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Bios Boot Logo Splash Screen:

The Bios Boot Logo Splash Screen was 1st implemented by Intel. We experienced this when we were building P2-350's. And they could and can be changed. GigaByte has taken this to a new level. Gigabyte Bios Boot Screen Logos can be changed and created. Gigabyte has a special web site of these Bios Boot Screens.

IF you want to create your own, notice the file format (*.bmp), size (640 x 480) and color depth (256 Colors). A new use for an old favorite Desktop Wallpaper!

The Bios Boot Logo has nothing to do with the Windows 2000 Boot.ini nor the NT Kernel executable (NTOSKRNL.EXE) Logo file nor the Windows Desktop either! The Bios Boot Logo has nothing to do with the Operating System! Many OEM's over the years have implemented this feature to advertise their branding and to insulate the User from the Bios Boot Screens.

  1. Intel Desktop Boards General Information: Logo Splash Screen
  2. GigaByte: Face-Wizardsupô-sup
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