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GigaStudio 160 - Audio Libraries
../images/bullet2.gifGigaStudio Audio Libraries
Midi Controlled Software Based, Hard Disk Digital Sampling System 
  1. - Prominy Intros New Guitar Sample Library for Giga: Over 60 GB!
  2. - Announces Steinway C Piano Library: "GigaStudio, Halion, Kontakt, Exs, Soundfont and STS formats..." (8/17/2004)
  3. - Kirk Hunter Announces New Orchestral Library for GigaStudio: "On completion, Strings/Brass/Winds is projected at 180GB in size, with a list price for the entire library of $995 US, a price that reflects Hunter's decision to sell direct from and bypassing the traditional distributor/retailer route. Audio Libraries expected to ship in late August." (7/30/2004)
  4. - Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Captured for GigaStudio: "While the library was originally designed for the forthcoming version of GigaStudio (v3.0), Shirokuma gave heed to the calls of the enthusiasts and decided to publish a version of the library for the currently shipping GigaStudio v2." (12/02/2003)
    1. &
  5. Garritan Personal Orchestra Released. Promoted as "the first affordable orchestral library, sample player and notation program in one convenient package at the groundbreaking price of $249.00. This orchestral package sets a new price/performance standard in the sampling industry."


  6. - Coming Soon... Giga VST Adapter: VSTi wrapper for GigaStudio 2.54 and 3. The program will integrate the World's best known Software Sampler right into your favorite VST Host. Furthermore, using it with FX Teleport you soon will be able to run GigaStudio on dedicated LAN-connected computers as VSTis. No additional audio or MIDI hardware needed (11/15/2003).

  7. - Three New GigaStudio Libraries Released: Available from Tascam - Peter Ewers' Symphonic Organ Samples 2, John Rekevics Saxophone and Westgate Studios Woodwind Collection libraries (11/5/2003).

  8. Vienna Symphonic Library - New Library Announcements - "Owners of the FIRST EDITION, whether purchased before or after July 31, 2003, can upgrade to the PRO EDITION for the VIP price at any time - there will be no specific period during which the VIP upgrade option has to be exercised. The PRO EDITION of the Vienna Symphonic Library contains over 230 GB of data with 360,000 samples.

    Quality - Many Users have expressed a desire to use as many samples as possible on their Computer at one time. Since it is not possible to include both a 16-bit and a 24-bit version on one set of DVDs (due to the huge amounts of storage required), Vienna Symphonic Library has decided to release the PRO EDITION in 16-bit. However, the Symphonic Cube, their first Hard Disk edition, which is due for release in early 2004, will offer luxury for everybody. All of the samples will be included in both 24-bit and 16-bit resolution. Users will be able to configure the library for optimum audio quality or system capabilities, according to their needs." And you wondered what to do with those new larger HD's! Details: Vienna Symphonic Library (6/18/2003)

  9. Claudius Bruese String Section Pack - The complete String Orchestra that fits on one CD - Exclusively for download or custom CD (iCD) order at

    This sample library pack features Symphonic String sections with superior sound quality, convenient section layout, all common articulations and character suitable for any musical style from classical music to contemporary - at an economical size of only 540 MB (5/10/2003).

