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MotherBoard Bios Info Screens: Athlon / MSI Configurations
  1. ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
  2. AMIBIOS Simple Setup Utility - Version 1.24h: AMIBIOS SetUp Screens
  3. Bios Limits - HD Storage Capacities
  4. Bios Lock
  5. Bios Logo
  6. Bios News
  7. Bios Spread Spectrum Control
  8. Components
  9. ESCD - Extended System Configuration Data: PDF File (May 31, 1994)
  10. Good To Know
  11. IRQ Map: I/O PIC & I/O APIC
  12. Motherboards
  13. Password Recovery
images/bullet2.gifWindows Resource Kits - Web Resources
Bios Makers, Upgrades & Info:

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a memory chip containing information required to initialize your PC. The BIOS supports all peripheral technologies and internal services such as the (RTC) Real-Time Clock. A System BIOS may require periodic updating (Firmware) to keep pace with newer peripheral technologies. If the BIOS is stored on a ROM chip (ROM BIOS), it must be replaced. Newer BIOS chips are stored on a Flash Memory Chip which can be upgraded via Software (Firmware). Hence a Bios Flash Upgrade. The Bios Boot (hardware initialization) is part of the PC Bootstrap process.

  1. images/bullet2.gifSystem BIOS
    1. Checking the BIOS
  2. See: Win95 Bootstrap - PDF or Windows 2000 Bootstrap for further Boot Strap Details.
  3. Manufacturing Advantage Tips - Working with Intel Motherboards - BIOS Corruption Prevention
  4. (Initial Program Load) IPL Devices - Static (Bios) & Dynamic (ACPI O/S) Configurations
    1. Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Devices
    2. Plug and Play Devices - USB & IEEE 1394 FireWire


Bios Makers, Upgrades & Info:
  1. - American Megatrends

  2. - AwardBios, Phoenix Technologies

  3.  Bios Central

  4. - "Bios Chip Replacement Specialists," more service oriented.

  5. -

  6. -

  7. - A Subsidiary of TouchStone Software

  8. - Micro Firmware: BIOS Upgrades, Controller Cards & UDMA / ATA Cables.

    1. Flash BIOS Recovery Disks

  9.  RD1 BIOS ROM Saver ! Check their Compatibility List Before Ordering!

    1.  RD1 BIOS Savior:

  10. - A Subsidiary of TouchStone Software

  11. images/ - Phoenix Technologies (Bios Technologies)

  12. European site, Italy.

  13. - Bios Upgrades, A Subsidiary of TouchStone Software


      1. AwardBIOS SignOn Strings

    2. images/

  14. images/ - Total Bios Info

  15. Category: Computers > Hardware > Components > BIOS  


Bios Links & Bios News:
  1. - WinBIOS Utility: A new WinBios "...AOpen developed a new useful WinBIOS utility, which is a Windows-based utility and can be executed exclusively on AOpen motherboards that is compatible with the Windows 2000/XP operating systems. Starting now, you may configure your BIOS parameters whenever you like while found yourself under the Windows environment." (3/10/2003)

  2. - Intel plans could mean death of the BIOS: As WE Know it! Intel's, "Beyond The Bios," a plan called the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI). EFI is an interface spec for the whole industry (2/24/2003).

  3. eeNews - Electronic Engineering Times - Asia - Phoenix BIOS carves protected space on hard drive: "Phoenix Technologies Ltd. has introduced extensions to its BIOS software that will help manage and secure PCs.... Phoenix said its Core Managed Environment (cME) delivers a new set of applications that run in a protected partition of a system's hard-disk drive.

  4. - American Megatrends Ships DRM BIOS: DRM Bios (2/9/2003).

  5. images/bullet2.gifBios Book: - The BIOS Companion: Learn about Bios settings in the CMOS Setup (2/1/2003).

  6. Gigabyte Technology Flash BIOS Update and Recovery Procedures

  7.  BIOS recovery - Requires 2 PC's of same Bios types.

  8.  BIOS Recovery Guide - Page 1-3

  9. BIOS Compatibility and Configuration: Mobile Computing - ACPI or APM, Checking ACPI Compliance (12/12/2002).

  10. Beginners Guides Computer Error Beep Codes - (9/19/2002).

  11. BadFlash pc bios award memory eprom booting problems ami (8/3/2002).

  12. American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) - The Leader in Storage & Computing Innovations Worldwide

  13.  What is the BIOS -- A BIOS Mini-FAQ

  14. The BIOS Survival Guide

  15.  Computer CMOS information

  16. How To: An old idea we have yet to pursue.

  17. images/bullet2.gifWim's BIOS Page- Everything you want to know about BIOS (Best Resource - Seems to be Off Line?)

  18. BIOS Compatibility and Windows 2000 -


The right time to lose CMOS Settings? When the  Battery Fails!

Expect to lose CMOS Bios Settings when a computer's clock goes down due to battery failure.

Write down those values before losing them and before changing the battery. Batteries are suppose to last 10 years. They don't. Less frequently used PC's are more likely to lose power quicker. Having a PC turned ON continuously for 24 hours helps to keep the battery charged.


  1. cmos1.jpg

  2. cmos2.jpg
  3. cmos3.jpg
  4. cmos4a.jpg
  5. cmos4b.jpg
  6. cmos5a.jpg
  7. cmos5b.jpg
  8. cmos6.jpg
  9. cmos7.jpg
  10. cmos8.jpg

Courtesy: Ed Hanson, BuildOrBuy Member

MotherBoard Bios Upgrades: (Travel @ your own risk!)
Buy Brand Name! Know the following...

  1. Product Manufacturer, 

  2. Model and 
  3. Revision Numbers! 

Keep a DOS 6.22 Boot Disk handy! Or go to: Wim's BIOS Page: Everything you want to know about BIOS upgrades.


MotherBoard Bios Updates:

AMD 761 Chipset... (AMD Athlon CPU) Socket A

Ver 1.4 - Solves AC-Power lose, FSB sets back to default. (07-03-2001)

Use Live BIOS automatic update tool. 
Ver 1.1 - - (05-11-2001)

VIA KT133A Chipset... (AMD Athlon CPU) Socket A

MSI K7T Turbo-R (MS-6330 v3.0) Specs - PC133 RAM - Use Live BIOS automatic update tool.

Intel 440BX Chipset... (Intel PIII CPU) Slot 1

BIOS Version: - Fa (Nov 07, 2000) - Support 75 GB HD & Added mouse power on from Windows shutdown. Link Removed!

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