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Creative Labs Audigy Sound Card Chipset:

As simple as this may sound, if your Audigy sound card occasionally Squeals (on Win2000), check to make sure your Drive Bay Audio Drive has power to the device. Otherwise, this squeal can be very annoying and occur randomly under Cubasis which ships with the Audigy! Normal audio / midi playback does not seem to affect the Audigy without power to the front panel Audio Drive. Just check it to make sure (3/29/2002)!

Some Users are experiencing major problems with the Creative Audigy on WinXP flavors. We have tested the Audigy on Win2000 + SP2 ONLY and have successfully used this combination. We suspect the problem may be the WDM drivers on WinXP since this Squealing / Lockup problem does not appear on WinMe.

By no means do we advocate the use of WinMe. This only further demonstrates a driver related problem. Of all our recommendations in the past 10 years, WinMe was our only mistake. Since none of the Creative sound cards can be addressed directly by ProAudio Disk based Streaming Sampler, GigaStudio ver 2.5 under the WDM driver model - Any Creative Sound Card is less than a desirable choice for ProAudio Solutions. GigaStudio requires GSIF supported hardware.


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    Excerpt: Creative... Audigy - from 'Audio Energy'? - ..."the most advanced digital audio entertainment centre". In addition to hardware and software control, Audigy appears also to refer to the sound chip underlying it all, also known as the EMU10K2

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    Our Take: 24 bit / 96KHz Sounds ProSumer? SPDIF ONLY! Hope the specs live up to the specs! ;) Expect www.Audigy.com to go live soon since Creative Labs owns the domain name!


  1. Sound Card chipsets, November 1998

  2. ProAudio Interfaces, WDM Driver Model, Yamaha's MLAN, etc.
  3. WDM - Windows Driver Model Information

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