  10. images/bullet2.gifGiga News For February 2003 (2/28/2003).
  11. Sonic Implants Releases More MINI Version of Symphonic Strings: "The MINI version, shipping on 6 CD-ROMs..." (2/14/2003).
  12. Q Up Arts - Voices of the Aztecs Gigasampler CD-ROM "Add ancient culture to your music... Voices of the Aztecs is a full compilation of Aztecs instruments, loops and vocals. These samples were recorded in Mexico from archeological artifacts. Booklet included offers a cultural history of the Aztecs. Technical Spec: 44k/16 bit." (2/5/2003).
  13. - Announces Accordions and Metal from Michiel Post (1/31/2003).
  14. The HIP.gig - new jazz drum library for Gigastudio from Kevin Moreland (12/2/2002).
  15.  Q Up Arts Announces Producers Composite for GigaSampler (10/24/2002).
  16.  GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial ON 4 CD's for $59.99 MSRP (10/12/2002).
  17. images/bullet2.gifGiga News For October 2002 (10/7/2002).
  18.  New Grand Piano Sample Collection from WizooSounds (8/29/2002).
  19.  ILIO to Distribute Vienna Symphonic Orchestral Sample Libraries in the Americas Initial offering to be 45 GB's!!! The DVD Collection, due out by December 2002, will be Gigasampler native (8/29/2002)
  20. Giga News For July 2002 (8/01/2002).
  21.  Symphonic Strings Collection from Sonic Implants (7/31/2002).
  22.  Scarbee Releases Light Versions of Bass Giga Libraries (7/11/2002).
  23.  Free Update Shipped to Users of Garritan Orchestral Strings (7/10/2002).
  24. GIGADAW TK1 (Analog): Pre-configured PC System with GigaStudio 160 pre-installed. A Great Solution to get working with GigaStudio right away! (7/3/2002)
  25. images/bullet2.gifGiga News For June 2002 (6/18/2002).
  26. images/bullet2.gifHarmony Central - Debuts with Three New Sample CDs (6/14/2002).
  27. images/ - Tascam GigaStudio 32 Review (6/10/2002).
  28. images/bullet2.gifAudio, GigaStudio Sound Sample Libraries -  Special Offers on Tascam's GigaStudio and X-9 DJ Mixer (6/8/2002).
  29. images/bullet2.gifAudio, GigaStudio Sound Sample Libraries - Harmony Central Art Vista Releases Cool Vibes CD-ROM for GigaStudio (5/24/2002).
  30. images/bullet2.gifComing Soon! Garritan Orchestral Strings library - Garritan Orchestral Strings "lite" includes special version of Chicken Systems Translator! (5/21/2002)
  31. images/bullet2.gifTascam's GigaStudio: Giga News For May 2002 - GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial; Garritan Orchestral Strings library + Giga Tips & Tricks! (5/21/2002)
  32. images/bullet2.gifAudio Conversions: Chicken Systems - Translator Mac Now Available! (Update 5/18/2002).
  33. ../images/bullet2.gifUrgent Notice: We have just learned - For those of you running GigaStudio 2.5 on Windows 2000 (NTFS), take notice of your Anti-Virus Software! When running the Trend Micro FREE On-Line Anti-Virus Checker, you may receive a False Virus ID. will identify NE_SYSDATA.A as being the hidden Trojan with their Trojan System Cleaner. Trend Micro may be wrongly identifying your .Gig file associations as a Trojan Virus. We have alerted Tascam to this and will report back to you with Tascam's comments (4/28/2002).
  34. ../images/bullet2.gifNemeSys Music Technology, Inc. "GigaStudio is a software-based sampling workstation for Windows computers."
  35. images/bullet2.gifThe Best of Bolder Sounds for Gigastudio Ships; 65 sound banks on this double CD custom programmed for GigaStudio; Listen to 25 MP3 Demos for Preview (4/20/2002).
  36. images/bullet2.gifGigaNews 4-19-02 - Giga News For April 2002 (4/19/2002).
  37. ../images/  Destination-Gigasampler-Gigastudio - Translator, Sampler Conversions (4/8/2002).
  38. ../images/bullet2.gifABSSM - How to Create a GigaSample Multi-Disk CD Set (4/8/2002).
  39. ../images/bullet2.gifIBM Hard disk drives Real-world applications GigaSampler The Musical Stream Machine (4/8/2002).
  40. ../images/  Optimizing Your PC to Run Gigasampler (4/8/2002).
  41. ../images/bullet2.gifGigasampler - Tutorials Index
  42. ../images/bullet2.gifGigasampler - Rendering Midi to audio tracks in a sequencer
  43. ../images/ GigaSampler set up
  44. ../images/  Using the GigaSampler with GFM Samples
  45. ../images/ Configuring Cubase and Gigasampler
  46. ../images/bullet2.gifFMJ-Software - Awave: Audio File Conversions - Awave Studio v8.2
  47. ../images/bullet2.gifCDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool


GigaStudio 32 and GigaStudio Version 2.5 Updates (12/05/01).

images/new1a.gif NEMESYS - GigaSampler Version History - BETA Version 2.50.42: Supports Windows 2000 & WindowsXP - Available November 21, 2001 - last updated November 21, 2001 (11/21/01.) Note: Free to registered GigaStudio customers. Requires v2.00 or higher. Was BETA Version 2.50.39.

Soon To Be Announced!!! GigaStudio Version 2.5!  Accordingly we've learned, "Version 2.5 will not be available until the end of this month." That may only be a Public Beta. We'll have to wait and see. (11/16/01).

NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. - Special Upgrade Price! Special Time-Limited Offer: Upgrade from GigaSampler to GigaStudio between October 1, 2001 and December 31, 2001 for 50% Off! Windows 2000/Windows XP support with the release of V2.5 free update!

"GigaStudio, Version 1.5 is Windows 98 compatible. It runs identically in both Windows 95 and 98. Windows 2000 support will be available in future releases." And now Tascam owns it. And so, we wait... When you hear something, please let us know too!

images/pointared.gif NEMESYS - GigaComparison - Operating System Requirements

Audio Conversions - Translate Any Format to .GIG! See: Translator & CDxtract.

Vintaudio Debuts with Giga Clean Electric Guitars (11/12/01).


images/pointared.gif 192kHz Audio Interfaces Coming from EGO SYS (11/07/01).

images/pointared.gif World-first E-WDM (Enhanced Windows Driver Model) driver for Windows 2000/ME/98 ...more.

