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images/bd10265.gif If I were Building a System Today... Rev 7 (2/14/03).

BuildOrBuy News -
  1. images/bullet2.gifSound Card Tests:

Electronic Engineering Times - Asia: Test Lab

PC Testing, Hardware Diagnostics & Evaluation:

Of the many applications we've worked with over the last few years, those listed below are current and should prove useful to almost everyone. If you're looking for more, such as AIDA32, SiSoft Sandra or Belarc Advisor, we suggest trying our Downloads, Diagnostics or Tweaks pages in that order. Enjoy! GB


New Tools:
  1. images/bullet2.gifZDNet Internet Services - Bandwidth Meter Test: (5/17/2004).
  2. Most Popular Freeware on GRC.COM: Test & Learn - Lock Down your Windows PC.
  3. RightMark.Org Gathering - Open-Source Project on CPU Benchmark Suite (2/28/2003).
  4. VersionTracker Windows Software From Joe Whinery!
  5. myNetWatchman - WinPopUP Tester (1/12/03).
  6. AIDA32 - Worldwide Sysinfo Tool (12/11/2002).
  7. Dacris Benchmarks: Dacris Benchmarks 5.0 (12/11/2002).
  8. Fresh Diagnose (12/11/2002).


  1. VersionTracker Windows Software: Track Software Updates!
  2. StartUp Inspector & Registry Inspector.
  3. images/bullet2.gifThe Center for Internet Security CIS Benchmarks and Scoring Tool for Windows 2000 and Windows NT (7/20/2002).
  4. How to Maintain Windows Security (7/9/2002).
  5. Network Diagnostics Tools Feature Overview (6/11/2002).
  6. images/bullet2.gifWin2000 - Security Configuration Tool Set (6/11/2002).
  7. ExtremeTechSyscheck: Test your browser, system, or network for security flaws and vulnerabilities (4/22/2002).
  8. From Tom Tyner: Sysinternals Freeware - Information for Windows NT and Windows 2000 - PsInfo (5/27/2002).
  9. Dr. Hardware: Precise Computer In-Depth-Analysis...
  10. Evergreen Technologies - Run: (System Information Utility) to determine your Recommended PC Hardware Upgradability. Similar to CPUID (Downloads) Info with link to Evergreen's Recommended Upgrades. Great for OLDER systems.
  11. images/bullet2.gifCPU-Z: Reads CPU, System & Memory SPD.
  12. images/bullet2.gifBIOS Wizard Agent - Know Your BIOS?
  13. images/ - WCPUID - Upgraded applet! Get: WCPUID V3.0d with Plugins! - (09-10-2001)
  14. Microsoft TechNet: (MBSA) Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer For Windows 2000 or Windows XP (4/9/2002).
  15. images/bullet2.gifBelarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit: Inventory & Learn about what you have in your PC. 
  16. images/bullet2.gifDisplayMate Technologies DisplayMate Video Utilities:
  17. PCPitStop

    images/bullet2.gifXP Readiness Test


  18. Updates by! No Longer Available!
  19. images/bullet2.gifWindows XP Upgrade Advisor
  20. images/ Windows 2000 Readiness Analyzer
  21. Microsoft Personal Security Advisor (MPSA)
  22. Bandwidth Speed Test Broadband Speedtest Internet Connection
  23. - Performance Test - Test Your ISP Connection!


Advanced Research Tests:
  1. Adaptec Driver ASPI Driver for Windows version 4.71 Download Detail (7/23/2002).
  2. busTRACE Technologies - IDE-ATAPI Bus Utilization Monitor (11/14/2002).
  3. images/bullet2.gifbusTRACE Technologies - Home of busTRACE 2003 - Software Bus Analyzer: Software bus analyzer that allows you to capture and analyze I/O activity that occurs between your computer and many types of peripheral devices including, IDE/ATA/ATAPI; SCSI; USB / USB 2.0 & 1394 FireWire (11/14/2002).
  4.  RD2 PC Geiger: PCI Bus Multifunction Analyzer (11/24/2002).
  5.  PCI-X Bus Analyzer from VMETRO (12/28/2002).
  6.  Power Tools For Bus Analysis (12/28/2002).
  7.  Test and measurement news for designers, test engineers, and data-acquisition system users - Debugging a PCI Bus With a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (12/28/2002).
    1. Agilent 54832D Infiniium MSO: 54832D 4+16-Channel, 1 GHz Mixed-Signal Infiniium Oscilloscope. When quality counts and you just have to know absolute values!
  8. - Memory Tester for DDR SDRAM SIMMs & DIMMs
32 bit & 64 bit PCI Slots
CD Tests
Clean PC
Data Recovery
Sound Technology
AMD Athlon XP Frequently Asked Questions
PassMark Tests
Version Tracker

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