2003).
  13. Seminars: CMSeminar: CONTENT MANAGEMENT Solutions Seminar - What is your Content Management strategy? Attend the AIIM Content Management Solutions Seminar. Register Today using Priority Code: PennW (2/7/2003).
  14. - Comdex operator files for bankruptcy protection (2/3/2003).
  15. - Meetings Buyers, Suppliers Diverge Sharply on 2003 Outlook (1/24/2003).
  16. National Speakers Association (NSA) - Unique Resource for Meeting Professionals & Meeting Planner Resources... Who's Who in Professional Speaking: The Meeting Planner's Guide is a 484-page directory featuring more than 4,000 professional speakers from 19 countries and is free for business professionals and meeting planners. The NSA also offers an interactive CD-ROM with a searchable speaker directory and a complete index of suppliers and vendors in the speaking industry (1/18/2003).
  17.  Feds to Screen All Checked Air Baggage (1/2/03).
    1. TSA Transportation Security Administration TSA
  18. Content Management Solutions Seminar Content Management 101(12/31/2002).
  19. Meeting News: All Rules Are Out For 21st Century Expos - Times Change (12/6/2002).
  20. The Comdex that was... From a Prominent & Nationally known Vendor who summed it up best, "Gill - yes Comdex this year will be the end of Comdex as we have known it.......we even had an END OF Comdex party last Tue eve. My choice for a successor Show would be run by the Cebit Group." Cheers to the Comdex that was and hello to Cebit America 2003 in June, New York style! And move over a.k.a. in September 2003! (11/26/2002)


  21.  Study Confirms Hotel Satisfaction Equals Customer Loyalty - Here's a good lesson for the rest of the Computer Industry or anyone else involved in commerce, "Custom Satisfaction = Customer Loyalty". IF you want our Business - Earn It! Think of this as "Business goes where it it wanted and stays where it is appreciated." That's customer satisfaction and that defines loyalty. Only 'Do' Business with Those Who Want Your Business - Simple! (8/22/2002)

  22.  The 25 Most Influential People In The Meetings Industry (7/18/2002).

  23.  Troubling Trends Threaten Trade Show Industry, Confidence of Exhibitors (7/3/2002).

  24. WestWorld Productions -- CTN: Notable Events In The Storage And I.T. Industry (A Historical Summary) (6/11/2002).

  25. Major Convention Center to Open in Houston Reliant Center (4/12/2002).

  26. images/bullet2.gifGovernment Technology Conference - Events

Some changes have occurred since the events of 9/11/01 and we have made changes accordingly. God Bless America!

We will add Vendor Presentation Events to our List as they occur. Expect additions in the Spring of 2003 from both AMD & Intel. Expect OEM System Vendors Builder Events to be mentioned in the near future since those avenues of profit are more highly sought after than in the past.

Vendors - If you have additions to include in our list, please let us know and state whether Public Invited or Private - To the Press Only! Contact us:


Must Attend Events for IT Professionals!

So many Trade Shows and so little time. What's an Information Technology Specialist to do? Pick and choose. If only 2 will do, in the past, we recommended Fall Comdex (product announcements), now CES, NAB & PC Expo (TechXNY, Technology Announcements). And remember Cebit America in 2003 -  Branch out from there. These are only relevant if you have need for the topics covered.

For our BuildOrBuy Readers - Please let us know if you have a favorite 'Trade Show' to Add to our Current List of Trade Show Conferences & Events! Gill Boyd 

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