  • View to the future (EWDM powerUP) Link removed (2/2/2003)!

GIGAStation - PCI sampler hardware providing 8 channel outputs from GigaSampler


EgoSys claims E-WDM is currently the ONLY solution for GigaStudio under a Win 2000 environment.

Tascam Forum Comments by Administrator, Jeff: Searching for a Good O.S. - TASCAM Online Forums (11/01/01). Tascam buys NemeSysMusic (7-24-2001) - (July 18, 2001)

NemeSys Music Technology, Inc.  - Founded in 1996, NemeSys (New Media Systems) Music Technology, Inc.

Press Release Excerpt: "NASHVILLE, TN (July 20, 2001)... At a press conference at the Summer NAMM show, TASCAM announced that it has acquired the stock of Texas-based NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. NemeSys is known for its popular software-based sampling and music production tools for the PC platform, GigaSampler and GigaStudio, which TASCAM will immediately begin distributing under the TASCAM brand name. The company also announced that it has signed the principal software engineers/previous owners of NemeSys to a long-term employment agreement in order to ensure continuing development of the "Giga" platform."

Alien Connections: ReVALVER Plug-In For GigaStudio To Leverage NFX Kernel Mode DSP Architecture - So what happened? (May 11, 2001)

Digital Sampler Q - Justifying GigaStudio / PC 

NEMESYS - Troubleshooting Guide - Sound Card Driver Update Links.

TASCAM.COM - The World of PC RecordingView the PDF Version.

images/bullet2.gifPinkNoise... about formats


Tascam GigaStudio ( Audio Libraries & Patches / Articulation Files
  1.  Malmsjö Acoustic Grand - Piano Sample for GigaSampler-GigaStudio
  2. Audioheadz - Free Samples to Download - New Gigasampler / Patches.
  3. images/bullet2.gifGigaSampler Libraries: - Sounds - Gigasampler Format
  4. best service - sounds and more
  5.  Products by Format - GigaSampler
  6. Dan Dean Productions:
  7. David Govett: GigaStudio tutorial CD\Video in the works! GigaSampler Consultant.
  8. Dublab Production The Definition Series About: Sample CDs supports GigaSampler format.
  9. East West Audio - Great Libraries! Watch For Specials!
    1. GigaStudio Libraries - Search: Sounds Online.


  10. Bardstown Audio Sample Libraries in Giga, HALion and EXS24 Formats

  11. Bela D Media - Diva Classical Female Soloists Sample Library: (8/25/2003).

  12. Big Fish Audio: Site is slow to load! MP3 Demos available. Search by Format.

  13. Bigga Giggas: Bigga Giggas Sample CD's - MP3 Demos.

    1. TIPS AND TRICKS - How To Mix Digital Audio & Midi.

    2. Glasstrax Special Download Page - Check It Out!

  14. Bolder Sounds!!! - A double disc collection for GigaStudio Coming Soon (4/7/2002)!

  15. Clone Ensemble: Gigasampler Instruments

  16. images/ Releases Solo Brass Giga Collection (9-12-2001)

    1. Solo Strings Demo - MP3

    2. Solo Brass Demo - MP3

  17. Digital Complete: DC GigaSamples
  18. Digital Davy The Design Firm: GENETICZ & X-SAMPLE CD's
  19. DS Soundware: Sounds - MP3, WMA & RealAudio.
  20. D-Sound - Giga Special: Gigs Converted from Sample CDs & Gigs made by D-Sound Labs.
  21. PRODUCTS: Giga Studio and Sampler (Currently AKAI Format.)
  22. images/ Orchestral Strings - (16) CD's or (2) DVD's - (09-04-01) ...more.
    1. Garritan Orchestral Strings - MP3 Demos.

    Latest: As of 4/27/2002 -  A possible new Update to the GOS Library coming soon! Details to follow! 

    ../images/bullet2.gifOver 8,500 Sampled String Sounds featuring MaestroTools

    ../images/bullet2.gifNeed a Wind Synth for those legato instruments? products WX5

    ../images/bullet2.gifHarmony Central New Maintenance Kit for WX5 Wind Synths from WindWorks Design (5/27/2002).


  23. GenieSyS Voice -- SF2 & Gig sound banks. Musical Software audio & midi plug-ins. Free SoundFonts banks. This looks suspect. No Gig Demos to checkout. They DO however list Gig CD's.
    1. GenieVoice Sound Collection on CD - See: Gig Collection ON CD.
    2. Native Acoustic Drums
    3. Electric Drum-Machines

      ../images/bullet2.gifOrder ALL their CD GIG-collections to receive 25 percent discount!


  24.   Sounds from Sonic Implants
  25. GIGASAMPLER Sound Libraries - D/L *.Gig Samples
  26.  Garritan Orchestral Strings:
  27. "Online shop and delivery service for GIGA, HALION, EXS, Soundfonts, Creamware STS, Battery and Kontakt sound libraries. focuses on large hi-quality sampler's soundbanks, averaging 120 MB in size."
  28. Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra -
    1. ILIO - Miroslav Vitous  
      1. fanfare.mp3
  29. Gigasampler and GigaStudio sounds designed by Kevin 03.29.02: ON-Line Demos.
  30. Google Directory - Computers Multimedia Music and Audio Software Gigasampler
  31. - Gary Garritan:
  33. Kid Nepro Synth Patches and Digital Samples
  34. mindstock elements for creative media, sound design, sample libraries: Currently Vacant. Relaunch Scheduled for Spring 2002...
  35. Sound Libraries: MP3 Demos ...more.
    1. Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra (Best Service)
      1. credits.mp3
      2. NEMESYS - MP3 Library Demos
  36.  GigaStudio GigaSampler User site - D/L  GigaSamples!

  37. NTONYX GigaSampler Sounds: New Giga Format Bank “Nylon Ramirez Guitar.”

  38. Omniman Sound Labs Buy Sample CDs Online!: 1st Release, see: Planet 3 Piano (6/18/2002).

  39. Downloadable Multi-samples in EXS24, SF2 and Giga Formats + wav, aiff or ACID formats. See: Downtown Strings CD.

    1. Powerful orchestra loop from the upcoming Downtown Orchestra.

    2. Low Strings - Basses, cellos and violas from Downtown Orchestra.

  40. Post Audio Media - High Quality sampling libraries for Gigasampler.
  41. PowerFX
  42. New Listing! -  Professional Sampling CD - DVD: LPC Electric Distortion and Clean Guitar - Includes over 60 Giga-bytes, approx. 150,000 samples!
  43. Pro-Rec's Synth Sounds!
  44. Purgatory Creek - Tools for the e-Musician - Rhodes for GigaSampler
  45. Pyramid Sound Productions - A New World of Sound!!!
  46. Q Up Arts: GigaSampler Sample Collections - D/L MP3 Demos.
  47. SAMPLEHEADS Real Sound Libraries - ON-Line Demos Available.
  48. Bass Libraries - Currently in Beta for Scarbee Aura Fretless (11/17/01).
  49. Sonic Implants: Gigasampler Sounds - Checkout their Vintage Implants! And new Symphonic Strings MINI Collection on 6 CD-ROMs! (2/14/2003).
  50. Sonic Reality - Home of professional CD ROM sample libraries for hardware and software samplers.
  51. Multi-Pak Multisample GigaStudio Libraries.
  52.  GigaSampler patches - D/L Giga Samples & Instruments.
  53. - Pro Sounds for Connected Musicians
  55. Spectrasonics -
  56. String Doubler Strings - Enhance Your String Sounds!
  57. images/bullet2.gifVIENNA SYMPHONIC LIBRARY: Universe of the Vienna Symphonic Library! DVD or HD? The first and only comprehensive Orchestral Sample Library on DVD-ROM and hard drive! (5/10/2003)
  58.  Giga clean electric guitars Demos
  59. - They claim to use the latest in acoustic analysis microphones and progressive programming and sampling. True 3 dimensional sound, no phasing or sweet spots, no extra speakers!
  60. Wizoosounds - professional sample instruments online - Use the Instrument Finder to pick Giga format. Easy Order Processing!
  61. Not reopend yet. Copyright and bandwidth issues being resolved. Alternate below. (Use RARSoft's WinRAR to uncompress.)
    1. - worra's gigasampler download page
  62. Warren Trachtman,  GigaSampler Piano & Sample - Steinway Grand Piano
  63. I yellow tools I:
    1. Sample Libraries + Demos and...
    2. Create your own sampling library, instrument and MIDI hard and software independent key dimensions with Key Switch! Key switch is a MIDI filter and routing application. Key Switch was conceived and optimized for use with gigasampler.

images/bullet2.gifArticulation Files...


Nemesys GigaStudio 160 Configured PC's


GigaStudio User Forums:
Giga User Forums... On!?!
  1. GigaStudio Gigasampler Users Network on Sonic Control:
  2. Northen Sounds GigaSampler/Studio User Forums:


  3. TASCAM Online Forums - TASCAM GigaStudio/GigaSampler Forums: User Forums Removed! IS Tascam abandoning Users?

  4. Tascam Forum Comments by Administrator, Jeff: Searching for a Good O.S. - TASCAM Online Forums (11/01/01).
  5. For those thinking of WinXP - TASCAM Online Forums


  6. "GigaStudio Password Look-Up" Page was removed!

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